Dick Grayson: 5 Marvel Heroes He Would Get Along With (& 5 He Wouldn't Stand)

Unlike Batman, Dick Grayson is known for being a significantly brighter hero within the DC universe. Since graduating from the role of Robin, Grayson has made quite a name for himself as Nightwing, distancing himself from Batman while also becoming his own hero.

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Furthermore, though the character isn’t without his flaws, he is generally liked by other characters in the universe, as well as by fans of DC Comics. because of the character’s growing popularity, it is interesting to think about the kinds of relationships he may have elsewhere. Looking specifically at the Marvel universe, here is our list of 5 Marvel characters Dick Grayson would get along with, and 5 he couldn’t stand.


Considering how Dick Grayson grew up with a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist with a massive ego of his own, it would make sense for him to get along with someone like Tony Stark. Granted, Iron Man doesn’t spend nearly as much time brooding as Batman does, but it is entirely believable that his personality would mesh well with Grayson’s.

Likewise, the lighter, brighter nature of Tony’s personality would likely give quite a lot of humor in a conversation with Grayson. Though it is also easy to see why the two wouldn’t get along, once they got to know each other, they could easily become fast friends.

9 HE WOULDN’T STAND: The Punisher

While Dick Grayson seems really easy to get along with, there are definitely some characters that he doesn’t quite relate to as well as others. Looking at Jason Todd in Particular, there are many reasons as to why the characters don’t really get along, despite their shared history in the role of Robin.

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Likewise, because of Jason’s own similarities with Frank Castle, it seems obvious that The Punisher might also not get along with Nightwing. With a lot of anger and violence making up his overall character, Punisher might be a bit too much for someone like Nightwing to handle.


Between brooding like Batman and the darker nature of the character in general, Dick Grayson is very likely to get along swimmingly with Matt Murdock. Of course, there are still many differences between the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and Gotham’s Dark Knight, but there are also many reasons fans compare the two.

Furthermore, Daredevil and Nightwing also have similar fighting styles and weapons, making a team-up between the two  an interesting thought. Despite the differences between the characters’ own personalities, Nightwing and Daredevil would still likely get along rather well.


Similarly to The Punisher, Deadpool is almost a bit too much for any character to handle, Nightwing included. Though he may not be nearly as dark as Frank Castle, Deadpool’s insane and wacky nature make him difficult for anyone to be around.

However, Deadpool himself would likely really enjoy Nightwing’s company, especially with the quips that Grayson could fire back at him. Unfortnately though, like so many who usually end up paired with Deadpool, Nightwing would likely have a very difficult time actually getting along with him.

6 HE WOULD GET ALONG WITH: Captain America

Though he may be the former sidekick to Batman, Dick Grayson actually has a pretty positive relationship with Superman as well, with the Man of Steel even inspiring Grayson to take on the name Nightwing. Likewise, because of the similar personalities between Superman and Captain America, it only makes sense that Nightwing would get along with the Marvel hero as well.

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Granted, Superman and Nightwing aren’t exactly the best of friends, but there is definitely a mutual respect between the two. Furthermore, though Nightwing may not be Captain America’s best friend, the two would definitely get along fairly well.


Cyclops in general tends to be love/hate with many fans, especially given some of his personal decisions over the years. Regardless of what one may feel towards the character though, Dick Grayson would likely not be a fan.

As a bit of a hot-heat, Cyclops has also been known to make quick and irrational decisions, all while boasting his skills as a great leader. Though the convoluted nature of Cyclops is part of what makes him interesting in the first place, Dick Grayson would likely be more annoyed with him than anything.


Having started as a younger hero, Dick Grayson has always gotten along pretty well with other young heroes in the DC universe. Even after leaving the Teen Titans, Dick came to form bonds with some of the newer members, making it easy to see why he would get along with Ms. Marvel.

Secondly, it is very difficult in general to dislike Kamala Khan, making it easy to see why she and Nightwing would get along so well in the first place. As two young heroes trying their best to make a difference in the world, the two could certainly learn a lot from each other.

3 HE WOULDN’T STAND: Rocket Raccoon

In his time as a character, Dick Grayson has certainly seen a lot of weird things. However, he has yet to encounter something quite like Rocket, both in terms of his species and his personality.

Granted, Rocket’s species would hardly keep the two from getting along, especially with all the crazy adventures Dick has already been on. However, Rocket’s personality can be a bit much for some, making it entirely believable that Nightwing would be a bit off-put by the character. Though the two may be able to stand each other with time, they would certainly not get along at first.


However annoying the Web-Head may be at times, he does tend to get along fairly well with many other characters in the Marvel universe. With a great, relatable, and funny personality, it only makes sense for him to get along with Dick Grayson as well.

Furthermore, the two still share some similarities, but also have plenty of differences making it interesting to think about how their adventures together may fare. Similarly to Wally West relationship with Nightwing, Dick and Spider-Man could easily come to have a close bond as well.


For years, Namor has had a complicated role within the overall Marvel universe, even acting as a full-fledged villain at times. Because of this, he has really come to have some incredibly complicated and strained relationships with many other Marvel heroes, making him rather difficult for most to get along with.

Though Dick Grayson may get along well with the King of Atlantis in the DC universe, it is very likely that he would have a much different relationship with the one in the Marvel universe. Based on the nature of Namor as a character overall, Nightwing likely wouldn’t be a fan of the King in any form.

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Dick Grayson may be a lot more sociable than his mentor, but even he wouldn't be able to tolerate some Marvel residents

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