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Digimon Frontier (2002-2003) is the fourth Digimon series, which is considered by some fans to be the most hated season… possibly because it came after the fan-favorite Digimon: Tamers series. It also strayed a lot from the original format; instead of the humans in this series partnering up with Digimon, these characters merge together with ancient spirits called “Legendary Warriors” and become Digimon.

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However, despite the hate the series can receive, there are some fans who justifiably love the show, and that love turns up in fan art. This list shares the love as Digimon with 10 pieces of Digimon Frontier fan art we absolutely love. Links to the original creators’ DeviantArt pages are available so you can see the rest of their wonderful work.

10 F r o n t i e r

This piece, called “f r o n t i e r”, was created by Deviant Art user moremindmel0dy. It’s a wonderfully detailed tribute to the main cast of human and Digimon characters, including a couple of characters that join the show later on. It does a great job showing the friendship and personality among the group, like Zoe’s carefree face and Hiroshi’s bashful face as he tries to hold onto his stoic character.

9 Fairymon

This Fairymon piece was created by ShadowOverlordXDZ as a tribute to the Legendary Warrior of Wind. It has a lot of fun little details throughout, including her butterfly-winged bracelet bearing the symbol of the Spirits of Wind, armor, and purple hair strands.

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Fairymon, known as Kazemon in the original Japanese (“Kaze” literally means “wind”), can control the atmosphere. Zoe Orimoto (Izumi Orimoto in the Japanese version of Digimon Frontier) is the lone female protagonist of the group who can turn into Fairymon.

8 Home Again

“Home Again” by Whitestar1802 is a tribute to the first episode of Digimon they ever watched, which aired as “Home Again, Takuya Returns.” The artist uses beautiful watercolors and various Klimt inspired patterns for Takuya, Duskmon, and Agunimon, creating a pretty contrast that gives this picture an almost stain-glass feeling. In this emotional episode, Takuya returns only to find himself stuck in the past and trapped in the body of the Digimon Flamemon!

7 Merry Christmas 2014

This adorable Christmas creation by Myaco features the antagonists of Digimon Frontier. It’s nice to take a break from threatening villain tribute and enjoy a little wholesome and creative holiday fun!

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Mercurymon makes for a fantastic Christmas tree trussing up in lights and it’s funny to see Grumblemon as Santa when he can be such a Grinch! Ranamon is her usual cute self with a stylish snowflake hat and deceptive angel wings. Lastly, Arbormon looks cute with his little sprigs of holly, fitting perfectly with this Digimon’s theme!

6 Digimon Frontier

This creative line-up by Duetwyn shows the main cast of characters in Digimon Frontier. Instead of just adapting the characters as they were from the original show, this piece ages up the characters and puts them in costumes inspired by their digivolutions. A lot of thought clearly went into this piece to create something truly unique.

5 Digimon Frontier Tuned – ToothFairymon

This is part of the Digimon Tuned Project where multiple Digimon are combined together to create original creation. The piece above, posted by plzgaiasrebirth, who adopted the project, is a combination of the Human Spirit of Wind Fairymon and the Beast Spirit of Earth Grumblemon.

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The unique combination of beauty and brawn is fun to look at. Plus the level of detail included in the description that went into creating this fan Digimon is impressive and shows that a lot of time, thought, and effort went into the piece that deserves to be shared.

4 Ranamon

This Ranamon fan art by ManiacPaint shows the devious Digimon in her element! The level of detail in her costume and body type shows a lot of love went into this piece. Plus the flirty expression fits her character pretty well. This antagonist really did love being the prettiest!

3 Frontier Child

This cute fan art piece by Chibimixxx is a sweet tribute to the youngest protagonist in Digimon Frontier, Tommy Himi (or Tomoki Himi in the Japanese version). He begins as the most childish of the group but grows into his own thanks to the digital world.

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As part of the main cast, Tommy controls the Spirit of Ice and can transform into Kumamon, a bear rivaling Tommy’s adorableness, and also Korikakumon, a giant and intimidating yeti-looking beast spirit.

2 Zephy

This cute and creative redesign of Zephyrmon by aki-ta is rather refreshing considering how much skin the original design showed… which feels a little weird when you think about the fact that the human character within this powerful beast spirit is an underage teenager. This version has more practical armor while still keeping Zephyrmon cute in an innocent sort of way!

1 Spirit Evolution!

This piece features 12 characters from the fan-fiction by artist Alessairi. It includes the Ten Legendary Warriors with grown-up versions of their corresponding DigiDestined and Alessairi‘s OCs Hiroto, Airi, and Dandelmon. It’s unique to see interpretations of the Digimon Frontier antagonists’ human forms and a lot of detail went into each character’s design.

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These Digimon fans are very dedicated to the anime they love! But here's a look at 10 pieces of Digimon Frontier fan art that we love!

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