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Digimon Tamers (2001-2002), arguably the best version of Digimon ever (those may be fighting words…), follows Takato, who gets his Digimon pal Guilmon when he puts a blue card he finds into his handheld card reading device. There are also Digimon in this series known as Devas. They are searching for Calumon, a Digimon who can cause others to digivolve. So there’s plenty of digivolving going around! Takato is joined Rika and Henry, who each have their own Digimon, Renamon, and Terriermon respectively, who inevitably get into fights with other digital monsters.

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As a beloved series,  Digimon Tamers has numerous fans around the world who have turned their love for the show into fan art. This list includes 10 amazing creations, including links to the original creators’ DeviantArt pages so you can see the rest of their work!

10 Digimon Tamers

This piece, by Siplick on DeviantArt and available in print form, features a close-up of the three main Rookie Digimon from Digimon Tamers: Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon. The artist does a great job of showing the personalities of the characters in the frame. Guilmon has a big happy smile, showing a lovable attitude. Terriermon is jumping in the air and offering a cute wave, showing how hyper and friendly this particular Digimon can be. Renamon has their arms crossed and a stern expression on their face, giving them a serious and mysterious air about them.

9 Digimon – Trio

This image by DeviantArt user moremindmel0dy features the three arguably most adorable Digimon from Digimon Tamers: Lopmon, Calumon, and Terriermon! This is another piece that does a great job showing the viewer the character’s personality without using a word. We see Lopmon has a little frown, referring to their more serious nature, in contrast to Calumon and Terriermon’s happy smiles, which demonstrate their carefree natures.

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The rarely seen details in this piece make it stand out a bit from other fan art. For one thing, the perspective is unique as we look down at the three. There’s also the flag Calumon created on the floor, a nice callback to the show in question. There’s never been a more adorable game of Ring Around the Rosy!

8 Gallant Knight

This commission of Dukemon/Gallantmon from Digimon was created by DeviantArt user chinara. The amount of detail on the Aegis Shield and visor is great as well as the artist’s bespeckled color palette, mixing not only Gallantmon’s natural colors but also a fire-themed gradient. Gallantmon is the biomerged form of Takato and Guilmon, who transformed into the Mega Digimon when Takato wished they could fight Beelzemon together in episode 35, “Give a Little Bit.”

7 Digimon Tamers: Henry + Gargomon

This fan art by DeviantArt user eggeru features the level-headed Henry and Gargomon resting after a long day! You can really tell how strong the friendship between these two is and see Henry’s protectiveness over Gargomon as the Digimon rests while Henry holds onto him.

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Gargomon is the Champion Digimon form of Terriermon. With vulcans on his arms, this Digimon can put up quite the fight! It’s nice to see that this is a piece not focused on the action but instead focused on what Henry really wanted in the show: no fighting.

6 T A N O S H I I

This Digimon Tamers tribute is by DevianArt user moremindmel0dy. This particular piece has the supporting cast of Tamers who get their Digimon later in the series front and center while Takato, Rika, and Henry take a back seat. The human characters include Jeri along with her puppet, Suzie running with her arms out on the left, Kenta on their right, and Kazu behind them. MarineAngemon, Kenta’s Digimon, flies upfront while Kazu rides his Guardromon and Lopmon hovers above Suzie. Leomon, technically Jeri’s partner, is poised in the back along with the main cast. It’s a fun piece that showcases a bunch of characters that don’t always get a lot of love.

5 Impmon and Beelzemon

DevianArt user Lanmana has created a piece featuring everyone’s favorite little trouble maker. Even better, you get to see Impmon multiple times in this piece, alongside his digivolution Beelzemon! It’s fun to see the array of emotions playing out on Impmon’s face, from him falling in front of an epic explosion to him spewing fire from his fingertips, you get to see the dangerous and comedic charm of this Digimon.

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The little details in the piece are great, including the red bandana usually seen around Impmon’s neck appearing around Beelzemon’s arm. The gun Beelzemon’s using in this image it the one transformed from the toy gun he got from Mako, which caused him to digivolve to Blast Mode.

4 Andiramon

Created by DeviantArt user extyrannomon, Andiramon looks so cute hopping through the sky here like the rabbit they are! Taking a similar path as Gatomon, Andiramon actually started as a Deva, working against the Tamers and serving as the guardian of the south gate of Zhuqiaomon’s palace. When meeting Suzie Wong, however, Andiramon decided to save the girl. In punishment, Zhuqiaomon turned Antylamon back into the Rookie Digimon form Lopmon, an Animal Digimon who is twins with Terriermon. Here she’s in her Andiramon glory though! Plus the nighttime background, which is typically associated with “evil,” could be a hint at her “dark” beginnings.

3 Leomon and Katou Juri

This fan art, created by DeviantArt user sapphireluna, may bring a tear to your eye if you remember Leomon and Juri’s fate in the show… aka one of the saddest moments in Digimon history. This adorable art style may help soften the blow a bit though! The super cute style manages to capture so many little details, from Leomon’s weapon to his earring to his scars… he’s the whole package!

The actions of the characters in this piece are also in line with their personalities. Leoman is posied as the protector while Juri latches onto him, refusing to leave his side… sort of like when they first meet and she insists they must be partners! Ah, the memories… does anyone have a tissue?

2 Sakuyamon

DeviantArt creator mangamie did this beautiful rendition of Sakuyamon. A Shaman Digimon, Sakuyamon is the Mega form of Renamon. First appearing in episode 39, “Whirling Ultimate Flower! Sakuyamon Evolves,” Rika biomerged with Renamon when they literally took a leap of faith to rescue Calumon from the D-Reaper. This piece of art goes into painstaking detail regarding Sakuyamon’s outfit, including yin and yang symbols featured throughout the ensemble, a fox-like helmet, and belt-buckle, plus the Digimon’s powerful staff. The cherry blossoms in the background are a creative touch that really adds to the overall vibe of the piece.

1 Terriermon In Snow

Created by DeviantArt user Donomon, Terriermon looks even more adorable than usual… if that’s even possible! This Animal Digimon looks precious in this snowscape, which is filled with subtle details, including the snowfall and a snowflake resting on Terriermon’s nose.

This is part of a series of snowy pictures that feature the rest of the Rookie Digimon from Tamers, Guilmon and Renamon. It’s fitting that there are hints of spring in this particular piece, specifically, the sprigs of grass trying to break through the ground.

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Digimon Tamers has a strong fan base that loves to show their fan art. Here are some of best pieces we love.

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