Disney+ Killed a Keven Smith-Developed Kingdom Keepers Series

A show based on the popular Disney book series Kingdom Keepers was scrapped by Disney+ executives, according to Kevin Smith.

On Twitter, Smith confirmed a report from Attractions Magazine and explained why the series was never developed. “That was a blast to write 2 years ago. It was planned as one of the first shows to launch on what would become Disney+. Then a new exec was put in charge of the app and he killed KK,” he wrote. “Said we used too much Disney IP in one project (every character in the park comes to life).”

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“If you’re a Kingdom Keepers book fan, it deviated from the books,” he said on his Facebook Live. “It was my version mashed up with Ridley [Pearson]’s idea.” Smith regarded the story he wanted to tell as the “Avengers of Disney” and even included Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. Smith noted Captain Hook was going to be the main villain and he wanted Russell Brand to play the infamous swashbuckling villain.

Imagineer Kevin Lively even chimed in, commending Smith on his vision for the series.

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Kingdom Keepers was a series of novels following the adventures of five teens who battled Disney villains to keep them from taking control of the parks and eventually the world. Eight novels were made, followed by a second series titled The Return, which included three more novels.

Smith explained more about the potential of the show in his Facebook Live:

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Posted by Kevin Smith on Sunday, April 5, 2020

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Filmmaker Kevin Smith briefly explained his pitch to adapt the Kingdom Keepers book series for Disney+ and what eventually led to its cancellation.

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