Disney Magic Kingdoms Onward Event Probably Can't Be Completed Without Paying

Featuring game updates and new characters, Disney Magic KingdomsOnward event is running until April 10. However, it’s unlikely a player would be able to get everything without spending money.

In Disney Magic Kingdoms, players get items by sending characters to do various tasks that take between 60 seconds and 24 hours. The longer the task is, the better the item will be at the end. However, getting a required item isn’t always guaranteed, and certain characters receive different items needed to acquire and level up others. The more Onward characters players have, the more likely they’ll have actions that relate to the items they need for the other characters.

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Right now, the characters players can get without spending money are Barley, Colt, Laurel, Manticore and Ian, leaving Blazey and Dad available for purchase using gems, the game’s premium currency. Blazey costs 200 gems, while Dad runs for 300. Those who’ve been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms for awhile may have saved up the 500 gems required to get both, but that would essentially mean having not bought anything in a very long time.

Having those two premium characters would help significantly in getting the rest of the characters and the items needed for them. Without them, it is still possible but unlikely. Except for a couple of characters, only the Onward characters typically generate the items needed for the other Onward characters. With the majority of the items being in the six to eight hour range for characters tasks, players would thus only be able to get items two or three times a day.

The event is designed this way so as to get people to spend money on Disney Magic Kingdoms. While not everyone will spend money for every limited even, the game tries to entice people with different bundles and packages. With some of them being Blazey: $3.99 (5 Gem of Fates + 2 Blazey Ears Hat), Dad: $5.99 (Dad + 6 Ruby Chests) or Attraction: $4.99 (Manticore’s Tavern + 15 Onward Relics + 20 Blueprints + 10 Gems of Fate + 20 Gems). While it is not terribly expensive for any single one of them, it can add up if players buy all of them for this event.

Casual players and those who don’t want to spend money on premium characters likely won’t get everything the Onward event has to offer unless they’re checking the game religiously. Even then, it’s very possible a player might miss something, so it’s very unlikely one can get everything from the Onward event without paying.

Written and directed by Dan Scanlon, Pixar’s Onward stars Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer. The film is available now on Disney+.

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Getting all of the items in Disney Magic Kingdoms' ongoing Onward event is possible, and it's extremely unlikely players can do it without paying.

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