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Greg Weisman revealed that the decision to put Gargoyles on Disney+ came about in an abrupt fashion.

In an interview with Polygon, the Gargoyles co-creator revealed he was shocked to discover that there were plans to put the animated series on the streaming service. Apparently, Weisman had previously been told the show would not be a part of the Disney+ library.

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“I’m thrilled that they did it,” he said. “I knew a couple months ahead of time that it would be part of the service. That surprised me, when I found that out, because I had been told the opposite, that they weren’t going to put it up.”

Originally debuting on television in October 1994, the original run of Gargoyles spanned 78 episodes before concluding in February 1997. The show followed the exploits of a group of ancient gargoyles, led by Goliath (Keith David), who awaken from their slumber in New York City in the year 1994 and proceed to fight a group of evildoers.

In recent years, news has repeatedly swirled over Gargoyles returning in some form. Director Jordan Peele pitched a Gargoyles movie to Disney, while Weisman cryptically teased the possibility of the Gargoyles TV show returning back in October 2019.

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Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman revealed that the decision to bring the series to Disney+ was exceedingly abrupt.

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