Disneyland Shanghai Celebrates Hamburger Day With Avengers-Themed Burgers

Though the Avengers are perhaps best known for chowing down on shawarma after a long battle, Disney Parks has chosen to feature several hamburgers based on the Marvel heroes as part of International Hamburger Day. Disneyland Shanghai, which recently reopened, has several offerings.

First up is the Avengers Wagyu Beef burger, featuring a red bun stamped with the logo of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. There is also a classic American cheeseburger, complete with sour cucumber, barbecue sauce, and a bun stamped with Iron Man’s face. Finally, the Gamma Ray Plant Burger offers a vegetarian option. The burger consists of a vegetable-based “pork chop”, sweet and sour tomato sauce and fresh lettuce in between a green matcha-flavor bun stamped with the Incredible Hulk’s fist.

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Disneyland Hong Kong is getting in on the burger action as well. The park has a Beetroot and Cheese Burger inspired by the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle ride. There’s also a Green Tea Cheese Burger that features matcha flavored green buns, as well as a Spicy Chicken Burger.

Avengers fans in the USA will have the chance to meet (and eat?) their favorite Marvel heroes when Avengers Campus opens. The Marvel themed attraction is scheduled to open in Disney California Adventure on July 18. Future locations include the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris in 2021 and Hong Kong Disneyland in 2023.

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(via Disney Parks)


In honor of International Hamburger Day, Disneyland Shanghai and Hong Kong are featuring burgers modeled after the Avengers and other Marvel heroes.

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