Doki Doki Literature Club: 10 Monika Facts Most Fans Don't Know

Since its release in the fall of 2017, Doki Doki Literature Club has become pretty famous in the visual novel genre for subverting expectations and delivering an incredibly satisfying (and equally heart-wrenching) horror experience by the end of it all. All four of the main girls are incredibly likable for their own reasons, and each are incredibly popular within the fandom, but perhaps none are more relatable and tragic than that of the club’s President, Monika. Though we may not get too much time with her character before things start going off the rails, there’s still a good bit about Monika that even dedicated fans might not know.

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So today, we’ll be taking a look at 10 facts about everyone’s favorite fourth-wall breaking club President, Monika.

10 Her Name’s Meaning

At first glance, most probably assume that Monika’s name doesn’t hold too much of a deeper meaning, aside from being much more of a Western-sounding name than those of her clubmates, Yuri, Sayori, and Natsuki. This could have been done to further separate her as being different from the others, and more aware of her role, but it also suits her personality quite well.

Monika means “counselor or advisor,” which she acts like throughout the series while trying to keep her true nature under wraps.

9 Her Fashion Differences (cg by r/BippityZop)

While Monika does don the typical school uniform that all the other girls do, she does sport a few rather unique changes that make her stand out from the others, but due to the cropping of the sprites can be pretty easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention.

While the other members of the club sport white knee-high socks and blue-tipped slippers, Monika shows her free will subtly by instead wearing black thigh-high socks and pink-tipped slippers.

8 Underlying Ambitions

When Monika is first introduced, she’s shown to be an incredibly driven and motivated self-confident character who isn’t afraid to take charge when the situation calls for it. While most of that is indeed true, most of her confidence is simply projected. During Act Three, if the player lets the dialogue keep playing through, they might hear Monika talk about this.

When talking back on her time in the club, Monika states that “fake it until you make it” really is a true quote in her experience, and that she had gotten “pretty good” at faking self-confidence at that point. With the popular, athletic, and academically gifted girl she’s coded to be, this is pretty shocking to hear, and makes her more relatable.

7 Slight Sprite Differences (cg by r/SovietSpartan)

Earlier, we touched on the fact that Monika’s clothing is slightly different from the other girls to try to clue the player in to the fact that everything is not as it seems in the Literature Club, but that actually isn’t the only difference that the other members don’t get. Instead of a difference in what Monika is wearing, this difference is a change to the positioning of the sprite itself, which can be incredibly easy to miss.

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All of the girl’s sprites besides Monika are slightly facing the side, whereas Monika’s sprites are positioned so she’s directly facing the player head-on. It’s quite a creative difference!

6 Wardrobe Awareness

Throughout the game, all of the girls are showcased in outfits other than their uniforms. Sayori has her pajamas, and both Yuri and Natsuki get cute casual clothes when they visit the player. However, one character is severely lacking in non-academic outfits, and that’s Monika.

She’s totally aware of this, as well, as during her Act 3 Dialogue, she has a chance to touch on how she’s jealous of the other girls for getting to wear cute clothes for the player. She even goes as far as to wish that she could have done something similar for the player- luckily, through fan-art and sprite edits, she’s had her wish answered hundreds of times over.

5 The Real-World Significance Of Her Birthday

Most of the time, character’s birthdays are typically chosen to give them a zodiac sign that best represents them, or even simply done at random, since in the real world it’s not really something that can be controlled. There typically isn’t any real-world tie in when it comes to the day that characters are born, but this isn’t true when it comes to Monika.

Monika’s birthday is September 22, which also happens to be the day that Doki Doki Literature Club released! Given the nature of her character, this is an incredibly creative and clever twist.

4 Monika’s Real-World Influence

Aside from having a birthday that ties into the real world, Monika has also directly impacted the store page for the game itself on Steam, as well as a part of the official website for the game. While it might be easy to ignore when first seeing information about the game, the description for the game itself has actually been written by Monika, in which she not-so subtly suggests that the Player ought to spend the most time with her.

Sadly, this is really the only thing she can do, as Monika is unable to alter either the routes of the game or whether the girls confess to the Player.

3 Her Irony Involving Yuri

Monika is quick to call Yuri a “typical yandere archetype,” as she becomes possessive over the player and eventually violent, but this doesn’t quite line up, as yanderes are typically violent towards people who threaten their relationship with their partner, whereas Yuri is self-destructive.

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The irony comes into play when Monika’s actions throughout the game are analyzed, as she more closely fits how a yandere acts than anyone else. She removes the competition by any means necessary (amplifying her friend’s flaws and deleting Natsuki outright), as well as traps the Player with her in Act Three so that they can be the only things in existence forever.

2 The Meaning Of Her Favorite Color

Monika states in-game that her favorite color is emerald green, and that she feels she shares a certain connection with the color, as it was also the color chosen for her eyes when designing her. Since she watches on as the other girls get to have their romantic routes with the player, unable to change anything concrete about her circumstances, it’s been speculated that this could be a play on the phrase “green with envy.”

1 Her Grim Alternate Fate

It’s easy to only think about game characters inside of the world and timeline that we’re shown while playing the game, but Monika lets a bit of dialogue slip during Act Three that serves as an incredibly grim reminder that they did exist before the Player began playing their scripted game.

Monika states that if the Player hadn’t shown up to quell her loneliness and give her something to reach out towards and gain hope from, she would have deleted her own file “by now,” which is an incredibly sad thought.

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Doki Doki Literature Club has become pretty famous in the visual novel genre for subverting expectations. Here are some Monika facts.

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