Dragon Ball: 10 Fan Art Pictures Of Gohan & Videl That Are Totally Romantic

The Dragon Ball franchise isn’t exactly focused on romance, but that aspect can shine when in the right place and at the right time. Fans seem to agree with that sentiment because despite how few canonical couples there are in Dragon Ball,  there seem to be a few favorite pairings among them. One of which being Gohan and Videl.

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Gohan and Videl’s relationship might actually be the most organic and believable throughout the series and definitely appreciated. And as such, it received its fair share of fan art. While a lot of Dragon Ball’s fan art can be as intense as the anime, some of this fan art is cute and just downright romantic.


Since Videl was introduced after the Cell Saga, where she and Gohan meet years after it, there’s no content featuring the two before then. However, this piece gives what could have been their first “unofficial” meeting.

In it, we see a young Videl watching the Cell Games as a familiar Super Saiyan comes into focus. While there may be other pieces that try this too, Risachantag‘s piece works so well because this could’ve actually happened in the anime if they cut back to the Mr. Satan household during the Cell Games.



For as powerful as Gohan is, he can also be a huge dork at times. He was probably at his dorkiest when he went under the guise of “The Great Saiyaman” to hide his identity while performing heroics. While it was silly, it was also a big part of the early stages of Gohan and Videl’s relationship. Something that this picture definitely takes advantage of.

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Karoine puts the two together in what almost looks like a comic book cover or the movie poster to some sort of romantic comedy featuring a superhero. The two also looking slightly nervous is a nice touch as well.



Now this one is the epitome of cute. Just a simple drawing of Videl giving Gohan a nice big hug with a little heart between them. Despite not adoring this couple, Sammybunny711 knocks this one out of the park for this little romantic picture.

Since it was also made during”Inktober”, color was used sparingly and because of that, the minimalism to it was very well done, only using it on the blushing of their cheeks and the little heart. It’s simple, but that does not make it any less adorable.


Sometimes couples are at their best and most romantic when they’re being spontaneous and it seems like the artist of this picture, where Videl gives Gohan a surprise kiss on the cheek, knew that and took advantage of that angle when making it.

It’s a nice moment that Needphle portrayed in this scene and one that feels real and relatable since many couples likely have had a moment just like this. Gohan being flustered was also a great choice here too, it seems that the Saiyan warrior was not expecting this “surprise attack”.


No, that’s not Tien’s “Tri-Beam” that Gohan and Videl are trying out, they’re actually making a heart. Simple, but effective, Gohan and Videl combine hands to shape a heart against a bigger heart in the background.

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The detail that Yuiikat put in on the characters should be applauded, especially on Videl who looks really good in this one. The effect also used inside their hands is probably just an exaggeration, but it does look a bit like Ki energy. If that was the intent, then it was a pretty good idea, if not it still gives this piece some added flare anyway.


Height’s not always important, but it is interesting that the height difference between Gohan and Videl isn’t really spoken of. This piece goes all-in on that detail and has a little fun with it, in this one-two punch from dbzsenpai.

Gohan awkwardly mentioning Videl’s height and how cute it is, is pretty funny on its own (not to mention, the use of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s “menacing” was hilarious too), what’s even better is the extreme reaction in the last part there, showing off her tsundere qualities. Cute, as well as really funny too.


Sometimes it’s hard to believe these two met in school, but it’s undeniably true. Since Gohan was an aspiring scholar himself, it’s not hard to assume that these two may have had a study session here or there. If they did, it is likely that it would look a lot like this.

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vivibert manages to put a unique spin on Gohan and Videl’s character design which, while different, looks really good. The colors used here are gorgeous too, having a nice watercolor look to it. Definitely a picture worth studying.


Another one that was so good, that it deserved more than one picture. In this two page comic, we see Videl’s inner thoughts about Gohan, and at first, they seem on the tsundere wavelength, but as it progresses, it’s clear her thoughts are more loving and sincere.

cc6512eng does a great job of calling back to a lot of Gohan and Videl’s early interactions while making her inner monologue a charming little thought process. Considering that the two get married by the time Dragon Ball Super comes in, it looks like Videl’s promised day in this piece finally came.


Another spontaneous kiss and this time Gohan makes the first move. It’s as straightforward as it looks. How the tables have turned.

The art by Jscandyhell is absolutely fantastic, and the lack of color is actually a strength rather than a weakness. It’s good, in fact, that it almost appears like a sketch that could’ve been featured in the original manga. Gohan and Videl’s first kiss was never seen on screen, so imagination has to fill in the blanks for what that looked like and this could have been it.


While a lot of the other entries on the list were cute, funny, or both, this piece here might be as striking as a Super Saiyan Gohan and Videl fan art can ever be. Gohan and Videl stand together, Videl hugging Gohan as the dust surrounds them.

While the context isn’t exactly clear, it really isn’t needed to enjoy this. Ataribetch sets a scene that makes it look like the two are seeking comfort in each other after a huge battle that just happened. While some fan art starring a couple would try to be as soft as possible, this one dares to be bold.

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Gohan & Videl are one of Dragon Ball's most adorable couples. These works of fan art really make you see heir relationship in a new light.

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