Dragon Ball: 10 Reasons Why Gohan's High School Arc Could Have Worked As Its Own Show

Every fan has their favorite Dragon Ball series. Some prefer the original while others point to Dragon Ball Z as the starting point of the true direction of the series. The point is that Dragon Ball was a fluid series that could have resulted in many different kinds of anime versions. To a certain extent, it might have even made the show better and more appealing to a broader audience in general.

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Gohan’s high school arc is a great example of what could have been in itself a great Dragon Ball series. Sadly, the whole arc was cut a little too short but it did provide examples of how just by itself it could have made a great run.

10 All The Dragon Ball Z Characters As High School Students

Ever wonder what it would look like if Cell and Gohan went to the same high school? Of course, their age differences would have had to be changed but the idea of Cell as being the senior jock who bullies the younger students sounds appealing. Gohan could have been the new kid that puts him in his place, thereby attracting the attention of the head cheerleader Bulma but, ultimately ending up with a more reasonable everyday girl like Videl. Would it be fan-fiction to the extreme? Of course. Would fans watch it? Without a doubt.

9 Orange Star City Superhero?

If it worked for Smallville it could have worked for Dragon Ball Z. In the first few seasons of Smallville, Clark Kent was the lovable everyday student who happened to stop villains in between lunch and gym class. If it worked for Clark Kent then it could have worked for Gohan. After all, the story arc did revolve around him stopping a bank robbery. They could have added a reporter snooping around to find the truth, which would keep Gohan’s secret in constant jeopardy. A series revolving this intrigue could have lasted for a decade.

8 Gohan Juggling School Life and Training Would Have Been Interesting

How many episodes did we either see a training montage or actual filler episodes with the characters of Dragon Ball Z working hard in anticipation of some upcoming foe that will threaten earth’s existence?

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Probably more times than most fans would have liked. So, a series dedicated to Gohan trying to juggle the obligations of being a superhero along with the typical high school drama could have made for interesting television. It might have helped his character get out of the shell of being one-dimensional character known for his fighting prowess.

7 Gohan’s Journey To The Majors

Dragon Ball Z was always so caught up in either fighting or preparing to fight the next big villain that it would be understandable if most fans forgot that their physical abilities were unknown to the world. So, it isn’t like anyone would know Gohan’s potential as a baseball player. Gohan could have singlehandedly led his team to a state championship, making him well on his way to the pros. His journey to stardom would have made for a nice change of course from the extended battle scenes that took multiple seasons to finish.

6 Gohan’s Coming Of Age Story

Goku’s story has had significant time jumps that have somewhat ruined his overall story arc. Partly because we get to see so little of his everyday life over specific periods of time. Gohan’s story hasn’t been much different as we see him as a child before the time jump to him as a teenager. We never got to see the daily moments that shaped him into who he is. The interests and hobbies that define why he became the person he is today. Sadly, it only feels like the series only scratches the surface of his personality.

5 Videl’s Quest To Uncover The Truth

There is nothing better than a good mystery. Videl’s attempt to find out who the Gold Fighter is could have been a plot that lasts for numerous seasons. It isn’t exactly the most original of plots but it does have the tried and true factor working for it.

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Videl’s quest could have ultimately exposed his true identity and powers to not just his classmates but the entire city, leaving him  vulnerable at the moment he is needed most. Plus, this new exposure and fame could have presented new possibilities and consequences for the Dragon Ball team in future stories.

4 Gohan Bringing Back Dodge Ball

For decades, dodge ball was a game that all kids played whether they were on the right or wrong side of the ball. With Gohan’s strength who wouldn’t want to see an entire story arc about him winning dodge ball glory. It just seems like a sport someone with his powers could really thrive in. Sadly though, the end result of a dodge ball game with Gohan would make the censors go wild with all the blood and gore that would be apparent in each scene. Though, it would an instant classic moment for viewers.

3 It Could Have Explored The Everyday Lives Of Other Popular Dragon Ball Z Characters

To any other generation, knowing the daily affairs of every living celebrity would have been quite monotonous, but to Millenials, it is television gold. A show dedicated to detailing the everyday events happening to Dragon Ball Z characters could have explained a few questions that relate to the show. Like what are Bulma and Vegeta really like together? Where does Goku buy all his cutoff shirts? What is it like for a super Saiyan to be stuck in traffic? Questions that fans have been contemplating for well over 3 decades.

2 Why is Gohan’s Story Arc so Similar To Peter Parker’s School Life?

Sometimes coincidences are just that, coincidences. Other times, certain plots that resemble other well-known superhero character arcs just look like a complete ripoff of the original. Gohan might be a Saiyan that can destroy mountains but during his high school arc, he was such a pushover.

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So much so, that when he is identified as a superhero, the very contemplation of the idea was laughed at. For Spiderman fans, this is oddly similar to the famous wall crawler’s backstory. This happenstance will make fans wonder if it was intentional or unintentional for years to come.

1 Main Villain Could Have Been One of Gohan’s Classmates

The main villain could be hidden as one of Gohan’s classmates, just waiting for the perfect time to strike at his foe. It could be a way to study his nemesis up close, learn all his secrets before finally attempting to take Gohan down. This might be another cliché story arc, but it just seems to work so well for most series that they just keep doing them and that is fine, partly because it rarely ruins the buildup. In fact, it adds to the main villain’s story, especially if he was once a fan favorite.

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One of Dragon Ball Z's worst arcs was Gohan's High School Arc. However, with some tweaks and commitment, maybe it could have been good.

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