Dragon Ball: 10 Roshi Fan Art That Prove Why He Is The Turtle Hermit

His role on the show varies depending on the series, but Master Roshi is one of the most important humans in Dragon Ball, second only to Krillin. In Dragon Ball, he’s a mix of the wise old sage and pervy mentor, the man who helped Goku on his path of being one of the strongest beings in the universe.

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He took a bit of a backseat in Dragon Ball Z but was able to rightfully move into the spotlight again in Dragon Ball Super, being part of a surprising number of fights. At his best, he’s a combination of comic relief and badass martial artist, something all of the art below encapsulates.

10 Removing The Shades

While he’s all fun and games at first, Master Roshi is not a man whom you want to get on his bad side. If those goofy looking shades drop, you know the fun-loving perv is retreating inward, and the powerful and highly skilled martial artist is about to come out to play.

That look you can see in the corner of his eye is enough to know the hurt train is coming into the station. Marvelmania does a good job of showing off how intimidating he can be, even while wearing green flip flops.

9 Power Overwhelming

Most fans don’t associate Roshi as a character of overwhelming power, but there are moments, like what’s posted here, that you get a nice idea of how strong Roshi can be when he sets his mind to it.

Luckfield has energy rippling off a body that no man his age should ever be able to possess. They do a really good job of showing off the level of strain this form can have on Roshi, with veins popping out nearly as much as his muscles are.

8 Keeper Of The Dragon Balls

This piece by Arkenstellar is incredible, incorporating the two major components of the series, Shenron and the Dragon Balls, right along with Roshi. He looks like their guardian, an ancient sage that was tasked with ensuring their safety, making sure they never fell into evil hands.

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Having them float all around him while yellow flames ripple from his back only further plays into that fact. Shenron looming in the background is equally as cool, a benevolent force always lingering in the background.

7 Old Man And The Sea

With the way the water is cascading around him, Flavioluccisano managed to turn Shenron into what amounts to a sea monster, something akin to the Loch Ness Monster. The way he’s taking up the entire background, eyes streaming red energy, lets you know this is a far less impartial dragon.

Roshi for his part looks like Ahab, a man who’s been traveling the seas for ages to get to this one moment, finally meeting the beast head-on. The way he’s drawn is so realistic as well, detail on his few remaining teeth being incredible.

6 Who You Calling Old

Roshi’s hulked up form is one of the cooler transformations in the series, going from a spindly old man who looks like he could be knocked out by a woman’s chest to a hulking mass of a man who could send you flying across a bar with a mere flick.

Pair that with how awesome his Kamehameha’s look and you got yourself an excellent fight scene. Greytonano manages to show off just how top-heavy Roshi is when he’s in this state, size difference so large that it’s a wonder he doesn’t just topple over because it looks like he missed leg day.

5 Pervy Sage

It’s never hidden how much of a pervert Roshi is; it’s a trait the man wears on his sleeve, practically having a neon sign blinking over his head. Dylean leans into that here, only missing a bit of dripping blood from Roshi’s nose.

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The redness all over his cheeks more than makes up for it though, especially when bunny Bulma is reflecting in his shades. What’s always nice about these pictures is that the artists always remember how jacked up Roshi’s teeth are, missing far more than he actually has.

4 Ride ‘Em Cowboy

If there’s one consistent thing about Roshi throughout every series, it’s that the old man likes to have fun. More often than not, that fun involves women and long walks along his beach, but that’s far from his sole source of entertainment.

Steve Miller shows him riding at high speeds atop his turtle, Dragon Ball whipping around his neck like a branch in a thunderstorm. Both he and Turtle look like they are having a blast together as they catch some waves.

3 Peace, Love, And Nosebleeds

No character has suffered more nose bleeds than Roshi has; it’s a wonder how the man is still alive with how much he gets worked up over the sight of an attractive woman. That nose pumps it out like a turned on faucet rather than a leaky one.

Having him flash the peace sign in his signature pose was a great decision by Steve Miller. It makes it look like he was greeting Krillin then caught a glimpse of Android 18 in the background, stunning him in place.

2 Proud Poppa

While not biologically their father by any means, he’s easily the biggest father figure in their lives, going far beyond just being their master. He trained both of them since they were young, practically raising them in the ways of martial arts.

It’s why Pinkycute drawing him behind Krillin and Goku is so fitting. Not only are they like his kids, he’s watching them both not only perfect the move he created but surpass him in every way imaginable.

1 Wishing For a Foxy Lady

Bulma’s wish in the original Dragon Ball was incredibly stupid and never really made a whole lot of sense for her character, though it worked given the symmetry to Yamcha’s wish. Roshi wishing for a beautiful woman to be with him is entirely in character for him and be a great filler type episode.

Maxiuchiha does a great job of making him look a bit crazed, look of a man who’s hard work was all going to finally pay off once he gets his bride to be.

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Master Roshi is one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball franchise. Here are 10 pieces of fan art proving he's the turtle hermit.

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