Dragon Ball: 5 Characters We Need To See Team-Up (& 5 That Never Will)

Dragon Ball has a nearly endless line-up of famous characters. From protagonist Goku to the mighty Jiren, there’s no shortage of heroes and villains. With such a massive roster, there could theoretically be an endless amount of team-ups.

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Fans have seen Goku and Vegeta double up on plenty of occasions, Gohan and Krillin working together during their time on Namek, and Goku and Frieza even teamed up during the Tournament of Power. But, there are still a plethora of team-ups that have yet to be seen. So, if anyone from Toei is watching, here are five Dragon Ball characters we need to see teaming up and five that never will.

10 Team-Up: Goku & Broly

Technically, Goku and Broly have spent decades fighting each other, but it is about time that things changed. Now, admittedly, only their most recent conflict in the Dragon Ball Super movie is considered canon, but that film ended with Goku and Broly on good terms after seemingly setting aside their differences.

While it would be cool to see Ultra Instinct Goku and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly fight each other, in one form or another, the two Saiyans have done plenty of battling to the point where everyone knows how it will all end.

9 Don’t Team-Up: Vegeta & Frieza

Frieza may have worked with Universe 7 for the sake of being brought back to life, but he’s still not willing to work with anyone but himself. Sure, it was cool when fans got to see Frieza and Goku team-up to defeat Jiren, but we wouldn’t want to see Frieza team-up with Vegeta.

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Ever since he was a child, Vegeta has held an understandable grudge against Frieza for destroying his planet and killing his father. Now, Vegeta spends every waking moment to get the chance to kill Frieza and get his revenge for the Saiyan Race. Even during the Tournament of Power, the two stayed far away from each other.

8 Team-Up: Vegeta & Piccolo

Vegeta and Piccolo are two of the more reserved members of the Z-Fighters. Sure, Vegeta is a loose cannon that will take any chance he can to defeat Goku, but he goes into battle with some knowledge of what’s going on. Piccolo, meanwhile, has always kept his emotions in check and prefers to analyze his opponents to see what they can do.

These two have yet to truly combine forces, so it’s about time for these two former villains to work together. Besides, who doesn’t want to hear Chris Sabat pulling double duty in the same scene?

7 Don’t Team-Up: Goten & Kid Trunks with anyone

Goten and Trunks are fine as they are. Sure, the two boys are pretty powerful, but they’re still too young and eager to be full-on warriors. The two boys work better for the sake of comedy, not drama. At most, they can fuse and have Gotenks partner up with Goku for an SS3 team-up, but that’s about it.

6 Team-Up: Future Trunks & Adult Gohan

This one’s a bit of a cheat since Trunks and Gohan have already teamed up with one another. In Future Trunks’ timeline, his Gohan trained Trunks to become a warrior. Trunks even looked up to Gohan like an older brother, since they were the last Saiyans in their world. While Gohan is dead in Trunks’ timeline, the primary timelines Gohan is alive and well.

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Gohan and Future Trunks have interacted with one another while the latter was fighting Goku Black, but it’s about time for Future Trunks to meet Gohan again, now that he has his strength from the Buu Saga back.

5 Don’t Team-Up: Yamcha & Vegeta

Yamcha is not one of Dragon Ball‘s stronger heroes. He’s become the whipping boy of the franchise, continually getting his ass kicked to show-off the power of the latest villain. Now, he is the guy the Z-Fighters keep around for the sake of comedy.

Perhaps the worst thing to happen to Yamcha was Bulma dumping him and deciding to marry a homicidal prince of a warrior race. Sure, Yamcha is still friends with Bulma, but he would rather keep his distance from her current husband at all times.

4 Team-Up: Goku Black & Frieza

Frieza hates the sight of Goku and would do anything to kill him, even if that meant teaming up with his evil doppelganger. Goku Black was one of the more despicable members of Dragon Ball‘s rogues’ gallery. He’s a cunning villain who uses deception and Goku’s power in an attempt to rule over the cosmos, and it’s inhabitants.

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Sure, Zamasu was erased from existence, but when has that kept a good villain down? They could say something like, “since swapping bodies with Goku, Goku Black is his own entity and is now in Hell” or something like that.

3 Don’t Team-Up: Kid Buu with Frieza or Cell

This is often seen in superhero comics, with villains regularly taking a page from the good guys and deciding to team up to defeat the heroes. Frieza and Cell team up in GT and FighterZ, and they seem to be okay working with one another, but they wouldn’t work with someone like Kid Buu.

Buu is a mindless creature with nothing but destruction on his mind. Sure, Frieza could take Buu in his Golden form, but Kid Buu would rather die than take orders from someone else.

2 Team-Up: Goku & Jiren

Former foes becoming allies is something that happens frequently in Dragon Ball. Piccolo and Vegeta went from evil beings with goals of galactic domination before reforming to the side of good, and opponents like Beerus and Hit became allies with Goku and the gang. So, it’s only a matter of time before Goku and Jiren fight side-by-side.

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The two left on good terms when the universes were restored, so while Goku would like another shot at Jiren, it would also be great to see two of the most powerful beings in the cosmos as a team.

1 Don’t Team-Up: Beerus & Champa

Beerus and Champa just don’t get along. For whatever reason, the two brothers are always at each other’s throats. When the two brothers are in a room together, the last thing you want them to do is to fight with one another.

Whenever the two engage in conflict, their universes begin to collapse. One can only imagine what could happen if the two were to put aside their differences and start to fight against the forces of their universes. Then again, the real reason this team-up would never happen is because Lord Zeno would come and stop them in a heartbeat.

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A Goku and Vegeta team-up is always fun, but there are many other teams Dragon Ball can explore. That said, some characters will never work together.

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