Dragon Ball: 5 Marvel Villains Buu Would Serve (& 5 That Would Serve Him)

Buu is one of the most powerful villains in Dragon Ball, and at the same time he is one of the silliest. For much of the series, he’s a big, chubby creature who mostly just wants to eat and is interested in having friends while also having an incredible amount of power at his disposal and no moral compass to speak of. But he also transforms into an evil version of himself that is mostly interested in destroying everyone and everything, just because he can.

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There are definitely some Marvel villains that share these goals. While some of them are much stronger than Buu, Buu would likely serve them in order to get what he wants, but others are weaker, looking for powerful beings like Buu to follow. Here are five Marvel villains Buu would join the team of and five that would help Buu with his plans.

10 Would Serve: Thanos

Thanos is just about the most needlessly destructive force in the universe. He is solely interested in causing death by any and all means necessary, because he’s in love with a woman who is the literal personification of Death, and he just wants to impress her in order to earn her love. This would fall right in line with Buu’s goals, since he also is mostly interested in causing as much destruction as possible.

9 Would Serve Him: Abomination

Abomination is the less powerful version of the Hulk, with fewer mental faculties to show for it as well. This is pretty impressive since the Hulk is mostly known for being a rampaging monster.

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But Abomination became the way he is with power and destruction in mind, and following someone like Buu, for whom destruction is the ultimate goal, would allow him to really delve into that goal.

8 Would Serve: Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom likely wouldn’t need the services of Buu, since he’s pretty powerful on his own and is capable of creating his own robot army which are just exact replicas of himself and his personality. Still, he’s also incredibly intelligent and recognizes power when he sees it. Buu, similarly, follows anyone who tells him what to do and points him at whatever needs to be destroyed. Dr. Doom would likely put these skills to work in order to further his empire and his reign.

7 Would Serve Him: Black Widow

Yelena Belova is the lesser-known Black Widow and the one who remains a villain. She continues to work as a spy for the KGB, and she definitely recognizes power shifts when she sees them. She would use her abilities to manipulate Buu for her own gains, for sure, and he would make use of her abilities by sending her out to cause her own destruction and to bring him the things he needs, particularly food.

6 Would Serve: Dormammu

Dormammu is one of the most singularly destructive villains in the Marvel universe, with the power to destroy actual galaxies when the mood suits him.

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Buu’s goals also align with this, since before coming to Earth, he travels the galaxy, destroying planets and killing people and creatures as he goes, just because. Buu and Dormammu working together would cause a massive amount of destruction and death.

5 Would Serve Him: Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo serves Dormammu, so it would only make sense that he would also serve Buu, who has similar ideas and goals, and is also much stronger than Mordo, with the power to easily destroy a planet without much thought. The team of Mordo, Buu, and Dormammu would be just about unstoppable.

4 Would Serve: Galactus

Galactus has two things going on that are also things that Buu likes: eating and destroying planets. Galactus’s whole thing is going to different planets and literally eating them; Buu doesn’t have quite that big of an appetite, but it comes close. It seems very likely that, were the two to meet, Buu would go forth to do a taste test on the various planets before leaving them to Galactus to consume entirely.

3 Would Serve Him: Loki

Loki is great at recognizing when people are more powerful than him. His talents have never been specifically in the arena of strength, but he is instead very good at manipulating situations in order to position himself in a good place.

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Were he to see Buu’s power, he would likely be able to keep him happy enough to not destroy the planet Loki resides on and also to help him with retrieving the things he needs and in destroying smaller targets to help his rage abate.

2 Would Serve: Mephisto

Mephisto is literally the devil, so he and Evil Buu would get along incredibly well. Mephisto is stronger when there are forces of evil on Earth, so Buu being around, causing mayhem and killing everyone, would be great for Mephisto. Since he’s also magic, he’s in a great position to help Buu out as well, so they would likely be able to work in tandem to get each other what they want.

1 Would Serve Him: Kraven The Hunter

Kraven is really interested in one thing in the world, and that’s hunting bigger and stronger game all the time. While Buu might be the strongest prey of all, he is also a great source of purpose for Kraven, who would be constantly in search of new and bigger creatures to sate Buu’s enormous appetite.

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If Buu were to join the Marvel universe and work with the villains, who would he work for, and who would work for him?

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