Dragon Ball: 5 One Piece Anime Characters Goku Could Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Dragon Ball and One Piece are two of the most iconic anime that one can imagine at this point. They’re pretty much both omnipresent among fans in the anime community, without forgetting to say that Dragon Ball has been around for a good while and probably has a bit better brand recognition.

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Having said all of that, they’re probably the most popular shonen at this point, with One Piece having the prestigious distinction of being the number one best selling manga of all time, with Dragon Ball right behind it. But are the characters really that powerful? Let’s take a look at 5 characters that Goku could defeat, and 5 we think might have more than a fighting chance against him.

10 Win: Borsalino

While Borsalino is pretty powerful in terms of the One Piece universe, he really has no chance against Goku. His greatest power is the fact that he’s consumed a devil fruit that allows him to move at the speed of light, in addition to shooting beams of light from his limbs. While this seems incredibly intimidating at first, we have to remember that those things really aren’t anything Goku isn’t capable of with his Kamehameha in addition to his Ultra Instinct mode. The fact that Ultra Instinct is mainly defensive until you shift further into the ability means that Goku’s stamina would easily surpass Borsalino’s.

9 Lose: Blackbeard

The main issue with a battle between Blackbeard and Goku is that Blackbeard is somehow the only known person to have absorbed 2 devil fruits, something that would absolutely kill a normal human. Luckily for Blackbeard and to the detriment of Goku, Blackbeard isn’t a normal human. According to most accounts, there’s something specifically very off about the structure of Blackbeard’s body that allows him to live through such a normally catastrophic event. Aside from his ridiculous stamina and resistance to damage, there’s also the fact that one of the devil fruits allows him to create a void that eats anything in reach of its gravitational well. This means that Goku is kinda toast in this fight.

8 Win: Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid essentially has the same powers of Magneto from the X-Men universe. While it’s pretty powerful against civilians and some of the lower-tier pirates who have consumed fruits in the anime, it’s really not anything to write home about when he goes up against some of the more powerful pirates.

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When we put him in the opposite corner of the ring from Goku, it really becomes obvious that this kind of power is entire leagues below the abilities of someone like Goku. Since Goku could easily dodge all of his attacks, and probably even deflect them with a simple block, we have a very clear winner here.

7 Lose: Kaido

Kaido is known as perhaps the most powerful character in all of One Piece. While he doesn’t seem like much other than brawn if you’re just looking at his character design, once he gets himself into a fight with someone, it quickly becomes evident just how far brawn can get someone. Then there’s the fact that he consumed a mythical type devil fruit that allows him to transform into a giant dragon. He has the pretty obvious ability of fire breathing while he’s in his dragon form, he can fly, and also create shockwaves with one punch. While Goku could potentially win here, it’s a little unlikely.

6 Win: Urouge

Urouge is actually remarkably similar to Goku in terms of an unofficial ability that Goku has. Whilte there’s not any specific kind of power boost that Goku gets for the damage he’s dealt, it’s well-known that Goku gets a massive psychological boost from sustaining damage and being able to continue fighting. The difference between him and Urouge is that Urouge gets an actual physical increase to his muscle mass while being dealt damage, which would mean that he’d be near-invulnerable to losing to Goku if it wasn’t for the fact that Urouge has been shown to be susceptible to damage from lasers and other energy-based attacks.

5 Lose: Shanks

There are a few things that make Shanks a legitimately formidable opponent, most of which are really useful against Goku. There’s the fact that he’s probably the second-best swordsman of all time since he used to be a rival of Dracula Mihawk. There’s the fact also that he knows how to use all three types of Haki, meaning that he’s able to sense the presence of others, can potentially see the future, and can dodge almost any attack with no real warning.

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This most likely puts him on par with Ultra Instinct, and aside from that, he still has the use of two other types of Hakis at his disposal. This would be one tough match, but it’s likely that Shanks would pull out the win here.

4 Win: Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk is no push-over, all things admitted here. He’s in fact the best swordsman in the whole of the anime. That being said, swords will only get you so far against the best fighter in multiple universes in Dragon Ball. Provided Dracule could even get close enough to Goku before getting wiped out, it’s more than likely that Goku would absolutely destroy him in close-quarters combat.

3 Lose: Big Mom

Big Mom is a particularly interesting character, especially since her powers are basically unheard of. While her only real weakness is her mental state since she’s prone to nervous breakdowns, it really doesn’t matter when she can transform anyone she touches into an ethereal substance that she can absorb. In fact, merely by touching Goku, she could steal the rest of his lifespan.

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The only way Goku could survive this fight is if he wasn’t afraid of dying. Unfortunately for Goku, he takes his place as protector of Earth too seriously to give up his fear of dying, if only for the sake of staying alive to protect those close to him.

2 Win: Monkey D. Luffy

While it’s obvious that Monkey D. Luffy may very well end up the King of Pirates one day, in his current state, he’s probably not all that well-suited to defeat Goku. He’s got really useful abilities, the issue comes in when he squares up against Goku. He could probably best tons of people from the Dragon Ball universe, but Goku would be too much of a challenge, especially if he was desperate enough to go Ultra Instinct.

1 Lose: Monkey D. Dragon

The thing about Monkey D. Dragon that makes him such a threat to Goku is his mystery. While he doesn’t really get shown off too much and we don’t know much about him, that means that he’s probably got some kind of crazy secret. While we can assume that his strength and willpower are at least as strong as Luffy’s, we know that he must be known as the “World’s Worst Criminal” for more than just being good at swordplay or something like Dracula. While Goku could potentially beat him, you don’t get as notorious as Monkey D. Dragon for nothin’.

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Goku may be Dragon ball's strongest character, but he'd have trouble against some of these One Piece heavy hitters.

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