Dragon Ball: 5 Reasons Why Frieza Is Vegeta's Greatest Enemy (& 5 Reasons Why It's Beerus)

Sure, Goku has and will always be Vegeta’s biggest rival, but the Saiyan prince has bumped heads with other characters in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Two of the biggest are Frieza, the tyrant that he spent most of his life serving, and Beerus, Universe 7’s God of Destruction, who shook the foundations of Vegeta’s pride in Dragon Ball Super. And while Beerus isn’t technically an enemy, it would be a stretch to consider them friends.

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Frieza and Beerus both have interesting relationships with the Saiyan Prince, and there are several reasons as to why each deserves the title as his greatest enemy.

10 Frieza: Killed Him For The First Time

Vegeta survived countless battles on foreign planets for years, only to find himself killed by Frieza on Namek. Not only was this his first death, but Vegeta’s never gotten the opportunity to pay Frieza back by sending him to the afterlife with his own two hands.

9 Beerus: Hurt Bulma

While Vegeta has always had the strength to protect those he cared about, there wasn’t a thing he could do when Beerus slapped Bulma. Sure, he attacked Beerus to defend her, but the God of Destruction merely shook off Vegeta’s blows, wounding his pride more than anything else.

Vegeta’s never been able to give Beerus payback for disrespecting his wife, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Saiyan was training so hard just so he could one day give Beerus a similar slap to the head. Fans should remember that Saiyans have the capacity to be petty, demonstrated when Goku made sure to give Beerus a flick to the head in an act of revenge for the flick Beerus gave him during their first encounter.

8 Frieza: Destroyed Vegeta’s Planet And Killed His Father

Feeling as though the Saiyans would one day overpower him, Frieza made sure to destroy Planet Vegeta and personally kill King Vegeta. Thankfully, Vegeta had been sent on a mission while all of this went down, and so his life was spared. It’s obvious that Vegeta detests Frieza for this, since Frieza deprived him of the planet and subjects that he was destined to rule.

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Whether he realizes it, whenever Vegeta steps up to Frieza, he’s carrying the hopes and dreams of his slain people on his shoulders.

7 Beerus: Authorized The Destruction Of Planet Vegeta

While Frieza was the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta, fans later learned that it was actually Beerus who gave him permission to do so. When Whis brought this up, he was promptly hushed by Beerus, and as far as we know, Vegeta didn’t overhear them.

If Vegeta ever found this out, all of his aggression towards Frieza for destroying Planet Vegeta will be directed at Beerus, rebranding him as the ultimate challenge for Vegeta to overcome if he possessed any desire at all to avenge his people.

6 Frieza: Made Vegeta The Monster That He Was

After being defeated by Frieza on Namek, Vegeta confessed that it was Frieza who made him the monster that he was. Sure, the Saiyans were always a relentless warrior race, but Frieza personally molded Vegeta into a cold-blooded killer, a side of him that he’s just now beginning to discard.

Being that Frieza is pretty much responsible for all of Vegeta’s atrocities, it makes sense that Frieza would be his greatest enemy to overcome in order to completely reclaim his identity.

5 Beerus: Treats Vegeta Like A Servant

When Vegeta first saw Beerus using his father as a footrest as a young boy, he learned never to challenge the God of Destruction. When Beerus arrived to Earth, Vegeta was forced to attend to his every need, and even after Vegeta gained the power of the gods himself, there have been instances where Beerus has spoken down to Vegeta, ordering him to fetch the Dragon Balls and taking amusement with the Saiyan Prince’s willingness to obey him.

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This has definitely wounded Vegeta’s pride, especially since Beerus has often humiliated him in front of others. Vegeta’s probably looking forward to the day when he can make Beerus regret ever treating him like some kind of towel boy.

4 Frieza: He Hates Saiyans

Frieza absolutely abhors Saiyans, and this hatred only grew stronger after Goku defeated him on Namek. Vegeta, on the other hand, is proud of his Saiyan heritage, not only weaponizing it in order to push himself to new heights, but he even wanted to give his daughter Bulla a Saiyan name to acknowledge their shared bloodline.

Given that the two are on completely opposite spectrums of their tolerance for Saiyans, it makes sense for Frieza to be considered as Vegeta’s greatest enemy, since he serves as the predominant threat to Vegeta’s budding Saiyan family.

3 Beerus: Vegeta’s Never Bested Him In A Fight

While Beerus and Vegeta have only fought once in the anime, in Dragon Ball Super‘s manga, Vegeta challenged Beerus to a fight after Zamasu and Goku Black were dealt with. As expected, he was no match for Beerus, marking him as the next big challenge Vegeta would have to overcome, since he’d already defeated Golden Frieza a few weeks back.

Beerus stated that it would take him a million years to become his “rival”, which is an interesting word to use, given the fact that in many Shonen series, the most significant enemies are very akin to rivals that the main character trains to someday surpass (like Hunter x Hunter‘s Hisoka or Naruto‘s Sasuke Uchiha).

2 Frieza: The First Character To Put Fear In Vegeta’s Heart Onscreen

While the mere mention of Beerus’s name was enough to send Vegeta into a panicked frenzy, Frieza was the first onscreen figure to force Vegeta into a state of sheer trepidation. Though he fought through these fears to defend himself against Frieza on Namek, he was terrified with the reality of confronting Frieza.

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Dragon Ball Super‘s shown that he’s overcome these fears as time has progressed, but the fact that the mere mention of Frieza was enough to cause his heart to skip a few beats makes Frieza one of Vegeta’s greatest obstacles that had to be defeated not only in battle, but internally as well.

1 Beerus: Shares Many Things In Common With Vegeta

While Vegeta and Beerus clearly have a lot of differences, they also share many other traits. Both love eating and can scarf down a ton of food in a short amount of time, and they’re also both bound by their own moral codes that dictate their actions, much to the confusion of those around them. But more importantly, both aren’t strangers to destruction, and it doesn’t take much to piss either character off.

When trying to convince Whis to train him, Vegeta even offered to become a God of Destruction one day, and he could probably even do a better job than Beerus given the fact that he has no desire to sleep for centuries on end. Perhaps in the future, Beerus may find himself fighting Vegeta for the position he’s been able to hold uncontested for so long.

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Vegeta has made a lot of enemies over the years, but between Frieza and Beerus, which of them have proven to be his greatest enemy?

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