Dragon Ball: 5 Times Chi-Chi Was Right To Be Mad (& 5 Times She Overreacted)

Chi-Chi, the Ox-King’s daughter and mother of two, was once a skilled fighter. After marrying Goku upon him beating her during the Tournament of Power, she settled down and became a loving stay-at-home mom.

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However, the pressures of being a mother and wife to fighters who often are called to save the planet can take a toll. Chi-Chi is one to be feared and revered as she has a very short temper as well as an old school outlook on family life. It’s usually ‘her way’ or ‘no way’ but of course there are times where she overreacted. Here we analyze times where Chi-Chi has gotten mad, and rightly so, but others where she should take a moment and relax.

10 Right to be Mad: Not Wanting Gohan To Be A Fighter

What’s more important? Training or homework? On multiple occasions, Chi-Chi lost her temper when Goku would tell Gohan to stop his studies on becoming a scholar by going out and training with him and Krillin out in the woods or elsewhere. There was a time that Gohan was to train with Goku in the Time Chamber on Kami’s lookout for three years to have sufficient training to defeat the Androids. Chi-Chi refused since if he did so, he would be very behind in his school work. She continued to say that she already has to deal with one uneducated person (Goku) and she didn’t want to take care of another uneducated oaf. She, of course, complies in the end but says this would be Gohan’s last fight, which of course, it wasn’t.

9 Overreacting: Gohan Becoming Super Saiyan

After Gohan can turn Super Saiyan, he returns with Goku to Kame House to take Chi-Chi home. No one recognized them both due to their turning Super Saiyan. Upon seeing her son, Chi-Chi doesn’t recognize him either. With his new musculature as well as his now golden blonde, spiky hair and green eyes, his mother thinks he has become a delinquent who bleaches their hair and gets into fights. Chi-Chi becomes very distraught and starts wailing as everyone explains that Gohan did not dye his hair and he has just become a Super Saiyan.

8 Right to be Mad: Goku’s Absentmindedness

Goku has many flaws that Chi-Chi often overlooks, such as food being his top priority as well as always wanting to train. For example, when Chi-Chi and Goku’s first son was born, she along with her father Ox-King asked Goku for a good name for their son. He had a hard time thinking of one and jokingly wanted to just have something to eat first instead. He also often loses track of where his children are and is always running late, even to meals, which are his favorite. Also, on multiple occasions, not knowing his strength, he damaged their household many times.

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7 Overreacting: Worried That Bulma Will Steal Her Man

In Dragon Ball Super, when Goku becomes impatient waiting for Whis to show up to initiate his training, Bulma gives Goku a cell phone so he would stop bugging her. Chi-Chi finds out and he lies that the phone is for their grandchild, Pan. Chi-Chi is happy about this and is relieved that Goku is finally taking his grandparent role seriously for a change, however, the phone is really for him. Gohan becomes suspicious and then follows Goku around for a bit and when Bulma finally does call, Gohan comes to the think that his father might be having an affair with Bulma.

6 Right to be Mad: Maron Insulting Her

Chi-Chi flies hastily to Kame house upon hearing that her son has returned from their battle saving the planet, wanting to take him home away from all of these ‘bad influences’. Krillin’s girlfriend Maron says Chi-Chi wasn’t invited and calls her a jealous old lady who needed to stay home and take care of her ‘grandchild’ and leave the island. Chi-Chi becomes furious, powering up and goes to fight Maron, however, Roshi and Krillin defend her since she wasn’t very bright to pick a fight with the short-tempered worried Mother.

5 Overreacting: Not Wanting Gohan To Go To Namek

All Chi-Chi wanted was the best for her little boy. She constantly holds his studies at the highest regard and sees them as more important than saving the planet. However, Gohan is a skilled fighter and was very much needed on Namek to fight alongside his Father and the other Z Fighters against Freiza and his minions. Even though she thought staying home would be best for her son, Chi-Chi did realize that he would be of great help and would help to save the planet. All was fine in the end, aside from some of his comrades perishing in the process.

4 Right to be Mad: Goku Forgot His Promise to Chi-Chi

During the Red Ribbon Saga Arc, Goku promised he would make Chi-Chi his bride when they met as young children. When they met again years later during their match against each other in the Tournament of Power, she remained anonymous and said she would tell Goku her name once he beat her, which he did. Regardless of her thinking, Goku had no manners when they first met, she thought he was cute and funny and wanted to marry him someday. After the tournament, he remembered their promise and proposed to Chi-Chi in front of everyone in the stadium.

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3 Overreacting: Goku Going Away to Train Instead Of Being With Family

Instead of being a father to his sons, husband to his wife as well as grandfather to Pan, Goku never passed up an opportunity to become stronger. There was a time when he stayed on Earth for a good amount of time, not fighting (like the times he was bedridden or hospitalized) however, when things are finally starting to get back to normal, another threat comes and Goku is compelled to great them. Even though he is doing it for the greater good, Chi-Chi is always furious that he is leaving yet again.

2 Right to be Mad: Piccolo’s Harsh Training

When Piccolo took it upon himself to train Gohan and Trunks so they can defeat the Androids, it becomes difficult when their mothers show up. The boys appear to be exhausted and want to take a break, but Piccolo being the tough teacher that he is, refuses. Chi-Chi and Bulma think they are still just young boys, and they need their rest. After they both complain to Piccolo, he complies due to his fear of them. As a lesson learned, he mutters “never to train children when their mothers are around, it’s nothing but trouble.”

1 Overeacting: Chi-Chi and Bulma Arguing About Their Husbands

There have been many occasions when Bulma and Chi-Chi have had their petty squabbles. Such as arguing about who’s older, who’s thinner, whose husband and children are stronger. Chi-Chi boasts that Goku fights for his family so the prize money can be used to put his children through school and keep a roof over their heads and has never lost a match. As for Bulma, Vegeta is selfish and fights just to fight (however, this is Goku’s mentality as well at times) and has lost many fights. In reality, Vegeta has to train way more extensively than Goku since he seems to always be playing ‘catch up’ with as far as their progression. Both of their husbands and children are very skilled fighters in their own right and help each other to accomplish like goals so these arguments are unnecessary and childish.

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Chi-Chi gets a bad wrap among fans. While she does overreact a lot, she's right to get mad at times.

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