Dragon Ball: A MASSIVELY Powerful Saiyan Might Be Hiding in Plain Sight

Including franchise mainstays Goku, Vegeta and their respective offspring, Akira Toriyama’s enduringly popular Dragon Ball manga/anime franchise has prominently featured the Saiyans, an extraterrestrial warrior race that progressively gain more combat power to achieve new transformations. While the Saiyans of the main Dragon Ball Universe were eradicated by the interstellar tyrant Frieza along with their home planet, the latest anime series Dragon Ball Super introduced Universe 6 which had its own thriving Saiyan civilization that had been spared the same devastating fate as its Universe 7 counterparts.

While Universe 6’s Saiyans had enjoyed life relatively free of oppression and evolved into a spacefaring, peacekeeping force, the significantly less harsh conditions had led to a surprising number of warriors that naturally possessed latent Super Saiyan abilities. After witnessing Vegeta transform into a Super Saiyan during the Tournament of Destruction between Universes 6 and 7, Cabba discovered he could transform into a Super Saiyan himself. As Universe 6 entered the Tournament of Power between every universe in the Dragon Ball Multiverse, Cabba was joined by even more powerful Super Saiyans on his team, with one exception that secretly may be the most powerful Saiyan in Universe 6: His martial arts mentor Renso.

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In addition to training Cabba, Renso is the older brother of Caulifa, a brash Saiyan leading her own gang that discovered she could not only transform into a Super Saiyan but even progress as far as Super Saiyan 2 after learning about Saiyan transformations from Cabba and receiving encouragement from Goku during the latter tournament. Cabba had initially approached Renso to join the Universe 6 team but the more venerable, seasoned Saiyan warrior deferred, citing an injury that had left him needing a cane to help to maneuver. And while Renso is never seen fighting in the anime, likely possesses combat strength on par, if not better, than his sister and protege.

The former Captain of the Sadala Defense Forces, Renso had dedicated his entire career to martial arts training and military service, making him one of the greatest warriors among Universe 6’s Saiyans. Visibly older than both Cabba and Caulifa though not past his physical prime — save for his injury — Renso has had much more time to hone his combat skills to become the ultimate soldier and is likely a much more tactical, disciplined fighter than Cabba and Caulifa who are still discovering their own potential and outclassed by more accomplished warriors like Goku and Vegeta. This is briefly explored in the game Dragon Ball Heroes, with Renso infected by the Tuffles to become their violent minion, but Renso’s own natural potential has yet to be shown.

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And while Renso is astounded when witnessing Cabba’s Super Saiyan transformation, this isn’t because Renso can’t necessarily make the transformation himself. Instead, the Saiyans of Universe 6 did not know about Super Saiyan transformations until meeting Vegeta. Cabba could transform into a Super Saiyan after realizing his true potential, Caulifa could transform into Super Saiyan 2, and Caulifa’s timid best friend Kale could transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan. With a lifetime of training and military experience under his belt, Renso could conceivably transform into at least a Super Saiyan 2 if not an even more powerful form if he tapped into the depths of his strength.

Even without a Super Saiyan transformation readily at his disposal, Renso is a formidable fighter in his own right, with his experience and vast knowledge of martial arts that he has imparted to promising young students like Cabba. While he is initially unfamiliar with the possibilities of physically transforming, the surprising ease in which Universe 6 Saiyans can transform implies that Renso can likely perform one himself. And with his training and raw power combined, Renso has the potential to be the greatest Super Saiyan from Universe 6.

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Dragon Ball Super has introduced a whole universe of new Super Saiyans, with its most powerful potentially yet to show their true power.

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