Dragon Ball: Predicting What Every Main Character's Wish Would Be If They Summoned Shenron

Over the years the Dragon Balls have mostly been used to summon back dead friends, with a few exceptions from villains. It’s made them more of a get out of jail free card than anything of real consequence. It’s far different than it was back in the days of Dragon Ball when you had guys like Oolong wishing for panties to save the world.

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It’s worth wondering what some of the main characters of the series would wish for if they could. If reviving dead friends weren’t on the table, what would they want more than anything else in the world? Some of these would certainly be serious and others far more humorous.

10 Chi-Chi: Goku To Be A Dad

While never really taking the role of a main character, she’s one of the leading supports in Z, even if it’s in the annoying sense of her always yelling and screaming at someone. If she were ever to collect the balls, there’s little doubt her wish would revolve around her family, either casting some protective spell on her kids to keep them safe or making it so Goku was home to do his job as a father. Wishing for it is the only way that’d ever happen in Goku’s case, as he is far too focused on getting stronger.

9 King Kai: A Race Track

His role has diminished some in Super, but King Kai was a major player in Z, always being there as if he were the announcer to many of the fights, particularly the Frieza battle. This is the most obvious wish of them all. King Kai would want a race track for his beloved car, letting him drive around to his heart’s content, no cares in the world. Admittedly that might come second to being revived, but those wishes were already taken off the table.

8 Yamcha: To Be Useful Again

No one has fallen from grace quite as far as Yamcha has. In Dragon Ball, he was never the strongest fighter, but he was only a tier below and more than useful in battles.

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That all changed in Z when he was morphed into a joke, growing only worse in Super where he’s a walking punch line. While he’s sidelined martial arts, for the most part, admitting there’s no way that he can catch up to the others, there’s no doubt he’d still like to be useful to the team in some way.

7 Master Roshi: A Pretty Lady

Master Roshi is the original perverted sage and one that thankfully started to get some spotlight again in Super after largely just being a background character during Z. He’s such a fun character to have around and one of the easiest to get in the headspace of. If he had the opportunity, he’d wish for a pretty lady to have long walks on the beach with, just as he was desperately searching for in the first two arcs of Dragon Ball. He’s not a complex man.

6 Krillin: A Nose

This is a bit tongue in cheek since Krillin has much of what he’d desire already. He’s married to a beautiful woman, has a cute kid, and is one of the few humans who can still contribute to this series. What more could he ask for? Well for starters, a nose. According to Toriyama, he’s able to breathe through his skin allowing him to still smell things, but life would be much easier if he just had a nose like every other person on earth.

5 Beerus: Infinite Buffet

Beerus is one of the best characters introduced in Super, if not the best. He’s a being of power that very few could ever touch, yet has an almost playful nature to him.

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That’s why you could see him wishing for an endless buffet of all of earth’s delicacies, letting him have a taste of everything, especially the ice cream sundaes. He’d just have to make sure he didn’t pig out too much, or he may end up looking like his brother Champa.

4 Trunks: A Better Future

The above picture is exactly the type of world that Trunks would want, one where there wasn’t some sort of force threatening to destroy all of humanity. Despite his arcs being some of the best in the series, it’d be nice for him to finally get a happy ending, able to spend his life with Mai, and his friends in peace. With how things always seem to turn out, a wish may be the only way to make that happen, and even then, it’d likely end up a different utopia than he expected.

3 Gohan: Peace

Of all the characters in Dragon Ball, Gohan has always been the one most about peace. He wants the world to become stable, to not need fighters like him or his dad to protect it. Hell, since the beginning of the series Gohan has never been a character who wanted to fight in the first place, preferring a peaceful solution over all others. It’s part of the reason why he retired to become more of a scholar and raise a family with Videl. It’s crazy how unlike his father he is.

2 Vegeta: To Be Goku’s Equal

While Vegeta has admitted that Goku is the better fighter and given up on his desperate need to one-up him, you know deep down that he still wants to, at the very least be on par with his fellow Saiyan. It’s debatable if he’d use a wish to get there or prefer hard work and training, given his personality. He’s never been a guy that’s liked things handed to him, even when he was a villain. It’s still the most likely wish he’d have.

1 Goku: A Strong Opponent

This wish sums up Goku’s entire personality at this point, especially with how he’s gone from naive to outright dumb from Z to Super. If given the chance he’d wish for a strong opponent, someone who could continue to push him to new heights, not caring if they were a good or bad guy. He’d just want a good scrap, giving up on any cares of how his loss could affect the world. It’s one of the more annoying aspects of the character.

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The Dragon Balls have mostly been used to summon back dead friends, with a few exceptions. Here is what the main characters would wish for.

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