Dragon Ball: Vegeta's 5 Most Triumphant Victories (& His 5 Most Humiliating Defeats)

While Vegeta is never going to reach the heights of Goku as far as feats, him being the main character and all, he still has a pretty good resume to fall back on. He’s unjustly labeled as someone who always loses when in reality, he’s got one of the better records in Dragon Ball, it’s just not as good as Goku. Some people act like he loses as much as Piccolo.

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That said, there are a few very embarrassing losses for the Prince of all Saiyans, most of which happened earlier in the series. The Frieza saga alone feels like humiliating defeat after defeat, despite him getting the last laugh on all of the Ginyu Force.

10 Victory: Toppo

This fight was badass and easily the best victory Vegeta has to date, one that will take some time to top. Taking down a destroyer is no easy task, shown by the sheer lengths that Vegeta needed to go to defeat him. It also showed how far the character has grown, showing that he no longer fights for himself, but others instead. The flashbacks to when he used Final Explosion against Majin Buu were great, bringing us one of the better moments in Super.

9 Defeat: Hit

From great highs, come great lows, and his battle with Hit is the lowest Vegeta has gotten in Super. It’s one thing to lose, Hit being a highly formidable opponent, but it’s how outclassed Vegeta looked. Hit made him look like a novice, handily beating the Saiyan Prince like he was no more than a blue-haired Yamcha. Vegeta never landed a single strike, being taken to school for what was a relatively quick ass kicking. Not even in Z did Vegeta lose quite this badly.

8 Victory: Cabba

His fight was Cabba was as much about him pulling his best Piccolo as it was an actual fight. Its sole purpose was to help Cabba unlock Super Saiyan, constantly goading Cabba into it until the form was unlocked.

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It was another of those good character moments from Vegeta in Super, showing how much he’s developed. He wanted to help his fellow Saiyan out, knowing he could have ended the fight at any moment he so chose.

7 Defeat: Android 18

For all the hubris Vegeta had after reaching Super Saiyan, thinking nothing could ever beat him, he was met with a swift dose of reality in the form of Android 18. It wasn’t completely one-sided as some of the others on this list, but it was equally as humiliating, another shot to the Saiyan’s pride. As his energy drained, she took control of the fight, revealing that she’d been toying with him the whole time. Her casual breaking of his arm was one of the more shocking moments of the saga.

6 Victory: Android 19

While Android 18 may have embarrassed him, at least he got to show off his Super Saiyan powers against Android 19 before being swatted down. This fight got to show off some of Vegeta’s sadistic side again, gleefully lapping up Android 19’s fear before putting an end to him. It showed that no matter how good he became, Vegeta is always going to have an edge to him that Goku doesn’t. The way Vegeta ripped off the android’s arms was just amazing.

5 Defeat: Recoome

The biggest issue with this is that the Ginyu Force’s power levels were nerfed immensely after they died. Given how much they were built up, Vegeta losing to Recoome should be no big deal, but then Toriyama had to go an have the Ginyu Force sans Ginyu be easily handled by Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha.

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It just makes the loss look embarrassing in retrospect, made even worse by the fact Goku handled Recoome like he was Nappa 2.0.

4 Victory: Guldo

Vegeta’s killing of Guldo was so satisfying, the little dweeb easily being the most annoying member of the entire team. He was like the little brother tagging along with his older brother’s friends, never quite fitting in. Admittedly this wasn’t much of a fight either, Vegeta decapitating the little green guy while he was focused on Gohan and Krillin. What put it on the list is it’s the first moment Vegeta showed a hint of goodness, even if he wanted to act like it wasn’t.

3 Defeat: Zarbon

Zarbon is easily the worst defeat that Vegeta has, a loss right up there with Goku dying to defeat Raditz. Zarbon isn’t anywhere close to a strong character, one whose sole purpose seemed to show that people pretty on the outside were ugly on the inside. Neither of the fights they had was all that entertaining, both being incredibly one-sided. At the very least Vegeta did manage to get his win back against the so-called pretty boy.

2 Victory: Frost

It would have been nice to be able to put Frieza here, but that victory just had to be snatched out of his hands so Goku could get all the glory, yet again. At least Vegeta got to not only score a victory over the next best thing in Frost, but he also got to do it with ease. Frost was never in Vegeta’s league, a fact the Saiyan Prince made sure was abundantly obvious with his Saitama impersonation. As with many things on this list, the fight showed Vegeta’s growth as a character as well. Frost having been much like the Vegeta of old in demeanor.

1 Defeat: Frieza

While he got some measure of revenge in Ressurection F, Vegeta’s most humiliating and humbling loss is always going to be Frieza. His range of emotions in the fight varied so much, from trying to flee to super arrogant to scared out of his mind. What makes the fight so humiliating though is the fact that Frieza reduced Vegeta to tears, making him cry like a kid who had his toy taken away. It helped further his character’s growth, but you’d be lying if you weren’t surprised to see Vegeta breaking down like that.

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Vegeta can't always back-up what he says, but every so often he shows you why his ego's so big.

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