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What would happen if One-Punch Man’s Saitama faced off against the cast of Dragon Ball? The question has been asked to death in theory crafting and fantasy battle debates. However, there’s actually a hugely popular doujinshi, or fan manga, that provides an answer, thrusting One-Punch Man protagonist Saitama into the world of Dragon Ball to duel with Vegeta, Majin Buu and more. It’s called DB x Saitama, and with its high-quality art, amusing story and crossover of two iconic anime franchises, it’s one of the craziest – and most beloved – doujinshi out there.

DB x Saitama is written and illustrated by Dragon Garow Lee. Lee is a distinguished doujinshi artist who, after making a name for himself through Dragon Ball doujinshi and fan-art, was chosen by Shueisha to illustrate Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha, a comedic manga parodying That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. It was released officially on Shonen Jump Plus and is one of many doujinshi artist success stories. DB x Saitama is Lee’s own work and, since its beginning, he has created three volumes, all of which have been translated online and narrated on YouTube.

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The first volume begins with Saitama stumbling across Vegeta. In classic Saitama style, the hero for fun asks if a discount supermarket is nearby. Vegeta dismisses him, but quickly senses Saitama’s enormous strength, challenging him to a fight. Saitama is as unenthusiastic as always, but Vegeta doesn’t care for his answer.

The two fight it out and Vegeta is shocked that a human could possess such power, growing more and more baffled as Saitama parries and avoids his strikes. Saitama is similarly surprised, impressed that the Saiyan prince is able to keep up with him. Vegeta targets Saitama with a powerful ki blast, who counters with a serious punch. The two then bicker over how Saitama became so strong; naturally, Vegeta struggles to believe the “100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10-kilometre run” explanation. Saitama reasons that, unless Vegeta goes completely bald, he isn’t training hard enough. Enraged, Vegeta prepares to power up but, unfortunately, the opening fight is cut short as Vegeta gets a call from Bulma telling him to hurry home for dinner. The two then exchange names (and, adorably, phone numbers) before going their separate ways.

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After going shopping, Saitama stumbles across an advertisement for a martial arts tournament advertising an absurd amount of money. He decides to enter, defeating Majin Buu and making it through to the finals against Mr Satan. Luckily for reigning champion, Saitama notices the crowd getting behind Mr Satan and resigns from the competition, not so heartless that he would defeat such a beloved fighter. He still receives the prize money, though, so everyone’s happy. There’s also an extra at the end of the first volume. Jumping back in time, it follows the story of a young Saitama with a full head of hair, still training to become a hero. He runs into some Dragon Ball goons and takes them on, eventually joining forces with Piccolo. Overall, the volume is full of action, fanservice and thoughtful comedy.

The rest of the doujinshi expands on its first volume with new characters from both series. Expect Genos receiving an upgrade and fighting Dragon Ball’s Cooler, Dr. Wheelo abducting One-Punch Man’s King and more craziness beyond even that. The doujinshi respects both series, somehow making Saitama and the other One-Punch Man characters’ ventures in the Dragon Ball universe feel natural. Dragon Garrow Lee mimics both series’ art styles skillfully and has a strong grasp on the characters. Some fans have even joked that the infamous Yamcha is portrayed more justly in DB x Saitama than he is in Dragon Ball itself. All in all, it’s no surprise why the doujinshi is so popular among both series’ fanbases.

You can start reading DB x Saitama here, translated by Hoshiboshi and TheDragonBallGuy75. If you’d like to support the creator, you can find him on Twitter and Pixiv.

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Ever wondered what would happen if Saitama fought Vegeta? This beloved fan manga might shed some light on the matter.

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