Dungeons & Dragons Moral Alignments Of Aggretsuko Characters

Sanrio’s Aggretsukosince it’s been adapted for Western audiences and brought to Netflix, features a wide cast of colorful characters that are easy to get attached to, and in some cases can feel incredibly relatable. Though we follow Retsuko, a 25-year-old office worker who starts conflicted about her feelings towards her job as well as what she really wants out of life, that’s not to say that the rest of her co-workers and the other folks we meet along the way don’t get their fair share of development as well. Keep in mind that since no one in the series is really Evil, we won’t be seeing that alignment.

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With that being said, today we’ll be going over D&D Moral Alignments Of Aggretsuko characters.

10 Retsuko: Lawful Good

Though she runs into complications involving her feelings throughout the series, Retsuko is an office worker who loves her job at its core and always tries to abide by the rules. She’s such a do-gooder that she feels bad going into a store without purchasing anything, and typically ends up buying socks or some other low-cost item just so she doesn’t feel like she’d done something wrong by not buying anything. She’s just about as lawful as the series gets, and any feelings that deviate from this are typically solved with a quick death-metal bout.

9 Puko: Chaotic Good

Puko is a childhood friend of Retsuko who is much more free-spirited, living by her own rules. She states that she works part of the year to be able to afford couch-hopping without one the rest, though eventually does open her own online business. She cares for her friends and wants a successful business, but what keeps her from being anything but Chaotic is simply the fact that she doesn’t really think things through and causes unnecessary trouble for both her and those involved with her.

8 Fenneko: Chaotic Neutral

The social-media-obsessed fennec fox of the office, Fenneko easily lands herself in the alignment of Chaotic Neutral. She spends any moment of down-time she can get at work (as well as all her free time at home) stalking her co-workers on social media to dig up dirt on them, and is almost as bad of an office gossip as Kabai- though she will mask this, and act casual when she wants to gain something. She’s definitely more invested in her own self-interests than anything else and can laugh at others’ misfortune, landing her at Chaotic Neutral.

7 Haida: Lawful Neutral

Haida is another one of Retsuko’s coworkers and though he’s friendly and helpful around the office, he’s a bit of a ‘nice guy’, and that isn’t meant as a term of endearment. He does little things for Retsuko in the hopes of gaining her affections without being honest about what he really wants, and constantly passes out drunk and makes Fenneko take care of him.

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He also switches from being a total fanboy of Tadano to hating him and threatening to physically assault him after he learns that he’s dating Retsuko, so he definitely can’t be considered Good after that one.

6 Anai: Neutral Good

Anai is definitely a bit of a tricky one to place. He starts off horrible at his job but also totally unwilling to accept any form of criticism, and drives Retsuko to tears. However, it’s mostly because he’s scared of the unknown adult work environment he’d been thrust into, and over time Kabai befriends him and he starts to warm up, helping Retsuko with her work without her needing to ask him as well as helping save the department’s Yakisoba stand. He eventually is able to start a secret side-business selling his cooking at work, and all of his development combined helps place him at Neutral Good.

5 Mr. Ton: True Neutral

It’s hard not to immediately think of some form of Evil when Mr. Ton comes to mind, but especially after the second season, it’s hard to completely see him that way. He can be uncaring, sexist towards his female employees and generally bigoted with old values that aren’t really accepted anymore, but none of these things particularly make him ‘evil’ at his core. He’s actually shown giving relationship advice to Retsuko in both seasons, which ends up helping her make a good decision for herself. He acts as both a villain and someone who helps the protagonist at times, so he can’t really sit anywhere besides true neutrality.

4 Gori: Lawful Good

We don’t get to see much of how Gori acts when she’s actually on-the-clock, so most of what we have to go of are scenes outside of that. She’s shown to be the more emotional one out of her and Gori, holding marriage fantasies close to her heart and crying for days after the relationship she was in ends. She wants nothing but the best for Retsuko and acts as a kind friend throughout the show. With everything we’ve been shown on-screen so far, it only seems fair to give her the alignment of Lawful Good.

3 Washimi: Neutral Good

Washimi gets a lot of the same screen time that Gori does, but what sets her apart is the fact that we actually do get to see more of Washimi’s personality when she’s working. She’s a cold and ruthless secretary who will shut down and even undermine her boss’ projects if they don’t actually help the company, but these things are always done with the well-being of the entire company in mind.

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When her actions and motivations are combined, it only seems right that she be placed at Neutral Good. She even uses her position to help Retsuko out when she’s on the receiving end of workplace harassment, as well.

2 Resasuke: True Neutral

Resasuke is an employee at the same company as Retsuko, though he works in a different department, and the two hit it off at a single’s party. Resasuke is soft-spoken and quiet, and has a tendency to forget about things even when they’re related to work, earning him the reputation of an airhead. Although he does court Retsuko, he’s pretty much just going along with whatever his friend tells him to do the entire time, without really showing anything in the way of either personal interest or disinterest, earning him a spot as a True Neutral.

1 Tadano: Chaotic Good

Last up on the list is Tadano, the second romantic partner of Retsuko’s that we get to meet, and his defining trait that we come to learn is his dissatisfaction with the direction that the world is going, and his plans to restructure how society works. He wants to basically dismantle capitalism to allow people more time to pursue their passions without being restrained by mundane tasts that A.I. could just as easily take care of.

He wants a good future for everyone and has good ideas, but such radical changes would have to be made in order for that to happen, that he earns the spot of Chaotic Good.

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Sanrio's Aggretsuko has been adapted and brought to Netflix, giving us more of these awesome characters. Here are their D&D alignments.

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