Early Spider-Man: Far From Home Pitch Included Two-Headed Hydro-Man

While the trailers and other promotional materials for Spider-Man: Far From Home suggested that the Elementals would be the villains of the movie, it was ultimately revealed in the film that there were no Elementals, as they were just illusions created by Mysterio. In spite of this revelation, the Elementals still had rather intimidating designs. The false Hydro-Man, though, could have looked more grotesque in Far From Home, as shown in an early pitch from concept artist Jerad S. Marantz.

The images, shared by Marantz, show the Elemental emerging from the water while a second head and an extra arm form from his back.

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In the description, Marantz wrote this was “a real fun idea” he had for the character. “Because the character’s liquid, I pitched the idea of him being able to form from every angle, so instead of turning his head a head could form wherever. Same thing with the arms. It’s just a quick concept to illustrate the idea. I could pretty much sculpt whatever I wanted and render it out and Glass in KeyShot. Very effective and really quick.”

Helmed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, J.B. Smoove, Jacob Batalon and Martin Starr, with Marisa Tomei and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD.

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An early pitch for Spider-Man: Far From Home shows a more abnormal take on Mysterio's water Elemental, aka Hydro-Man.

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