Extraction: The Biggest Changes from the Comic to the Screen

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Extraction, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Extraction reunites Chris Hemsworth with the Russo brothers, producers on this adaptation of the Oni Press comic book, Ciudad. Directed by Sam Hargrave (a stunt coordinator who worked with the Russos at Marvel Studios), the film focuses on Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake as a black market mercenary hired to bring back the son of an Indian gangster from Bangladesh.

It leads to all-out war as Tyler finds himself being double-crossed by the boy’s father, while also struggling with his own inner demons. But there are quite a few changes from the source material, so let’s break down the biggest ones.

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The comic, from Ande Parks, the Russos, and Fernando Leon Gonzalez, was set in South America with Ciudad being a crime metropolis at the heart of the Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina triangle. It was filled with corrupt politicians and warlords, but here, Dhaka’s controlled by Amir, a Brazilian drug lord named Mora in the books. The film focuses on Ovi Sr., who’s in a Mumbai prison, and his deal with Tyler to rescue Ovi Jr. from the capital city of Dhaka, which ironically was one of the earlier titles for the movie.

The source material, instead of a 15-year-old boy, has the kidnap victim as an 18-year-old Brazilian female named Eva. Her father, Roche, goes through a similar arc as Ovi Sr., hiring Tyler to save his child. However, Eva’s a drug addict and doesn’t really love her dad who’s in a Supermax prison, whereas Ovi Jr. did harbor hope his dad would someday return. It’s why Ovi Jr. bonds with Tyler in the film, as opposed to the carefree Eva who actually up having a romantic arc with Tyler.

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Tyler’s a family man in the movie, suffering from losing his kid to lymphoma and also, not being there when he died. Tyler hid away in Afghanistan as a soldier and he’s been living in regret since. He has haunting visions of his kid, which helps form a bond with Ovi Jr. In the comic, Tyler does become a guardian, but he’s less altruistic as he’s a playboy who cares only for his fees and women. Tyler in the books also has no mercy for child soldiers, but the movie version does.

In the comic, he has a couple of guys as remote handlers, Nik and Mikkel, who procure contracts and see about payments. Here, Nik is a lady and she seems to have a romantic past with Tyler. Unlike the source material, though, she’s a fellow soldier and gets involved in the field to try to save Ovi and Tyler on the Dhaka bridge. This doesn’t happen in the comic as Eva simply slips over to the Brazilian border where she’s protected as a citizen.

In the comic, Roche secretly hires Edu, a mercenary, on the side to kidnap Eva from Tyler, as Roche didn’t have money to pay off the job. Edu eventually uses his soldiers to try to steal Eva but she mortally shoots him to save Tyler’s life. She didn’t care if Edu would get her home, she just wasn’t about betraying Tyler. In the movie, Edu’s replaced by Saju, an Indian hitman that acted as Ovi’s caretaker with his dad in prison. Saju’s arc is more sympathetic because while Edu’s a gang leader, Saju has to betray Tyler or else Ovi Sr. would kill his family. Saju isn’t killed by Ovi Jr., though, but by gunmen on the bridge.

In the comic, Tyler and Eva hid out with Tyler’s former colleague, Ghassan. However, Ghassan tried to sell them out only for Tyler to brutally murder him. This is changed up for the action flick slightly, because while Gaspar (played by Stranger Things’ David Harbor) does try to kill Tyler to secure a bounty, it’s Ovi Jr. who shoots Gaspar a couple of times, killing him. It makes sense as Saju was way more heroic, so Gaspar was instead used as Ovi Jr.’s big moment.

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In both the film and comic, Tyler’s shot up by a child solder and falls off the bridge and into a river. In the lore, Tyler survives and shoots up Mora himself at a club months later. As for Eva, she ends up in France with a new identity as a sculptor, Natalia, texting Tyler and hinting they might pursue a relationship. The movie’s conclusion is drastically altered with Tyler seemingly dead and Nik killing Amir in revenge at a club. However, Ovi Jr. sees someone at a community pool who might be Tyler, but we’re not sure if it’s just a hallucination.

Directed by Sam Hargrave and written by Joe Russo, Extraction stars Chris Hemsworth, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda, Pankaj Tripathi, Derek Luke, Marc Donato and David Harbour. It is currently available on Netflix.

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Netflix's Extraction makes quite a few changes from the Oni Press comic book regarding Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake trying to save a kidnap victim.

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