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One of the most welcoming things about the medium of anime is its community. People collectively adore anime and create fan fiction and fan art for their favorite characters, and those labors of love attract even more people to watch anime. It is a joyful cycle for any anime lovers who want to see there favorite character is a different environment.

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In anime, one of the most used weapons is swords. Due to this, there are countless swordsmen and swordswomen who are loved by the community. They are badass and their fan base loves it, but there are also many badass characters who do not use swords. This list contains 10 of those characters, who are made even more awesome with a sword in their hands.

10 Almighty Deku

This image presents Deku from My Hero Academia burning with a flame of excitement as he holds a sword. For anyone who knows Izuku Midoriya, it is just in character for him to always smile. Just like his mentor All Might, Deku also dreams of becoming a hero who saves people with a smile in his face.

This brilliant fanart by Instagram user midoriakun.28 portrays Deku in a different attire than his usual clothes and his enthusiasm for learning to wield a sword cannot be hidden even if he tried.

9 Light and Scythe

Ok, a scythe is not a real sword, but, for the purpose of this list, we’ll call it one, and Light holding a Scythe is way to cool to miss out on, anyway. Light Yagami in the world of Death Note is known as Kira, which means the God Of Death. By using the Death Note, Light has brought death to many criminals over his lifetime, and it is due to this that the crime rate in the world was dropped significantly.

This led to the popularity of an unknown Kira who was making a world a better place, but through immoral means. Sure, it’s a lot less conventional than a typical murder weapon, but we definitely dig the idea of Light brandishing a long scythe as he writes names in the book.

8 Nightmare Gear 4th

In this fan art by the talented elenalee_art, Luffy is presented in two of his most powerful forms yet. The first one being of the NightMare Luffy who is skilled in the art of swordsmanship, and the other being Gear 4th Luffy. Nightmare Luffy was created when he absorbed 100 shadows into his being.

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During his transformation, Luffy becomes as big as his Gear 4th form, but he turns blue. This transformation was only possible due to Geko Moria’s devil fruit, which we might not be able to see it again. But the artist was quick to note down the similarities between this and the Gear 4th.

7 Berserk Bizarre Adventures

If you ever wondered what the mix of two of the biggest badasses in anime would look like, here you have it in an equally badass fan art. In this image the Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Guts from the Berserk series. It is fascinating how well they blend together given the vast difference in their characters.

Seeing how both Jotaro and Guts are both muscular characters, Jotaro seems perfectly natural in the outfit of the Black Swordsman. Eubizarro, the artist of this fan art has brilliantly drawn Jotaro along with his iconic hat.

6 Natsu And The Sword

Natsu is a fan-favorite character from Fairy Tail. He might get his share of hate for lack of originality, but, still, the fans are crazy for their favorite Dragon Slayer, the funny and lovable protagonist of the series, Natsu.

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Natsu is primarily a fist fighter and does not use swords. Yet, fans have long yearned to see Natsu cross blades with Erza. In this fanart by DeviantArt user mimilyn, Natsu is depicted from holding a katana. While not quite the Erza vs Natsu fight, this fanart proves how cool Natsu looks with a sword.

5 Sanji The Muskateer

For Sanji Fans, this fan art is nothing less than a treat. Tsurara_ has created a brilliant fantasy come to life by making Sanji hold a sword. Many Sanji die-hard fans mainly had two fantasies, one that Sanji’s bounty would be higher than that of Zoro, and another, Sanji would use a sword.

In this drawing, Tsurara_ has put Sanji in a Musketeer outfit holding a rapier ready for an awesome photoshoot. He looks very close to a white knight fighting for his Nami San. Sanji looks very cool in this fan art, and the fans will soon get so see him even cooler in the upcoming Netflix adaptation.

4 Naruto and the Katana

This fan art has blended a Shinobi with a Samurai. In the world of Naruto, we rarely get to see any Samurai and were very disappointed in the insignificant role played by the Samurai clan altogether. This art by nko_arts comes close to what the fans desired, a stong samurai unsheathing a katana.

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The yellow outfit in Naruto is perfectly suited to the theme, and the Nine-Tail tattoo is just the icing in the cake. With the serious look in his face, this fan art is surely going to put a smile on anyone of the Naruto’s fans.

3 Todoroki: Ready For Battle

In this fan art, ARIALOVE, the artist, has imagined Todoroki as a Samurai ready to take down any opponent in the blink of an eye, and he looks hella cool. The art style is vintage, shedding light on time differences in current0-age My Hero Academia and the era of the Samurai.

Even for the people who have not watched the anime, this fan art is undeniably badass, and, for the die-hard fans of the son of Endeavor, this image just makes Todoroki even more hard-boiled.

2 Samurai Vegeta

Vegeta is the character who defiantly looks like someone who would follow the way of a sword. In this fan art by Jackson Caspersz, Vegeta is holding two swords and is in the classic Samurai Armor. The blue accent of his armor reminds of the classic blue Saiyan outfit he wore during the days of Dragon Ball Z.

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Here, Vegeta is in his Super Saiyan Blue form, producing an aura of Blue sparks around him. His determination to becoming the strongest being alive can surely be seen from this fan art.

1 Samurai Goku

What can be better than a samurai Vegeta? Not much, but Samurai Goku surely comes close. In this fan art by the talented kenji893 from DevianArt, Goku is seen as a Samurai ready to unleash the mighty sword. Goku is in his Super Saiyan three form in an awesome-looking samurai outfit based on his training clothes. What makes this fan art truly interesting are the small details that can only be noticed by the true fans of the series like the hanging dragon ball in his belly and a cute tail behind him.

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Swordsmen and shonen anime go hand-in-hand, but not all anime protagonists have studied the blade, but these ten fan art pieces change that.

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