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Servants are special beings brought into the world thanks to the miracle of the Holy Grail. The spirits of heroes and anti-heroes brought about into the modern-day to fight over the magical cup in the hopes of it granting their Masters and themselves a single wish. Though, despite the Fate series almost entirely focusing on its Servants throughout the visual novels, shows, and video games, they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

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There are just some capabilities they have that they rarely if ever show. Let’s bring some of these abilities to light and focus on the stuff that most people don’t know that Servants can do because they rarely if ever do them.

10 Avoid Scrying

There are a lot of nifty abilities Servants get. One of which is the capacity to turn into a spiritual body. In it, they basically become a ghost that can follow their master around undetected. With an extra emphasis on the undetected part.

Along with being invisible to the naked eye, they can also avoid the magical eye. Most forms of scrying are completely ineffective against Servant. Meaning they can be here, there, or anywhere and no normal person or mage would know.

9 Go Through Walls

Most Servants can use doors and bust through walls with their immense power, but this version is far more subtle. With the capability to basically turn themselves into ghost-like being, they get ghost-list tricks. One of which is going right through walls.

Meaning they can “Casper” their way through almost every mundane obstacle. The only problem is they can’t take anything with them. Their spiritual forms incapable of carrying normal objects.

8 Summoned As A Duo

Sometimes summoning a Servant doesn’t mean a Master just gets one person. Sometimes the mythical heroes of the ages bundle themselves up in packages. Especially if they have such a close relationship that they become indispensable to each other’s history.

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So far there have only been four know cases of getting two Servants for the price of one. Anne Bonny and Mary Reed are the first pair that nets a Master both of the female pirates. Katsushika Hokusai is summoned as a demonic octopus with his daughter as an extra. Sakamoto Ryōma comes with his not-really-a-dragon-but-totally-a-dragon wife, Oryou. Dioscuri nets a Master the Gemini twins. And finally, Orion who gets summoned as a cute (but lecherous) teddy bear along with the goddess Artemis.

7 Be Summoned Into The Same War

It is possible for a Servant to be summoned more than once into the same Grail War. So far in history, the only recorded instance occurred during the Third Holy Grail War where the Edelfelt sisters (Luvia’s family) managed to summon the same Saber-class Servant due to their unique sorcery trait.

Otherwise, there is little more than chance to prevent it from happening again. Considering that certain Servants qualify for more than one class, there is always the possibility of two separate manifestations of the same Servant can be summoned into the same war. For goodness’ sake, Artoria could almost make up a while Grail War by herself with all of her alternate classes.

6 Can Be Summoned With A Disease

Servants are often summoned at their prime. More precisely, they are usually summoned when they have reached their peak in the current class they inhabit. Meaning that someone like Li-Shuwen might get summoned as a young man in the Lancer-class but as an old man in the Assassin class.

Though, they might still come with a drawback. If a certain affliction or disease becomes an integral part of their character, they manifest with it intact. This means that Nero comes with her migraines, and Okita Souji takes her Tuberculous into the afterlife. What a raw deal!

5  Go Without Food

Just don’t tell Saber this. It is surprising how much focus there is on food in a story that has the greatest heroes in history and fiction battle each other in a tournament. To the point where the series has a spinoff show, Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, entirely centered around it.

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So it would be easy to forget that Servants do not need food. Servants can sustain themselves on the magical energy the Grail and their Master’s grant them alone.

4 Be Summoned From The Present

This is entirely different from Archer being summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War. While a version of himself existed in that time, he is still a future version of Shirou Emiya. This refers to the fact that the Grail might just spit out a person currently living in their current or near current state into a Grail War.

However unlikely it may be, if a person has enough feats to earn them legendary status and they’re currently at their prime they might just find themselves taking place in a current Grail War. Since the Throne of Heroes exists entirely out of the constraints of time, measly little drawbacks like not being currently dead mean nothing to it.

3 Have A Limb Stay Longer Than A Servant

Kinda silly at first thought, but it is almost a guarantee that some mage has thought of doing this. If a Servant loses a limb or another body part during a battle, it is possible to preserve that limb even after the Servant fades away as long as it has another magical energy source to keep it there.

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It may seem useless at first, but acquiring Medusa’s eyes or Bedivere’s metal arm could have a litany of uses for a modern mage. Especially an evil one.

2 Independent Manifestation

Independent Action is a skill that allows Servants to Survive longer than most without a Master. Independent Manifestation, on the other hand, allows them to be almost completely self-sufficient. They need no power from the master to be summoned or to exist in the world.

Currently, only two Servants possess this skill. Merlin and the Saber form of Shiki. Otherwise, this skill is restricted to Beast class threats.

1 Erase Themselves from the Throne of Heroes

Some Servants have special skills or encounter certain circumstances to erase themselves from the Throne of Heroes. Meaning that all of their business is finish and they can no longer be summoned by the Throne of Heroes no matter the situation.

So far, the only confirmed occurrence of this happening is with Solomon. The Servant using his Noble Phantasm, Ars Nova, to erase himself from the Throne of Heroes and grant Goetia the fate of all mortal creatures – the ability to perish. Musashi might also be another occurrence, but it is too early to tell exactly what her erasure entails.

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Despite the Fate series almost entirely focusing on its Servants throughout its different mediums, they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

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