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As it turns out, the face of the franchise has a lot of faces to give us. By now it is no secret to any fan of the Fate franchise that Saber comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. From the standard vanilla version that started the franchise back when it was a visual novel, to nowadays where she has taken the form of bunny girls, Sith Lords, and even Santa Claus. There seems to be an overabundance for any fan of the little king.

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So with that in mind, it is time to through them and pick out the best of the best (including only those that bare some form of the name Arturia and not all of her countless clones.)

16 Sader (Chinese Knockoff)

This one is last on the list but earns a special place in the heart of the fandom. Sader is a Chinese knockoff of Saber that earned meme status in the ’00s.

Now she is all but forgotten, but this Saber can still strike a good laugh in the hearts of any of Fate/Stay Night‘s early fans. Making Sader one of the most legendary memes of the franchise.

15 Saber Alter Santa (Rider)

Now we get to the point where it feels like pulling teeth. Every Saber from now on is a great Saber and having to pick one over the other is just a torment I’ll have to endure.

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Saber Alter Santa has a great kit in Fate/Grand Order but doesn’t have quite the sustainability or constant damage over time as some of the others. At the very least, she is an adorable addition with a wonderfully festive outfit.

14 Saber (Lancer)

A version of Saber that focused on her sacred spear. Due to her detachment to Excalibur and it’s scabbard Avalon, she was allowed to mature at a regular rate. So the result is Arturia all grown up.

Along with a more mature body comes a more mature charm to her. While she is a great addition to any party in Fate/Grand Order, she pales in comparison to her four-star counterpart Saber Alter (Lancer).

13 Mysterious Heroine XX (Foreigner)

Like Lancer above, she focused more on the Lance and was allowed to mature in the process. Turning the Once and Future King into a tired office lady.

Though beyond that, she also is separated from Heroine X by having a mech suit. The girl switching her primary role as a Saber exterminator into a galaxy detective sent to eliminate Foreigner Servants.

12 Arthur Pendragon (Saber)

The genderbent of the genderbent… or should we say the actual and more factual version of King Arthur in the Fateverse. Like his opposite-gender counterpart, he is the perfect example of chivalry and knighthood.

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Basically a prince charming in every sense of the word, he is the culmination of all the legends of King Arthur for the modern-day. A true hero for the masses.

11 Master Saber

Saber as a Master of a Grail War instead of a Servant. Brought about thanks to the results of a fan poll, the little king was then voted on to become a Master in a Holy Grail War.

Not much is known about this version of Saber, but she is a popular design none-the-less. With a boyish personality and a family containing alternate versions of the Knights of the Round table, she is an interesting take on the character.

10 Summer Saber (Ruler)

Saber (Lancer) but with a Vegas twist, this version of King Arthur beguiles all those with her charming bunny suit.

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The owner of Casino Camelot during one of the Summer Events of Fate/Grand Order, she is the ultimate dealer and casino owner. No tricks can get past her and no fortune cannot be overturned during her games. Elegant on the outside, she is a bit more laid back than her usual Lancer self.

9 Riyo Saber

The Saber from the Learning More with Manga F/GO and all of its sequels. A silent protagonist whose cool, composed nature and appetite is pumped up to eleven.

If you are lucky, you might just get to see her at your local convention. The mascots of the gag manga, including Gudako, Mash, and Olga Marie, known for making appearances at conventions.

8 Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin)

Mysterious Heroine X started off as an April Fools’ Day joke but eventually got her own personality, and motivation.

A much more silly version of Arturia, she is a Servant from the Servant Universe. Tasked with eliminating the cancer known as the Arturia species, she is an Anti-Saber weapon that fights them through fair and square surprise attacks. She is definitely a weird but funny version of the character.

7 Mysterious Heroine X Alter (Berserker)

Even the gag version of Saber gets an alter. Almost functioning as Mysterious Heroine X’s geeky little sister, Mysterious Heroine X Alter is a long Star Wars joke for the franchise.

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She also comes from the Servant Universe. Supposedly a villain with ties to an almost extinct race of dark space knights, but she poses little real threat.

6 Saber Alter Summer (Rider)

A maid packing heat in the form of pistols or a sniper rifle, she has an incredible kit that makes her a worthy Servant to put on any Quick based team in Fate/GO.

Her final ascension outfit is beloved by fans.

5 Saber Lily (Saber)

The cutest version of our sacred king. Lily is the version of Arturia that looks and acts her age.

She may have started as an alternate outfit for the original Saber but since then she had gained her own personality. She is a bundle of energy that practices daily to become an ideal knight and king. An earnest shadow of the time before Arturia became king and shut off her emotions. She may not be as strong as her original form but she makes up for her inexperience with her charm.

4 Summer Saber (Archer)

Summer Saber is one of the best Arts Servants in Fate/Grand Order. With a great kit of skills and the ability to perform her Noble Phantasm over and over again with the right set up.

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She is mostly the same as the original Saber. Though with a slightly more laid-back and fun vibe due to enjoying the summer sun.

3 Saber Alter (Saber)

Saber darkened by the holy grail. A tyrant that must accomplish her goal no matter what… at least that’s how she was originally. Now she’s quite different.

She acts more like a grouchy older sister with a violent streak to the protagonist of Fate/Grand Order than a true antagonist. While more vicious than her original self, she is still known to take an awkward job or two. Known for being a Santa and a maid in her other forms.

2 Saber (The Original)

This is the Saber that started it all and is still popular to this day. A knight full of chivalry, valor, and just rule, she would be the perfect interpretation of King Arthur if it wasn’t for the fact that they changed the gender.

Still to this day, it is hard to find any other anime character as popular as she is. The little king winning the hearts of fans all over the world.

1 Saber Alter (Lancer)

By far the most badass version of King Arthur in the Fateverse. If the look alone doesn’t do it for you than her nickname might. She is otherwise known as the “King of Storms.”

A harsher but well-intentioned version of Arturia. A stark realist in comparison to the original Arturia’s idealism. More of a warrior than a king in this form, she is a fighting machine that swiftly kills her enemies on the battlefield. A fact that is reflected in her kit as a Servant in Fate/Grand Order. The character a strong four-star Servant.

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From the standard version that started the franchise back when it was a visual novel, she has taken the form of bunny girls, Sith Lords, & even Santa.

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