Final Fantasy 7: 5 Reasons Tifa is Best Girl (& 5 That It's Actually Aerith)

The Final Fantasy VII Remake has released to unanimous praise from gamers all over the globe. Somehow once again, this game has made waves and set a new standard for RPGs everywhere. Old fans are having a great time reliving the original experience from 1997 in a new way, and new fans are getting acquainted with everything they missed out on.

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That experience includes old characters being shown off in a fresh new way, including fan favorites Aerith and Tifa. Long has there been a conversation over which of these two women is best girl of the game and this list will be looking at reasons for both sides.

10 Tifa Is More Reserved

Aerith and Jessie are two girls that are very “in your face” with Cloud when it comes to the flirting that they use with him throughout the game. Tifa is a girl that is nothing like this and takes a much different approach.

She is a very reserved girl, taking a much more calm approach to Cloud and her feelings for him. She’s the type of woman that plays the long game in order to get with who she likes and that is what she’s going for with Cloud. This is one of the most refreshing parts of her character and a truly defining piece of her personality.

9 Aerith Is Very Outgoing

One thing that Aerith really has going for her that’s winning over tons of new and old Final Fantasy VII fans is the fact that she is a very outgoing girl. On the outside looking into many it first appears that she would be quite the opposite of this.

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However, after playing the game and getting to know her it’s easy to see that she isn’t what many originally think.

8 Tifa Really Knows Cloud

As explored in both the Final Fantasy VII remake and the original Final Fantasy VII, Tifa and Cloud have quite the relationship that has resulted in both of the characters getting to know each other pretty well.

This goes into the fact that it’s easy to see that Tifa really loves Cloud. She knows him on a much deeper level than Tifa and knows that he isn’t ready for any type of serious relationship but is still there for him through his worst times.

7 Aerith Is The Best Foil For Cloud

While Tifa actually shares a lot of personality and history with Cloud, Aerith is a character that is the complete opposite of him. Opposites attract and Aerith completely proves that is correct.

Aerith’s bright and outgoing personality is the perfect foil for Cloud and presents players with something to bring out another side of the quiet protagonist.

6 Tifa Is Always There For Cloud

Tifa is a very caring girl when one looks past her badass fighting exterior. She is the character that many look at as the true love interest for Cloud for a good reason. That reason is the fact that her caring nature leads to the fact that she always sticks by Cloud despite any issues or faults he may have.

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As many will see, throughout the new first part of  Final Fantasy VII Remake, she is a “ride or die” type of girl when it comes to the super soldier.

5 Aerith Is A Healer

Aerith is a character that is so full of life that she acts as a healer. This healing isn’t the traditional RPG healing class, but a spiritual healer especially in the case of her and Cloud’s relationship.

Aerith’s personality is something that actually helps bring Cloud out of that slump that he is constantly seen in. She has a very healing spirit that can turn anyone around that she interacts with even if she isn’t actively trying.

4 Tifa Is Badass

There is absolutely no doubt that Tifa is one of the most badass characters in the entirety of Final Fantasy VII and quite possibly the entire Final Fantasy series.

She has an awesome fighting style and will take on the toughest of enemies with her fists alone. That’s qualification enough to be recognized as one of the coolest characters in the series.

3 Aerith Can Hold Her Own

A common misconception is that Aerith is the pure girl that isn’t really a fighter. Well, after playing through Final Fantasy VII it’s easy to see that that belief is completely wrong.

Tifa isn’t the only girl that will jump headfirst into a fight, as Aerith might actually end up jumping into the fray even before the brawler of the gang.

2 Tifa Is Vulnerable Too

Cloud isn’t the only character with personal issues in the Final Fantasy VII story. Tifa is a very soft girl that carries her own flaws as well.

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This is one reason that so many fans love her being with Cloud. They’ve both been at their lows and could help one another reach their highs.

1 Aerith Has That Moment

SPOILERS AHEAD: One thing that really drives the love for Aerith home is her increased importance to the history of Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy as a whole, and the entire history RPG due to THAT moment.

Aerith’s death is one of the most iconic moments in gaming history and it really makes players realize how much they love the character. This moment alone might just turn Aerith into one’s favorite girl just because of how much they’ll miss her.

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Aerith and Tifa are both fan favorites of Final Fantasy 7, but who comes out on top? There are reasons for either…

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