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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake, available now. 

The most fearsome and powerful Summon in Final Fantasy VII Remake is none other than the fan-favorite Bahamut, the King of Dragons. Finding this monster and earning his materia is one of the longest quests in the game, followed by one of its toughest fights. Beating this optional boss can be frustratingly tough, so let’s break down where to find Bahamut and how to make him yours.

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To even score a shot at the best, you first must beat the rest, completing all 19 intel quests for Chadley. This begins in Chapter 3, Home Sweet Slum, where Cloud joins the neighborhood watch and can encounter the white-haired youth Chadley for the first time. This monotone youngster will start you on his Battle Intel Reports, a quest line that tracks across the rest of the game with useful rewards, including materia and items. If you want to earn every Summon in FFVIIR, including Bahamut, you’ll need to go through all 19 parts of Chadley’s questline and win each of his VR fights. This is a quest you can work on throughout the entire game, so make sure to check your progress every so often. It’s all leading to a big finale against Bahamut.

Completing the Battle Intel Reports for Chadley and gaining access to Bahamut is straightforward, but defeating the King of Dragons is another matter entirely. You’ll ideally want to go into battle with every advantage possible — gaining maximum levels on characters, equipment, and materia before you even attempt to face the dragon. The most crucial item preparations you can make are to equip your party mage (likely Aerith) with a damage spell materia such as Fire, Healing materia linked with a Magnify and as many Boost materia as you can carry. It is also advisable to have your other two party members be locked in as Cloud and Tifa to act as your main attackers with a focus towards Strength and Attack ups.

Starting the combat without at least 7,000 hp is going to make things very difficult since Bahamut has several unblockable attacks that will swiftly eat up your health bar. Spending too much time healing weaker party members will certainly start a death spiral, as Bahamut’s damage output overwhelms your ability to tank and stay alive. It is preferable to start the fight with a focus towards damage output so you can kill him fast enough and a high maximum hp total so that you can survive some of his big attacks.  Also, keep in mind that Bahamut has no specific weaknesses, so there aren’t any specific damage types that will make him easier.

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So once you’re prepared and armed to the teeth, how do you actually beat this scaly menace? Bahamut’s most potent attack is undoubtedly Megaflare, which you don’t ever want to see as it will kill your party instantly. You can tell Bahamut is preparing to fire Megaflare when he starts to glow red and begins an ominous countdown. Bahamut will stop attacking during the countdown and remain motionless, giving you a perfect chance to unload every ATB in your arsenal. If you can hit him hard enough during this period, you can create Pressure and stall Megaflare. Cloud’s Focused Thrust and Tifa’s Focused Strike, in particular, make for effective attacks that quickly build up Stagger against the dragon, while whoever acts as your spellcaster can hang back with a Firaga at the ready.

There isn’t much that can be done to avoid many of Bahamut’s attacks other than blocking to mitigate some damage. Several attacks, such as Umbral Strike, are unblockable anyway. Your best bet against Umbral Strike is to switch to a team member that isn’t being targeted so you can punish him during the attack, then be ready to Heal the unfortunate team member that got hit. Matching Bahamut’s unblockable Umbral Aura with relentless aggression is the only way to go, as the aura never lessens, and failing to keep up your damage output will spell doom.

Following these tips will put you on the right track to beating FFVIIR‘s toughest boss. Just remember not to get discouraged if you can’t beat him yet. Keep trying and maybe max out a few more HP Boosts until you can withstand the dragon king’s fury. Soon you’ll be the proud owner of a shiny new Bahamut Summon materia and all the awesome power he commands.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake's most powerful summon, Bahamut, poses a fearsome challenge. Here's how to add the King of Dragons to your collection.

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