Fired Former WWE Champion Just Filed a Trademark… for Sex?

Luke Gallows, formerly Doc Gallows during his run in NJPW, was very recently released from the WWE along with his tag team partner Karl Anderson. The surprise move came as part of a string of releases and furloughs by the WWE, which included other wrestlers such as Zack Ryder and Rusev.

The future of the former two-time Raw Tag Team Champions seems uncertain, with numerous promotions going on hiatus because of the pandemic lockdown. One hint may lie in Gallows’ recent trademarking of one of his old indie ring-names. On April 22, under his business name, Wrestlemerica, Gallows filed a trademark for the name “Sex Ferguson.”

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Sex Ferguson was an alter-ego of Luke Gallows that first originated during his days in the independent circuit. The gimmick featured a carny wrestler that wrestled for one of the territories back in the days. Sporting a heavy southern accent, Gallows would employ the gimmick to go on comedic rants parodying the grizzled veterans of the 80s. The character would be later revived during Gallows’ run in the WWE for the spin-off show, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, a comedy show parodying the early 80s southern territory promotions. On this show, Gallows would once again do his Sex Ferguson gimmick, this time being known as Tex Ferguson, the name change probably owing to the PG rating of WWE programming.

The Tex Ferguson gimmick would make various appearances for Southpaw Regional Wrestling but was never referenced or featured on WWE’s main programming. With Gallows now being released from the WWE, chances are high he might go to a rival company such as All Elite Wrestling. There is also the possibility of him returning to New Japan, however with NJPW currently being on hiatus, that seems unlikely. Furthermore, Sex Ferguson does not appear to be the kind of gimmick that would have a place in the sports-like New Japan. A comedic alter-ego, however, would fit right into AEW.

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It is uncertain if Gallows intends to use the Sex Ferguson gimmick as a full-time character, or an occasional alias for comedic vignettes outside the ring. If Gallows does sign for AEW, the Sex Ferguson character would make for a great alter-ego, in a similar vein to Mick Foley, who would change characters multiple times for the WWE. Going with this approach would allow Gallows to utilize his highly entertaining and charismatic Sex character, while also having the option to revert to Gallows for more serious scenarios.

“Sex Ferguson” isn’t the only name Gallows filed a trademark for. Under his Wrestlemerica business name, Gallows would also file a trademark for “Good Brothers,” “Big LG” and “Talk’n Shop.” Most notably, he has also filed a trademark for his former New Japan name “Doc Gallows,” signaling a departure from his WWE name. Karl Anderson has also filed for trademarks, particularly for “Karl Anderson,” “Hot Asian Wife” and “Machine Gun.”

The probabilities are high for the former tag team champions to go to either AEW or NJPW, or even both, as some wrestlers prefer, such as Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho, both of whom have made appearances for New Japan while being under contract for AEW. Gallows and Anderson’s exits from the WWE weren’t the only releases followed by multiple trademark filings. Zack Ryder, as well as the Revival after they were released earlier this year, immediately filed for trademarks after leaving the WWE. Ryder and the Revival are also heavily rumored to be heading to All Elite. With how things are at the moment, chances of a string of new AEW debuts seem to be high if and when the company returns to doing live broadcasting.

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Former two-times WWE Raw Tag Team Champion and fired wrestler, Luke Gallows, recently filed a curious trademark for the name “Sex Ferguson.”

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