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The Flash is the fastest man alive. Although there have been several incarnations in the past, one particular Flash has a lot of fans, to the point of being considered the definitive version.

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Wally West took over the mantle of his mentor after he tragically sacrificed his life in the first crisis. Since then, he had been the Flash for decades and has stayed as the Scarlet Speedster, even after Barry came back. His popularity knows no bounds and has generated a ton of fan art from many of his biggest fans. Here is just a taste of the 10 Wally West fan arts ever produced.

10 The Metallic Speedster

Starting this list off is Wally West by DDot-Artwork, which is based on the Rebirth design. Incorporating some realistic elements such as a realistic actor, what is really cool about his interpretation is how he implements the rebirth design to have a more metallic sheen.

Almost looking a lot like an Iron Man suit then a proper Flash suit. Combined with the unique white lightning, it looks like Wally is running in pure speed force energy. Fans are treated to a version of Wally that is quite unique.

9 The Scarlet Jokester

One of the greatest aspects of Wally West is his bubbling personality. Unlike his mentor Barry Allen who was a standard bonafide hero from the Silver Age of comics, Wally was a young and absolutely fiery character. But what was amazing was that readers were able to see him develop into a truly mature character, almost like a coming of age story.

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What hasn’t changed, though, is his relationship with other heroes being playful and as shown by Ninalinovna, that hasn’t been forgotten at all. It’s incredible.

8 A Blast From The Past

An interpretation created by Dave Art, his interpretation of Wally West is a mixture of the New 52 incarnation of the character and the design seen in the CW Flash tv show. For those that may not know, the New 52 incarnation is different from the one seen in Rebirth as he is technically a completely different character.

His version of the suit was also white and red before he eventually changed it to the classic yellow. That being said, the artist gave this quite a look, from the texture of the suit to the bold red streaks of lightning.

7 The Anime-Esque Speedster

Another Rebirth design, this one is created by wansworld. Taking an anime-esque design, wansworld is able to highlight the full expression of Wally West as he runs towards the viewer. The colors chosen look very similar to watercolors, which gives the entire piece a very organic look.

Finally, the best detail is arguably the suit which is not only fully armored but it also looks slightly beat up and worn, showing the amount of experience this speedster has.

6 A Hot-Headed Young Speedster

Taking a look at a young Wally West that is based on his design on Young Justice. Created by emmshin, what’s really cool about this piece is how the artist was able to portray the motion that Kid Flash employed while he is running.

What’s more, it’s impressive that he also gave him a unique pose for the run which helps convey the kinetic energy a young speedster like Kid Flash can have. Plus the smug look on his face just has Wally West written all over it.

5 Even Speedsters Get Caught Up With Things

Another Kid Flash piece, this one is created by Picolo-kun. What’s really cool about this is that it has all of the Kid Flash elements like the little emblems and color scheme, but what makes this one really stand out from the rest is that it directly empowers the “Kid” aspect of Flash.

Designed like a student, the expression that Picolo-kun chose for him is great as it shows that he must be missing something and is on his way to school. It definitely is an absolute classic for many.

4 A Kid Flash Makes Quite The Impression

Based on impressionistic art or concept design for landscapes in a video game, pinkfloralcake’s interpretation of Wally West is really good. Based on a pose he did during season 3 of The CW’s Flash, sometimes it is best when there isn’t a lot to show.

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A very minimalistic piece, the only things that matter are the colors of Kid Flash and how it contrasts with the color choices for the abstract background. It is simple but it is still wonderful nonetheless.

3 The Power That Defines A Speedster

One of the more personal pieces, this fan art has been created by the dynamic Kiwa007. Although Wally West often says that he loves being a speedster or having powers in general, it is still a heavy burden he has to carry.

As a superhero, he has to control himself and be mindful of what he is capable. Kiwa007 boldly shows this by giving Wally West a contemplative look, almost looking at the mirror between his dual identities.

2 Running To Fix The Time Stream

A powerful dynamic piece created by JeyraBlue, it is based on the artwork done by Francis Manapul during the New 52 era of comics. Highlighting the power and speed that Wally West is capable of, it also shows just how much he is willing to sacrifice.

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After all Wally West is someone who has a powerful and deep connection to the speed force and has done his hardest to make sure that he is willing to protect his loved ones against any threat that comes across him.

1 The Flash Family

Finally to finish this list is a collaborative piece that shows the Flash family. ParisAlleyne along with many others credited in the post have drawn from Barry Allen to Wally West. Wally West’s Flash is second from the right. There have been different iterations of the Flash all over the different timelines and dimensions that are willing to protect their loved ones. The best thing about this is that it highlights the biggest aspect of Wally West.

That he is a family man first and foremost, that he is a part of a family full of speedsters. From his uncle, Barry Allen to father figures like Jay Garrick to his cousin Impulse. Everything comes down that they are all the fastest men alive.

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Wally West's The Flash is a popular DC character. Here are 10 amazing pieces of fan art of the character.

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