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There are a few breakout characters from both the anime and manga versions of Fooly Cooly but surprisingly one of the most loved characters on the show never even spoke a word in the anime.

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Call it aura, call it personality, Canti just has the kind of onscreen disposition that makes people follow or, at least, in his case, worship him. For a show that has been picked apart by critics and fans alike, let’s try to find a few new things about Canti.

10 Canti’s Antenna Looks Like A Halo

Even before Canti was known as the silent type in the anime version of Fooly Cooly, fans had always loved his look. Who wouldn’t, as he has a television set for a head and an antenna that makes him look like an angel. Especially when he dawns his wings and takes off into the sky.

Haruko is one of the few characters who doesn’t see the uniqueness that Canti possesses, as she basically thinks of Canti as nothing more than her own personal slave she can boss around.

9 Mamimi Worships Canti

Fooly Cooly is known for its weird array of characters. Characters that range from demented to missing more than a few marbles. One of these characters is Mamimi who is best known for being a little too handsy with a boy that hasn’t hit puberty yet.

Throughout the show, Mamimi is living in her own imagination.  So, when Haruko places a Halo on Canti’s head as a joke, Mamimi, believing him to be an angel bows down and worships the robot.

8 Shoots Naota Like A Cannonball

Fooly Cooly is kind of known for going beyond the average anime series, especially when it comes to character creation. No character is ever what they seem to be and whatever they eventually turn into in the end goes relatively unexplained by the creators.

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So, it turns out that Canti isn’t just a robot that can fly with a television for a head and that his real weapon is his ability to turn into a cannon that can use Naota as its ammunition.

7 Can Also Turn Into A Cannon While Flying

When one thinks of a cannon, they probably believe it to be relatively stationary on a ship or somewhere behind army lines shelling its enemies.

However, in Fooly Cooly the robot Canti, who turns into a cannon can also use this ability while flying in the air but in reality, who really thought that the ground could hold such an amazing robot as Canti in the first place. Though, it is highly unlikely that Naota enjoys this new way of being shot out of a cannon.

6 Canti Can Turn Into A Dog

For most robots, flying and also turning into a cannon that uses its human friend as ammunition would be enough but not for Canti. No, his goal is always much higher than the normal robot.

While he might have been programmed to be Haruko’s slave, he does have a mind of his own and uses that mind to create new forms for himself. One of those forms he takes happens to be of man’s best friend in a lovable canine meets robot sort of way.

5 Can Speak In The Manga

When it comes to adapting a Japanese manga into an anime that will be shown around the world, it isn’t surprising that a few small differences would take place. This, of course, isn’t usually pleasing to the hardcore fans who believe every detail should be left in.

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Sadly, one of Canti’s most memorable traits, his quick tongue in the manga didn’t translate to the anime. Whether it was figured that his actions alone would carry the character, or some other reason is unknown.

4 Canti Can Eat

Usually when it comes to robots, making them have a huge appetite isn’t probably in the game plan for most creators but for a robot as unusual as Canti, it only makes sense to give him a ravenous appetite, even though, he has a grill for a mouth.

Throughout the first season, Canti can be found eating more than his share of curry. Though sadly, it is never determined whether he could fit more solid food like a hamburger through his grill for a mouth.

3 The Show Needed A Robot

The question of whether or not any show, no matter the genre, needs a robot in it is always a definitive yes. A robot is used to make any show no matter how boring that much more interesting.

It just has that effect and for the most part, everyone realizes this one truth. So when the director of Fooly Cooly was asked the less than profound question of why a robot was needed in any of the episodes of Fooly Cooly, he simply said because he wanted one.

2 Canti Kills Kenny

Fooly Cooly is one anime that doesn’t shy away from showing just who the inspirations for the series were. In fact, it goes out of its way to have cameos of famous characters from other anime series along with a few American cartoons.

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One of these cameos happens when Canti crashes a car to absolute pieces. Hardly anything of the car is left intact as the wreckage flies through the air, though if one looks close enough, they can see a miniature Kenny from South Park among the destruction.

1 Makes An Appearance In A Flash Game

It is one thing to become a notable manga and anime sensation but it is another to become a character in a flash game series. This honor was given to Canti in the turn-based flash game series Epic Battle Fantasy, where he can be summoned to do battle with other popular anime characters in the game.

While this particular role-playing game at first, just consisted of battles, over time, it began to expand its capabilities and also its popularity among fans.

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As one of the most beloved characters of FLCL, Canti enchants fans. But did you know these facts about the character?

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