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Over the past two decades, there have been some powerful anime characters that have lived on in the minds of countless fans. Some of these characters just strike a chord with fans and teach them lessons that one couldn’t imagine would come from something like an anime.

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One of these characters is Mamimi from Fooly Cooly, her character might have a silliness about her, but in the end, her character arc reveals a soul that was only set free once she let go of the past.

10 Mamimi Is Naota’s Brother’s Ex

Mamimi fell in love with Naota’s brother Tasuku after he saved her from a fire at her school that she presumably started herself. Ever since their first encounter, she has been madly in love with him, even going so far as to cherish his old phone number after he left and moved to America.

Her unhealthy obsession with Naota stems from her delusion that Tasuku is still in love with her and it is only when she realizes he isn’t that she moves on.

9 Mamimi Is A Pyromaniac

Throughout Fooly Cooly there are comments made by various characters about strange fires occurring throughout the city. Some suggesting that these fires were intentional and possibly show a pattern.

It is also stated that Mamimi had some role in her old school burning down, the very same event that led her to meet her beloved Tasuku. When Mamimi’s camera falls out of her pocket, a few pictures on it reveal that she is the one who ultimately started many of the fires mentioned.

8 Mamimi Has A Passion For Photography

For a girl who basically sits around and does nothing but flirt with a twelve-year-old boy under a bridge, Mamimi does have quite a few hobbies in her life. The first being setting things on fire, the second video games and the third and most notable is photography.

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She constantly carries around two cameras, an Olympus XA2 and an Olympus OM-2 in her pocket. Possibly to document all the fires she starts throughout the town.

7 Mamimi Is A Chain Smoker

So, her obsessions with smoking isn’t that surprising especially for a teenage girl who is an outcast to many of her classmates. In fact, her addiction to cigarettes is possibly one of the reasons she constantly has Naota meet her under a bridge where she can smoke all the cigarettes, she wants without being caught.

Naota has made more than a few references about how Mamimi smells like cigarettes throughout the series and she’s always seen smoking when Naota and her are hanging out.

6 Only Refers To Naota By His First Name Once

For a main character’s name to rarely be used in a series is quite strange when compared to other anime series. Naota is often referred to as Takun by Mamimi on every occasion but one instance in the very first episode of the series.

When Haruko hits Naota with her Vespa, Mamimi screams out his real name but after that continues to call him Takun. Her lack of not using his name could be because she wants to believe Naota is his brother.

5 Mamimi’s Parents Are Separated

Throughout Fooly Cooly there is a trend of adults not taking their responsibilities seriously enough. This is partly why Naota believes he should try to behave like an adult because he feels like his father refuses to, so someone must.

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Mamimi makes a reference that her parents are separated and that she is possibly either homeless or not wanting to face the reality of her home life. This revelation seems to be the reason for wanting to live in an imaginary world.

4 Mamimi’s Picture of Naota Made The Newspaper

There is no way around it, Mamimi lives a sad, delusional life, one that makes fans truly feel sorry for her. She doesn’t seem very smart and when one takes her obsession with fire and video games into consideration it doesn’t look like she will ever have much of a future. That said, one dream she does have is becoming a photographer.

She is shown throughout the series taking random photos of the scenery, one of which happened to make the front page of the local newspaper.

3 Mamimi Believes Canti Is A God From A Video Game

Canti looks to be nothing more than a helper for Haruko as she journeys across the world and possibly the galaxy. At times, Haruko even considers him to be her own personal slave. However, when Canti sprouts wings, Mamimi who is obsessed with the video game Fire Starter, believes that he is a video game God come to life.

She then proceeds to worship him and give him various sacrifices and offerings that might please him. Though, it is never shown if she is in his good graces.

2 Has A Child-Like Reliance On Naota

There is no doubt that Mamimi is a troubled youth with a terrible home life and a possible criminal history. Yet, it is her almost child-like reliance on a twelve-year-old boy that is by far the most disturbing part of her character.

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She doesn’t love Naota but every time he goes to pull away, she flirts with him to bring him back to her. It isn’t ever that he needs a relationship with her but, instead, it is the other way around.

1 Mamimi’s Voice Actress Is The Voice Of Naruto Character

Throughout Fooly Cooly there are many different references to various Japanese anime and even some American cartoons. Much of this has to do with those doing the voices or directing Fooly Cooly playing parts in other popular anime. One of these voice actresses is English voice actress Stephanie Sheh, who is best known for playing Hinata Hyūga on the popular anime Naruto.

Sheh is also known for her roles on the popular Nickelodeon series The Loud House and Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears.

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Mamimi from Fooly Cooly is a light-hearted character that fans enjoy. But here are some things they might have missed about her.

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