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In FLCL, Canti is a large robot with what appears to be a television for a head. He comes from space and bursts out of Naota’s forehead whenever he’s needed. It’s one of the weirder aspects of the series, and Canti’s iconic appearance is hard to forget.

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He is a character who is super interesting to look at and incredibly unique in anime. So naturally, every artist and fan wants to take a crack at creating their own version of him in their own particular looks and styles.

10 Halo

The things about Canti that set him apart from other robots in anime are the television set he wears for a head as well as his halo and the wings on his back. This super cartoony rendition of Canti, complete with a bandage on his “face,” is really recognizable, even with the extra colorful palette. This artist made a point to give Canti their own flair, with some sketchy linework and exaggerations of some of Canti’s features.

9 Canti And Takkun

Canti and Takkun are both just about Mamimi’s favorite things in the whole world. She has given both of them their names, and she treats them both as if they were her pets.

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So it’s cute to see them here together, with Takkun perched on Canti’s shoulder like a bird. Takkun is also very fond of Canti and is constantly trying to play with him whenever they’re in the same place. The grainy, crayon sort of look to this one really helps it stand apart from other fan arts.

8 Watercolor

This messy watercolor rendition of Canti is so fun. It captures the feel of what Canti looks like without being really true to it, therefore making the art totally the artist’s own. Plus, so much of the animation in FLCL feels chaotic and kinetic, with the characters’ anatomy seeming to come second to actually making their movements look cool. So this feels really in the spirit of the way the characters move in the series.

7 With Guitars

This digital art piece makes Canti look incredibly cool and like he’s ready to kick butt. He’s holding both of the iconic guitars from the series behind him like they’re swords and crouching like he’s going to spring up to join a battle in true anime hero fashion.

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The grainy look of the piece feels especially cool and stylish and makes it look like this piece was done traditionally instead of digitally.

6 Canti’s Head

This piece is very simple but works so well. It’s super-recognizable, and the use of color makes it really pop. There are also two different versions of the piece in the post, one with Canti in red and one with Canti in blue, and both of them work so well. This was done as an Inktober sketch, which means it wasn’t created with color in mind, and that makes the linework and color even more impressive, since it was originally done just in black ink.

5 Yellow Background

This piece of fan art has a ton of color to it, and actually no black at all; all of the places that would normally use black paint instead use gray. This makes the piece pop in a really bright way, helping it to stand out a lot among other fan art of the character.

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Drawing Canti in a particular style is likely more difficult than drawing human characters, since he has to look a certain way to be recognizable. This artist has managed to put their own spin on the piece while also being true to the character.

4 With Moon And Guitar

This piece is really heavy on the details, which is really impressive. Drawing robot characters, in general, is all about taking the time to cover all of the little nooks and crannies about their designs, and that can sometimes be overwhelming; a lot of artists, understandably, do minimalized versions of the designs. But in this case, all of the little details, like the joints at his hips and knees and the bandages holding him together, along with the scratches and places where he’s soldered together, are represented.

3 In Black Ink

Where a lot of artists drawing Canti have decided to go for the super colorful and make sure to stick as close to the palette as possible for accuracy, this artist went the other way and instead drew Canti in black and gray inks.

He’s still totally recognizable, and the lack of color gives the piece a really moody look that works well for this wayward robot.

2 Painted And Pensive

Canti doesn’t speak, and viewers, therefore, don’t have a lot of ideas about what is going on inside his head. Still, he’s an alien robot who’s come to a planet that he doesn’t know, surrounded by people (and a cat) he doesn’t know who are constantly poking at and messing with him. This painting captures the potential that maybe Canti has a lot of thoughts about what’s going on around him and about the little town he’s found himself in.

1 Takkun At Play

As mentioned above, Canti and Takkun have a special sort of bond that isn’t really explained in the series, outside of them both being named after Mamimi. But this piece really grabs attention for the cute way the two characters are interacting, with Takkun sitting primly on top of Canti’s head, looking very curious. The cool pink dotted background and the use of the FLCL logo makes this very awesome and stylish, like a poster one might see in a movie theater.

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These artists brought FLCL's Canti to life in a whole new way!

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