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For a series that has less than 20 episodes altogether, and which has been airing on and off for almost 20 years, FLCL has continued to hold the attention of fans with its weird premise, great music, and amazing characters.

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One such character is Mamimi, the monotone, cynical girl who “never knows best.” Even now, there are tons of fans creating amazing fan art pieces of Mamimi, with her iconic cigarette or Takkun, or riding Canti, the space robot with a television set for a head. Here are 10 amazing pieces of Mamimi fan art that every fan should see.

10 I’m Gonna Overflow

Mamimi often feels overwhelmed by the smallness of her world and the way that nothing exciting ever seems to happen. She’s frustrated a lot of the time, and she’s always looking for ways to make her life more interesting and more special. This piece of fan art really captures that desire and the frustrations that so many people feel that make Mamimi feel like a character everyone can relate to.

9 Cigarette

Mamimi is probably most recognizable when she has a cigarette in her mouth. This is such a great piece of fan art because she looks so bored and listless, almost too cool for the world, and really captures the energy that fans love so much about her.

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This is also a cool rendering because, while it’s clearly Mamimi, the artist has brought their own style to the piece so that it doesn’t look like an exact copy.

8 Hybrid Rainbow

Like Naota, Mamimi gets roped into Haruko’s chaos, and part of that is dealing with Canti, the giant robot that shows up from time to time (by bursting out of Naota’s forehead). Mamimi even gives Canti his name, since his wings and halo remind her of a character from a video game that she plays. Her affection for him really shows in this piece, with her riding on his shoulders and looking very curious.

7 In The Grass

This piece really shows the different ways an artist can draw a character while still capturing the essence of what they’re all about. Mamimi looks very young in this fan art, but just as bored and listless as always.

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The bright colors really drive home how young she really is in the series, despite the fact that she’s constantly trying to appear older by smoking and talking about how boring the world is.

6 Never Knows Best

This is a great rendition of Mamimi, and it almost exactly matches how she looks in the anime, down to her cigarette with the words “Never knows best” written on the side. But the really lovely thing about this fan art is the use of color, with the cool pastel rainbow over Mamimi’s face, giving it a whole different feel than if this was just a black and white sketch.

5 With Takkun

Takkun is the black cat that Mamimi has found and adopted as her own. He’s one of many pets that Mamimi calls Takkun, and he’s often following her around.

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Takkun looks a lot like Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and even leaves Mamimi to hang out with a white female cat that he meets, so this fan art, with its Ghibli feel, really drives home the similarities.

4 Meeting Canti

As mentioned above, Mamimi goes from having a pretty boring, average life and lamenting that fact to having to deal with some pretty weird and crazy stuff. Haruko and Canti really change everything for Mamimi. She doesn’t usually emote and is generally pretty stoic throughout the series, so the moments when she seems really surprised, like the moment shown here, are really special. Her life has changed at this moment.

3 A Wink

This fan art of Mamimi is so incredibly cute. In FLCL, most of Mamimi’s scenes don’t have a lot of color.

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She hangs out under a bridge by the riverbank and is generally drawn in darker, more muted colors, despite having red hair. So this totally cute, shiny fan art of Mamimi in bright colors and looking very chibi is a fun change from the way viewers usually see her.

2 Droopy

This fan art is pretty much the antithesis of the last one. Here Mamimi is presented in an incredibly muted palette, with a slight glow around her mouth, the way that she often looks when smoking. The artist really dramatized the specifics of Mamimi’s character design: her hooded eyes, big lips, and straight red hair. She looks exactly like herself but also like a caricature, and the combination works really well.

1 A Little Bit Of Attitude

This is a great piece that exemplifies the way different artistic styles can make a character look different, all while really sticking to what makes the character recognizable. Mamimi here is still dressed in her iconic school uniform, holding a cigarette, and looking bored and too cool. But she also has an almost Scott Pilgrim look to her design, with a small face and big eyes and oversized feet. She looks super cartoony, and it’s a fun take on her design.

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These 10 Mamimi fan art pictures show the FLCL character in very different lights than you're used to.

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