Fred Savage Recalls His Heartwarming Friendship With Andre the Giant

Decades after filming The Princess Bride, Fred Savage shared some details about the heartwarming friendship he developed with the late WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant.

While filming the classic fantasy adventure, a ten-year-old Savage and the WWE wrestler formed an unlikely bond that lasted until Andre passed away in 1993.

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Savage posted an old photo to Instagram, showing himself and Andre on the set. “The rest of the movie had already been shot, all that was left were the parts with the boy and his grandpa,” he captioned the photo. “It was an all-star cast, but there was only one person this 10-year-old WWF superfan wanted to meet.”

He continued, “He made a surprise visit to set one day and he was gentle and kind and charming and funny and answered every question I had. He sent me a Christmas card every year until he passed away. It was the one I looked forward to the most.”

The wrestler-actor was a WWE fan favorite from his debut in 1973 to his retirement in 1992. Over the course of his career, he won the WWE and the Tag Team Championships.

Released in 1987, The Princess Bride was critically acclaimed but grossed only $30.9 million at the box office. Over the years, the film became a cult classic, spawning video games, a board game and a still-in-development stage musical.

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Fred Savage, who co-starred with the late WWE star Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride, revealed that they developed a lifelong friendship.

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