Fruits Basket: 10 Fan Art Pictures Of Tohru & Kyo You'll Love

One of the juggernaut titles of the shojo world is Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket, the story of an optimistic orphan named Tohru Honda and her quest to rid the Sohma family of the zodiac curse.  Tohru sees the best in everyone, and she won’t let the downtrodden, miserable members of that family suffer any longer. She is a ray of hope on a dark night.

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Tohru is like a loving sister to many of the Sohmas, but her relationship to Kyo Sohma is something special. Kyo is suffering most of all, being the stigmatized and ostracized cat of the zodiac (the unofficial 13th animal), and he and Tohru grow closer with each passing day. It’s a case of beauty and the beast, and the fans can’t get enough of this inspiring love story. So, here are some lovely pieces of Tohru/Kyo fan art the anime‘s fans have crafted.

10 Blossom Petals

Or at least, those look like pink blossom petals, in this charming fan art piece by artist Yamigirl21. Overall, the Fruits Basket franchise is well known for using flowery and glittery effects in its background, and this fan artist had a similar idea.

Based on the background, it looks like Tohru and Kyo are at the beach, and though they’re not ready to dive into the water yet. They’re not done looking into each other’s eyes, after all, and who can blame them?

9 Rainy Season

This second entry for the gallery looks like it was modeled after the 2001 Fruits Basket anime, which has a distinct look from the current, 2019 animated series (which is ongoing). Artist Endless-Rainfall went for a classic look: two lovers sharing an umbrella.

That’s a staple for romance and drama anime/manga, and Tohru and Kyo are having a good time under Kyo’s umbrella. Tohru is delighted, while Kyo is more bashful about his feelings in this scenario. That’s just Kyo being himself; he’ll come around.

8 Dramatic Embrace

Getting involved with the Sohma family is a serious affair, and it’s not always easy to be their friend. But Tohru does it anyway, despite all the hardship, pain, and torment the characters face. Tohru doesn’t flinch from any of it.

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This moody but charming piece by artist shel-yang nicely captures the mixed romance and drama of Tohru and Kyo’s budding relationship, and this time, Tohru is the bashful one as Kyo asks her to kiss him. It’s always Valentine’s Day in the world of Fruits Basket.

7 Her Fuzzy Friend

Now it’s time to bring back the innocent charm factor, and artist Elver-Lee held nothing back to show how adorable Tohru and Kyo’s relationship can be. Tohru is looking good in her school uniform, and her lively eyes and shiny hair are dazzling.

Yuki is along for the ride on Tohru’s shoulder, but it’s clear that Kyo is the one who stole Tohru’s heart, since she’s holding him snugly and has a hand on his head. Kyo was always cursed to be the unwanted Cat of the zodiac, but Tohru accepts him for what he is, 100%.

6 Like The Sun

Now it is Kyo’s turn to hold Tohru in his arms, and he’s a big, tough guy whose frame nicely compliments Tohru’s petite physique. Kyo is in a good mood today, since he’s not wincing in agony or even looking embarrassed. He cherishes Tohru, and he wants her to know it.

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Artist ChibiSofa used warm, sunny colors to add to the positive feeling of this fan art piece, possibly to represent how Tohru is warm and radiant in Kyo’s dark life, like the sun dispelling the night.

5 Just Teasing A Bit

Tohru is a loving and selfless girl who’s dedicated to ridding the Sohmas of their curse and misery. But that doesn’t mean that she will not have a little fun, too. She is perfectly capable of teasing Kyo and Yuki a bit, as artist Debbie G. shows here.

For this piece, the artist used simple but striking colors to make Tohru and Kyo look “warm” and lively to contrast sharply with a background made up of cool colors. Kyo’s hair stand out most of all, with its distinct carrot-orange hues. He’s impossible to miss.

4 Season’s Greetings

This is like a holiday card, and who better to involve in a cheerful Christmas card than the happy couple, Tohru and Kyo? Artist funny-neko gave Tohru and Kyo bright, lovely colors to make them stand out against the gray, wintery background.

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Freshly falling snow and Tohru’s steaming breath help make this winter scene authentic, and Kyo and Tohru are in a great mood. No doubt this is about to be Kyo’s first-ever merry Christmas, and Tohru is the best gift he’s ever received.

3 Mouse Ears

Are those Mickey Mouse ears that Tohru and Kyo are wearing? Not quite. They are having fun paying tribute to their good friend Yuki Sohma, who embodies the Rat of the Chinese zodiac. Tohru seems to like the look more than Kyo does.

Artist Lunitxi decided to lean all the way into that Chinese theme and dress up both characters in lively Chinese outfits, from Tohru’s red and gold outfit (red is lucky in Chinese culture) to Kyo’s gold shirt and dark green pants. This style looks good on both of them.

2 At The Pool

Kyo and Tohru are about to go swimming again, and it’s a big step for Kyo to agree to go anywhere near the beach or a pool. But Tohru could talk him into it, and he’ll gladly follow her anywhere.

Artist SageDaydreamer gave Kyo a red pair of swim shorts, and Tohru is in her best color: pink. She is pink because her mother was the Red Butterfly, and her father was represented by the color white. Tohru and Kyo are looking good, and as a bonus, their symbols, a cat and a triangular rice ball, are to the left.

1 At The Ball

Or at least, it looks like Kyo and Tohru are at a fancy ball or dance party, based on their clothes (the background doesn’t offer any clues). It’s easy to imagine Tohru and Kyo going to a fancy event together like this, and they are looking their best.

Artist samairu decided to deck out Kyo in a dark suit to contrast with his fair skin and orange hair, and Tohru has a quietly intense look with her dark red gown, complete with cherry-red lace on the shoulders. Their pose is just right for a dance session, and Kyo’s “I must protect her” expression is simply perfect for this scene.

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Tohru is like a loving sister to many of the Sohmas on Fruits Basket, but her relationship to Kyo Sohma is something special.

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