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Kyo is one of the main protagonists of Fruits Basket and the one who ends up marrying Tohru at the end of the series. He has a deep centered hatred of Yuki and believes the rat is the reason for his misfortune.

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Even compared to the other Zodiac members, Kyo has easily had the worst upbringing and suffered tons of abuse at the hands of others. He is the only zodiac member with a true form and is despised by Akito. Tohru is one of the first people to ever show kindness to Kyo outside of Kazuma. At first, he has a hard time accepting the friendship of those around him, but eventually naturally forms bonds.

10 He Isn’t Invited to Meetings

The cat is seen as a traitor to the zodiac, and because of this is excluded from zodiac meetings. This even includes the yearly banquet where all the other cursed members gather. Akito also regularly shows distaste for Kyo, who has had very little to do with her.

Even when the members go to see Kyo during the beach arc, Akito isn’t invited. This is because the cat rejected the want to be reincarnated, unlike the other zodiac members.

9 His Parents Rejected Him

Kyo has the most tragic family story out of the zodiac. He was initially living with his parents, with his mother scared of his true form. Eventually, she ended up killing herself, and his dad disowned him shortly after. This led Kazuma to take in Kyo as he had been cruel to the previous cat.

Kyo doesn’t like to speak about his mother and even lies to Tohru initially about her suicide.

8 He Wants to Run a Dojo

Kyo looks up to Kazuma and throws himself into his karate studies. He is extremely disciplined and talented when it comes to martial arts. This leads him to want to open his own dojo and ends up moving to the country with Tohru after the series concludes.

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It is not yet known whether or not he achieved this fact, but hopefully, we will soon see the happy could in the sequel manga featuring their children.

7 He Despises Fashion

Similar to his rival Yuki, Kyo is not a fan of fashion. Kyo believes that clothes should be versatile enough to be fought in and does not like to use accessories. He is never really seen in fancy clothing or any outfits that stand out, this is likely also linked to the fact he prefers to climb up to high spaces.

It’s very likely that he has very little to talk with Ayame about.

6 His Bracelet is Horrifying

The bracelet Kyo wears helps to seal away his true form but has a terrifying past. The bracelet is made out of the bones and blood of a monk. Kyo reveals its origin and the fact that he is completely disgusted by the bracelet to Tohru. This is the darkest item in the series history and honestly fans wish it would have more backstory.

When he is freed from the curse, the first thing he does is rip the bracelet off of his arm.

5 He is Out of Touch With The World

While this is shown more in the original anime, it still stands true. Kyo lived with Kazuma and devoted much of his young life to training. Because of this, he isn’t aware of many modern trends or of some modern technology, as is shown when talking about Jason, the bear.

This gives Kyo a more air-headed appearance when the others speak of pop culture, showing that while he is smart he is far from perfect.

4 He was Bullied

It is revealed that Kyo was actually bullied while he was growing up. This supposedly happened in middle school and was due to the fact that Kyo has bright orange hair. As Kyo is known for his hot temper, though, this bullying didn’t last long as he fought the other kids. This got him in trouble regularly at school.

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He doesn’t seem to have any issues in high school and is actually a bit popular with his peers.

3 He is The Most Spirit Like

Kyo resembles the cat spirit more than the other zodiac members resemble their spirits. He can land on his feet and loves to take naps, especially in high places. He also seems to attract the neighborhood cats much to his dismay, although he does seem to have a soft spot for the other cats that gather around him.

This is a bit strange as you don’t see Yuki trying to make nests or store food.

2 He Tolerates Water

Another cat-like feature that Kyo possesses is his hate for water. He tends to sleep in on rainy days and hates to get wet. When everyone goes to the beach, he only gets in the water when he notices Tohru has no idea how to actually swim and breathe at the same time. When a wave does crash down on top of him, he tries to fight the sea.

It’s not revealed how Kyo dealt with living out in the elements for so long.

1 He is a Great Cook

One of the things that Kyo is obviously better than Yuki at is cooking. Kyo learned to cook in order to survive in the wilderness and also makes meals for Tohru when she gets sick. This is a talent that can also be seen when he helps Tohru in the kitchen. He is also really great at making simple riceballs.

Kyo is even willing to cook foods he hates like leaks if it helps others.

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Here are 10 lesser-known facts about Kyo Sohma, Fruits Basket's beloved character who is cursed by the Cat spirit.

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