Fruits Basket: 5 Reasons Tohru Should have Picked Yuki (& Five Reasons She Went With Kyo)

Fruits Basket is an emotional roller coaster about a cursed family who is saved by a young girl named Tohru. Most of the series is centered around Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru’s relationship. Yuki and Kyo both have an interest in Tohru, despite her clearly not realizing their feelings. Many scenes even have fans wishing Tohru would have gone with Yuki, while others like to side with Kyo. In the end, Kyo, of course, wins, and the two end up getting married. Was Kyo the right decision, though, and should Tohru have pursued Yuki earlier on instead. Below we go over all the reasons Yuki may or may not have actually been the best choice.

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10 Yuki: He is The Most Foward

Despite his lack of confidence, Yuki is much more forward with Tohru at times than Kyo. There are several points in the manga, where he stops just shy of completely confessing to her. Kyo, on the other hand, prefers to bottle up his feelings early on, even at points leading Tohru to believe he doesn’t like her.

If Tohru wasn’t such a ditzy character, she would have probably been taken by some of Yuki’s attempts to get close.

9 Kyo: He Holds Himself Responsible

Despite being hotheaded, Kyo holds himself responsible for Kyoko’s death and distances himself from Tohru. While this is proven to be pointless by the end of the series, it shows great responsibility on Kyo’s half. Kyo could have easily gotten closer to Tohru and wanted to, but he didn’t let his feelings overwhelm his sense of duty.

Kyo also realizes the dangers of his true form, which regularly worries him about hurting Tohru.

8 Yuki: He Keeps His Eyes on Her

Yuki is a very attractive male and even has his own fan club. He could easily be a playboy if he wanted and could pick from just about any girl in the school. Instead, Tohru was the first woman he became interested in, and that was only after he learned more about her personality. Yuki’s reluctance to get close or use his position are some of his sadness and most admirable traits.

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Yuki is the type of man who would likely never cheat on his partner.

7 Kyo: He Doesn’t Smother Tohru

Kyo isn’t trying to impress Tohru with everything he does and, in many ways, is the exact opposite of her. While Tohru is being calm or naive, Kyo has no problem getting fired up or stepping in to protect her. While Kyo never smothers Tohru, he is always there when it counts and saves her several times from awkward situations.

Kyo doesn’t have to impress Tohru, the two just mutually understand each other.

6 Yuki: He is Versatile

Even if you’re not a fan of Yuki, you have to admit that he is a versatile character. Yuki often ends up in ridiculous situations like wearing frilly clothes, but always makes them work. Despite the fact that he despises roles that make him appear girly, he does a great job of working through these moments.

This is a good sign that Yuki can traverse through uncomfortable of unusual situations.

5 Kyo: He Learns Self Control For Her

At the beginning of the manga, Kyo was extremely hot-tempered. It was so bad, in fact, that his regular fights with Yuki were destroying the house they lived in. As Kyo and Tohru progressively get closer, though, you see fewer and fewer fights break out. Eventually, there are not physical altercations at all.

Kyo actually settles down the longer he is around Tohru, meaning that she destroys the anger in his heart.

4 Yuki: Yuki is The Most Sensible

Despite all the crazy antics that go on around him, Yuki is always sensible. He never loses his composure even when faced with his brother Ayame. This allows Yuki to make level headed decisions and not be taken over by his emotions as Kyo can. While this does tend to make him seem a bit boring, he could easily keep Tohru safe.

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Yuki, especially when taking a look at other Sohma members, is one of the most sensible characters.

3 Kyo: Has More Discipline

Kyo spent a lot of time training under his karate master and has a ton of discipline. While it isn’t shown during his confrontations with Yuki, Kyo can undergo extended periods of training. He also has no problem making it on time to Karate practice, and once he has a goal to achieve, he doesn’t stop striving towards it.

Kyo would be an excellent dad and probably runs his dojo with ease.

2 Yuki: Is Very Honest

Yuki is probably one of the most honest characters in the manga. While he does have a bit of a hard time telling Tohru his feelings, he does try to make a few moves like stated above. He never holds any punches when talking to his family member even when his words aren’t positive. While this can be seen as cold and harsh, it’s better than dancing around topics like Shigure.

With Yuki, Tohru would never have to worry about his true feelings towards her.

1 Kyo: Makes Friends Easily

Despite being an outcast in his own family, Kyo blends in with the normal world pretty well. Kyo is quick to make friends at school and can grow close to others by accident. Yuki even mentions that he is jealous of the fact that Kyo can make close friends so easily. This is one of the reasons Tohru is able to spend time with Kyo.

He is able to easily fit in with her friends and interact with the class.

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Many Fruits basket fans question whether Tohru should've picked Kyo over Yuki. Here's some arguments for both.

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