Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Cool Facts You Didn't Know About Lust

In Hiromu Arakawa’s hit manga/anime series (and live-action film) Fullmetal Alchemist, homunculi are the villains, and Father is an ancient homunculus who aspires to become a new god and rule over the entire world. To do this, he purged himself of his seven deadly sins, and they each took a different humanoid form.

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The first three of them to appear are Envy, Gluttony, and Lust, and they all prove to be powerful opponents. Lust, in particular, is a busy villain in the earlier parts of the story, and it took a lot of firepower to finally defeat her for good. There is a lot to know about the man-slayer known as Lust, and her appearance and behavior are in fact symbolic. Let’s review.

10 She’s A Leader

Here’s a screenshot from the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist film, with Lust and Gluttony side by side. They and Envy appear as a squad, and Lust is the one who decides where the team goes and how they carry out the mission.

Lust isn’t a tactical expert like Roy Mustang or Olivier Armstrong, but he’s got the skills to lead an elite team and carry out Father’s will, which is vital since Father doesn’t want to wander around, directing his homunculi in person. Lust makes for a good lieutenant.

9 Spear Fingers

Each of the homunculi has a special battle ability, and in fact, Pride can use all of the abilities of his six brethren. What is Lust’s? She has the Ultimate Spear, meaning she can elongate and harden her fingers into deadly spears to slice or puncture just about anything.

This is a fine weapon, and the penetrating power may have some obvious references for the concept of lust. That, and it might be a perversion of Cupid’s arrow, which pierces a person’s heart to make them feel love. Lust, though, will make a person feel dead instead.

8 She’s A Sadist

All of the homunculi are much more powerful than ordinary humans, and while Envy loudly boasts about this fact and Wrath is coldly confident about it, Lust is downright cruel about it. She is eager to torment and abuse anyone who gets in her crosshairs.

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In the manga, Lust threatened a child’s life to manipulate Tim Marcoh, and she had a great time injuring Roy and Jean Havoc during their battle in Laboratory Three. With those impaling fingers, she can injure someone but keep them alive, and draw out a battle as desired.

7 Her Ominous Words

Lust was tough and powerful, but she couldn’t stand up to Roy Mustang’s repeated fireblasts. Finally, her Philosopher’s Stone wore out, and she was happy that at least she died at the hands of a great guy like Roy.

But she also had some chilling words to share. Lust admired Roy’s eyes, filled with vision and determination, and hoped that someday, Roy’s eyes would be filled instead with despair and horror. True enough, Roy lost his eyesight when forced to open a gate of Truth during the Promised Day.

6 She Uses Disguises

This is a part of Lust’s fondness for toying with people and acting superior to them. Although she can’t actually change form like Envy can, Lust isn’t above wearing ordinary human clothes to blend into a crowd and pass for human herself.

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In fact, she started “dating” Jean Havoc and tried to coax him into giving her vital information, showing remarkable patience for a homunculus. She went by the name “Solaris” and had Jean totally fooled until she outed herself in battle. Jean just couldn’t resist a woman with Lust’s looks.

5 She Inspires Lust

Most of the homunculi act like their symbolic sins, such as Wrath’s vicious combat skills, Greed’s large squad of minions, and Sloth’s refusal to do any more work than necessary. Lust likes to compliment men like Jean and Roy, but for the most part, her symbology goes the other way around.

Beauty may be subjective, but for the most part, Lust’s appearance perfectly suits what men like to see, and this gives her insidious and manipulative charisma. It worked easily on Jean Havoc, and Lust would have no trouble seducing other military officers, too.

4 Her Fiery Death’s Symbolism

Lust was the first homunculus to die, and she perished, as described earlier, at the hands of Roy Mustang. She couldn’t handle all that fire, and she hadn’t done a thorough enough job shutting down Roy’s powers.

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Like the other homunculi, Lust experienced a death that matches the contents of Dante’s The Divine Comedy. In Purgatory, the lustful are buffeted by hot winds, then sent through sheets of flame to purify themselves.

3 She Inspired Asami Sato

This isn’t just a fan theory or a “what-if”; it is confirmed by the creators of Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra. One of the most prominent female characters, aside from Korra, is Asami Sato, and she may look familiar to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fans.

Her hairstyle and the shade of her lipstick come directly from Lust, along with her tough and cool personality. Fortunately, Asami isn’t the sadist that Lust is, and she uses her business acumen for good. She would be horrified by Lust.

2 Married Voice Actors

Lust and Roy have a bonus connection that’s not found anywhere in the manga or anime of Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s a meta-thing; their English dub voice actors are married in real life.

Lust’s voice actress is Laura Bailey, married to Roy’s own voice actor, Travis Willingham. Going into the recording studio to say all these angry and vicious lines for their characters must have been pretty funny for them.

1 She Didn’t Appear On Spine Art

Many manga series, when printed into paperback volumes called tankoban, have major characters drawn on the spine of those volumes. Many major Fullmetal Alchemist characters were drawn that way, from Ed to Roy to Wrath, but not Lust.

It is evident that Hiromu Arakawa meant to draw Lust and Hughes on the spines, but never did, for whatever reason. Neither did the original Greed (the one who appeared in Dublith).

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There is a lot to know about the man-slayer known as Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist. We take a look at some cool facts about her.

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