Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Pieces of Roy & Riza Fan Art That Will Make You Wish They Became Officially Canon

Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (also known as Royai) are amongst one of the cutest and most shipped couples in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Up in the ranks with Ed and Winry, Roy and Riza unfortunately never confirmed as to whether or not they became official. Many fans assumed the characters had a thing going on from the early days due to their protection and attitude with one another. The two also can be seen in a photograph together at the end, standing next to each other.

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No one really knows if they became a couple, but many just like to assume they did. It makes the most sense for the characters and there really is no reason that they wouldn’t have ended up together. But, because fans are unclear about their outcome, fan art has paved the way for fans to see what their relationship would have looked like if they did become canon. Here are 10 amazing pieces of fan art that’ll make you wish Roy and Riza became official.

10 Together

This fan art by @kachohuugetsu on Twitter is rather simple but still so sweet and nice in a special way. The way Roy holds Riza indicates that he’s pulling her in close. The two are also still in their military uniforms indicating that this could be while they’re still on duty or at work, but they don’t mind as much. The quote next to them also says “Those who look to the future of the country” indicating that the two are perhaps finally at peace with the war. The subtle coloring in this image makes Riza’s eyes totally pop and just stick out so beautifully.

9 A Royai Wedding

June 11th is apparently a Roy and Riza appreciation day, which is why so much of their fan art consists of that date. This wedding picture is just so perfect for the couple that its almost comical. Of course, Riza would wear a gun holster on the day of her wedding, prepared for anything. It’s also cute that in most of the fan art of their wedding, Roy is wearing a formal version of his military outfit while Riza wears the iconic white wedding dress. The couple stands back-t0-back as they always do.

8 Injuries & Healing Hands

While this image could take place after any battle, it is a sweet notion that the two seem to always take care of one another. Riza has bandages on her wrist while Roy has one on his chin. Any viewer could assume the two patched each other up and are now sitting happily together at the things they get themselves into.

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Roy also sweetly plays with a bit of Riza’s hair between his fingers as he smiles warmly at her. This picture is honestly just too sweet.

7 Rainy Days

Fans of the series all know that Roy gets pretty useless in the rain, something which Riza constantly teases him for. This fan art, done by Mikadzuki Eru on Twitter, showcases that wonderfully. In the text boxes Riza mocks Roy’s flames in the rain while Roy tries to defend them. But even though Riza teases him and may say that rain is a pretty inconvenient weakness to have, she still stands by him to dry him off.

6 Sunny Days

In this sweet fan art by @jellymlk on Twitter, Roy and Riza seem to be out on a date. Riza shows off the scar on her back without shame or fear in her sundress. It can be assumed that she gained the confidence to do so from Roy. The two also sit so close to each other and hold one another in just the softest way possible. Roy gets to steal a kiss from Riza and hides under her sun hat. The two just both look so dapper and happy, this is what their life must be like after the closing of the series.

5 Tired

This piece, done by @doyasprout on Twitter, is so soft and sweet. The pairing seems totally and utterly exhausted as they sleep next to one another in the early morning hours. Roy is still wearing what appears to be his military uniform minus the coat. That, plus the way they are laying, make it seem as if the two fell asleep next to one another totally by accident. There might be a moment of awkwardness when they wake up, but this is still just so sweet and romantic.

4 Mr. & Mrs.

Viria (@viria13 on Twitter and @Viria94 on Instagram) makes some of the best Roy and Riza fan art around. She has been drawing the pairing for years and has an amazing collection of work of them. This picture shows Roy and Riza on their wedding day.

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Roy is dressed in a formal version of his military outfit, black like a tuxedo, as Riza wears her white wedding dress. Riza looks like a blushing bride, happy yet still a little shy, while Roy is smiling warmly and happily as he also blushes. The scene is just so adorable, it’ll make any fan wish this was actually in the show.

3 A Bit Of Angst

Another fairly simple but impactful piece. This one is done by @49squareroot on Twitter and showcases the couple hugging in a rather angsty manor. Roy looks to have bags under his eyes, he seems tired, maybe from battle. Roy also seems shocked by Riza’s sudden hug and doesn’t fully embrace her yet. Riza also seems to have a light red mark on her shirt directly where the scar is on her back. Either the scar is peaking through or it is meant to show the depth of their bond.

2 Open-Back Dress

Another fan art of Roy and Riza looking utterly dapper, but this time in formal black attire. Riza wears an open-back dress, showing she is no longer self-conscious of the scars that riddle along her back. Instead, now it is a symbol between her and Roy. A symbol of her dedication to him. The two dance with one another as they look into each other’s eyes so sweetly. And with no background behind them, it almost makes it feel like they only see each other. To them, they are the only ones in the room.

1 Cold & Rainy

Another rainy day piece, this time done by Viria. The caption of the picture is super humorous (and very true) and captures the emotions behind Roy and Riza in this picture. Roy is grumpy and cold due to the rain, and can’t use his alchemy, while Riza puts her coat around him to warm him up. She sighs at his childish behavior but utterly finds it endearing. The way the light is on them shows how warm they are with one another in just the soft way possible. This picture is utterly adorable and will make ever fan wish they had become canon at the end of the series so that this could happen.

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Fullmetal Alchemist fans have made a lot of beautiful art inspired by the series. Here's a look at 10 adorable/romantic Roy & Riza fan artwork.

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