Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Winry Rockbell Cosplay Straight From The Anime

If you’re looking for a show that features a wide cast of powerful women, look no further than Fullmetal Alchemist and especially its more recent Brotherhood counterpart, which includes the likes of Mei, Lan Fan and Olivier Armstrong, to name a few. One fan-favorite that’s in every version of the series, and just as great in every single one, is the Elric Brothers’ childhood friend and Ed’s automail mechanic (turned wife!) Winry Rockbell. She’s driven, determined, and loyal — and refused to turn to revenge despite her inner turmoil, making her a strong and respectable character that gets a ton of fan representation.

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Today, we’ll be looking over ten Winry cosplay straight from the anime that’ll make you want your own automail mechanic — without the sacrifices needed, of course.

10 A Striking Gaze

Winry definitely rocks quite a few fashionable outfits throughout the show, but none can ever hold a candle to how iconic her trademark tube top look is, as it’s what she typically wears while working on repairs, along with a headband and jacket wrapped around her waist. Kitty-Honey is an absolutely adorable Winry who immediately draws in the viewer’s gaze with how striking her contact lenses are, and she looks much more friendly and open than she tends to around Ed.

9 A Cold Farewell

Though it isn’t quite as iconic as her tube top look, the outfit that Winry wears when she makes her way to the Briggs Mountains to assist Ed is another beloved choice of fans and cosplayers, and for good reason. Shows have a bad tendency to underdress characters for harsh conditions, but Winry got a cute outfit that still properly represents the setting.

RomaiLee is a wonderful Winry that captures her personality perfectly through her pose, and Ed in the background determinedly looking off into the distance is a great touch.

8 Contemplative

Especially before the Briggs arc, Winry spends a lot of time simply waiting for the Elric brothers to need her again, something that she herself brings attention to and detests. It’s natural, then, that a lot of her downtime would be spent thinking about Ed, and that’s captured cutely in this shot of MeganCoffey. The choice to opt for one of her alternate looks is a nice touch, too, and Winry’s friendly and cheery personality shines through great without words.

7 Wondering

Even though Winry is an incredibly pretty girl who does have her more feminine hobbies such as baking, she’s still a pure mechanic at heart, and it’s great to see oil stains and such being represented in Evil-Uke-Sora’s cosplay. Looking off into the distance, her expression and pose capture Winry’s personality quite well.

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The backdrop is excellent as well, giving off an air of something that really could have been taken in Amestris.

6 Tinkerer’s Treasured Tools

Next up is a Winry that takes her design from the Sacred Star of Milos movie, one that doesn’t tend to get represented as much in cosplay but one that’s ridiculously cute. Though, of course, that could have to do with how wonderful of a job Calssara does with her posing and expression. The lighting as well as scenery for this shot are gorgeous, as well, and it looks like it very well could have taken place in a more natural area in Amestris.

5 Reaching For The Sky

It’s always great when cosplayers are able to use areas in their local environments as creative photoshoot locations, and this next cosplay is no different. The shot itself is gorgeous, but Torati’s portrayal of Winry also deserves every ounce of that credit as well. Her pose and expression really capture how driven and outgoing the young Rockbell is- and she really has to be, if she wants to keep up with someone like Edward.

4 Power Pose

Opting for a longer-hair Winry instead of how we typically see her with her hair tied, Tapyoo makes for a great Rockbell, giving off all the vibes of the confident yet friendly mechanic. Her contact lenses are also incredibly striking, and the way she strikes the same pose that Winry’s been seen striking in official art is a great touch that helps add to the believability of her character.

The backdrop looks like it could be one of Amestris’ forests as well, and it’s always nice to see each component of a photo work together so well.

3 The Journey Ahead

Transportation by train is something that’s central in the series’ story. A train is where we first meet Hughes in the original anime, and we get quite a few good, deep conversations between the Resembool Trio while on long train rides. Having Bamz-OSully gripping onto the back of one while the other grips her trademark wrench is just a great idea that helps bring out her character.

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It’s a sign of a great cosplay shot when you’re just waiting for other characters from the series to show up and join her.

2 Intense Judgment

Anyone acquainted with FMA will know that it’s a bit of a running theme for Ed to end up way in over his head, to end up getting reprimanded by either his commanding officer Mustang or his childhood friend and mechanic, Winry. There couldn’t be a more perfect representation of this triangle’s dynamic than this shot, taken by YumeNi92. All three of them did amazing jobs, but focusing on Winry, her costume and especially her disappointed expression couldn’t be better.

1 Fullmetal And His Mechanic

It’s always great to see the iconic duo of Edward and Winry paired together in cosplay, and these two did an excellent job, the shot having been edited by the Edward as well, located at GeazekiCosplay. They both do a great job of capturing their character’s personality while looking picture-perfect, Ed exuding just the right amount of smug, meanwhile Winry is beaming and ready to get to work as always.

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Fullmetal Alchemist is full of characters to cosplay as, but none look so good as Winry Rockbell, the universe's best automail mechanic.

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