Future Diary: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Definitive Death Game Anime

Future Diary is one of the best known, if not definitive death game anime. The series has been around for over a decade, with the manga debuting in 2006 and the anime coming in 2011. The series revolves around an object called a Future Diary, which can predict the future up to 90 days.

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There are 12 Diary Holders who are all participating in a game in which they have to eliminate the other Diary Holders in order to win. The premise is dark, and the ways the players go about trying to win the game are even darker. Here are 10 facts about the series many viewers probably don’t know.

10 Sakae Esuno Likes Rumiko Takahashi

Sakae Esuno, the creator of Future Diary, has gone on record to say that he’s a fan of the work of fellow mangaka Rumiko Takahashi and has been following her work since he was 15. Takahashi is best known for her lighthearted, funny, and romantic works, like Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and Inuyasha. But Esuno is especially a fan of Mermaid Saga, which is Takahashi’s dive into horror manga. This influence on Esuno makes sense considering the sensibilities of Future Diary.

9 The 13th Diary Owner

A visual novel called The 13th Diary Owner was released in 2010, following the completion of the manga. The game introduces a 13th character, as the title suggests, named Azami Kirisaki, who holds the 13th Future Diary.

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It isn’t clear if the game is in the same continuity as the anime and manga, however, in 2012, the game was re-released with graphics and voice acting to match the anime.

8 Mirai Botnet Program

The Japanese name for Future Diary is Mirai Nikki. Future Diary is a literal translation, with “mirai” meaning “future” and “nikki” meaning “diary.” Paras Jha, a student at Rutgers, studied how large-scale network attacks by malware could be used for profit. He called the botnet packages he developed while studying them “Mirai” after the name of the series.

7 Yukiteru Amano

Yukiteru Amano is the main character of Future Diary. He’s 14 years old and ends up being sucked into this game of Future Diary by his friend Deus Ex Machina, who is the God of Space and Time.

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Yukiteru’s last name, Amano, is made up of the kanji ama and no. His name literally translated into English as “Yukiteru belongs to the sky.”

6 CruciA And Do Or Die

CruciA and Do or Die are two dub-step musicians. In 2012, they put out a song called “Yandere Lovin’.” The song samples a sound byte from Future Diary. In the clip, Yukiteru is talking to Yuno, asking her if she even really loves him. In anime, a “yandere” is a person so obsessively in love with someone that they’re willing to use even violent means to make the relationship happen.

5 Openings Foreshadowing

The opening themes of all anime series are meant to give the viewers an idea of what the series is going to be like. But Future Diary takes it a step further. Both of the series openings have explicit foreshadowing about what’s going to happen at the end of the series.

Yuno Gasai ultimately kills herself at the end of the series by stabbing herself with a knife after going back in time to attempt to kill and replace her earlier selves to get the outcome she wants from the future. She is shown in the first opening fighting another version of herself with a knife. A similar scene is shown in the second opening as well.

4 Muru Muru

Muru Muru is named after a demon called Murmur. Murmur is the Duke of Hell, where he teaches philosophy and can help the souls of the dead get the answers they need to any question. He rides a griffin, and two ministers ride before him playing trumpets to herald his arrival. Muru Muru also carries a trumpet and seems to have powers over the dead, making the reference even stronger.

3 Diary Holders Named After Gods

Almost all of the Diary Holders have names that are references to Roman gods, and all of the names harken back to their personalities or eventual fates in the world.

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For example, Yukiteru’s name references Jupiter, who is the King of the Gods, which makes sense since Yuki ends up being the successor to Deus. Yano’s name sounds like Juno, who is the wife of Jupiter, and is extremely jealous of anyone who gets near the person she loves.

2 Marco Ikusaba

Marco Ikusaba is one of the Diary Holders. His character design is a lot like that of Mondo Owada from Danganronpa. They also have similar backstories, revolving around the guilt of being responsible for the death of someone close to them. The video game series is also about a killing game that students are forced to participate in, so this likely isn’t a coincidence.

1 John Bacchus

At the end of the Redial OVA, John Bacchus is seen holding an item that appears to be a Death Note, the book in the series Death Note which a person can use to kill people by writing their names in it. The implication of him having it seems to be that it is also acting as a Future Diary and that the game is going to start over. The fact that it looks like a Death Note is likely a wink to the fact that Death Note and Future Diary have similar death game concepts.

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Future Diary may be one of the most iconic death game anime in recent history, but it still has some secrets that it's holding on to.

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