Future Diary: Ranking All Of The Death Game's Players, From Worst To Best

Future Diary is a survival death game anime with horror aspects where twelve players are pitched against each other in a battle royale style fight in the world. Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space in the anime, is the creator of the game and is looking for a successor.

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Released back in the fall 2011 season, Future Diary was adapted by studio Asreads. On this list you will find the twelve death game players ranked by who performed the worst to the best in the first survival game. The list will contain spoilers for the anime, so be sure to check out the series if it interests you.

12 Takao Hiyama (The Third)

Takao Hiyama is seen at the beginning of the series. He is a teacher at Yuki’s school turned serial killer in the survival game. Takao’s diary is The Murder Diary which locates people he wishes to kill. Takao became too reliant on his diary as it resulted in his last place finish. The Murder Diary only lets Takao know the location of his victims and not what they are doing. This led to him walking into a trap set by Yuki and Yuno.

11 Reisuke Houjou (The Fifth)

Reisuke Houjou is the youngest death game player, being a five-year-old boy. Reisuke may be of a young age but is a super genius. His diary is The Hyper Vision diary which allows him to see an event from the morning, noon, and night of the day.

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He uses this to formulate plans as he can see all the events at once. However, it didn’t end up helping him as he finished eleventh, dying at the hand of Yuno Gasai.

10 Yomotsu Hirasaka (The Twelfth)

Yomotsu Hirasaka is a blind man with a death wish. Wishing to cure the world of evil, he conceals his identity fighting as a vigilante. His diary is The Justice Diary which alerts him to crime around him. While it doesn’t discriminate between the severity of the crime, The Justice Diary allows him to mind control people. Yomotsu finished tenth in the survival game after being outsmarted by Yuno.

9 Tsubaki Kasugano (The Sixth)

Tsubaki Kasugano was raised to become a god by her parents but wishes to become Deus Ex Machina’s successor to destroy the world. Regarded as the Sacred Eye by her followers, Tsubaki uses The Clairvoyance Diary.

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This allows her to read entries from what her followers see in the world. She then can direct them to specific areas to gain intel. Tsubaki relies on her diary as she is almost blind, only able to see what’s right in front of her. Tsubaki finished ninth in the survival game.

8 Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami (The Seventh)

A dual entry in the world of Future Diary, Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami are two lovers both regarded as The Seventh. Both raised at Kamado’s orphanage, Marco and Ai want to become Gods to spend time together. Their diary is The Exchange Diaries which give each other details about the other’s future. The diary is strong when used together, but weakest when separated. The two both faced their death together coming in eighth.

7 Kamado Ueshita (The Eighth)

Kamado Ueshita ran the orphanage in Sakurami city, and like Yuki, had no intention of becoming a God. Kamado had one goal in mind, and that was protecting the children at her orphanage. Kamado had a pure heart and even in her dying moments wanted what was best for the orphans.

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Kamado used The Blog Diary which allowed her to turn people into apprentice diary users when linking to her blog. Ultimately, it was not enough as Kamado finished in seventh place.

6 Karyuudo Tsukishima (The Tenth)

Karyuudo Tsukishima is a dog breeder who treats his pets better than himself. His diary is The Breeder Diary which allows him to see the future of his dogs. Karyuudo uses his dogs as trackers and attacks the other survival game players with them. The diary isn’t limited to a single dog, but his power weakens the more dogs that are being controlled at once. Karyuudo finished in the middle of all the characters in sixth.

5 Minene Uryuu (The Ninth)

Minene Uryuu is a self-proclaimed survivor with a knack for explosives. Minene wants to become a God to wipe out religion, even if it includes herself. Her diary is The Escape Diary which gives her details on how to escape from any dangerous situation. This would seem useful in a survival game but doesn’t prevent Minene from being cornered. This led to her fifth-place finish.

4 John Bacchus (The Eleventh)

John Bacchus is the Mayor of Sakurami City. John was one of the co-creators of the diaries in the survival game and as such has one of the strongest diaries. His diary is The Watcher which allows him to read other diary entries from other players.

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It lacks the ability to tell future events, not even alerting John to when he’s about to die. John finished fourth in the survival game after the events between him and Yuno of the second world survival game caught up to him.

3 Keigo Kurusu (The Fourth)

Keigo Kurusu is the chief inspector of Sakurami City’s police force. His diary is The Criminal Investigation Diary which allows him to separate criminals from the innocent. At the beginning of the survival game, he uses this to determine Yuki and Yuno are survival game players and poses as an ally to them. This appeared to be a good choice as Keigo Kurusu finished third falling short to Yuno and Yuki.

2 Yukiteru Amano (The First)

Yukiteru Amano might be the main protagonist in Future Diary, but he is one of the weakest players in the survival game. Known as Yuki, he is known for being timid. Yuki doesn’t have much interest in becoming Deus Ex Machina’s successor and travels with Yuno, who essentially does most of the killing for him.

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His diary is The Indiscriminate Diary, which allows Yuko to read details about his surroundings. This isn’t limited to past or future events, nor is it specifically dedicated to being about him, but Yuki managed to finish second in the survival game.

1 Yuno Gasai (The Second)

Regarded as the yandere queen by some, Yuno Gasai had a strong showing in the survival game with one of the weakest diaries. Yuno’s diary is The Yukiteru Diary. This allows her to receive details about Yuki’s actions every 10 minutes.

While it is weak on its own, when paired with Yuki’s diary, the two have details about everything around them. Since the two travel together it’s no surprise they made it to the end. Yuno went on to win the survival game when she tricked Yuki by faking her death.

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From diaries to strategies, a lot goes into determining who is the best player in Future Diary.

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