Gargoyles Creator Wants to Return to the Series – But Not As a Reboot

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Gargoyles was one of the 1990s’ most innovative cartoons, a dark, sprawling and serialized Shakespearean fantasy epic that just so happened to be produced by Disney. In a recent interview, co-creator Greg Weisman discussed what he would do with the show if he were allowed to continue it in 2020.

Weisman talked about Gargoyles’ legacy and impact on modern animation in an interview with Polygon. When asked about hypothetical opportunities for the show that could be granted by Disney+, he thought that “they’d want to reboot it, just as they’ve done with Duck Tales, to great success and great effect. And that’s not my first choice. I’m not saying I’d refuse, but I’m really proud of the work we did, and I don’t think it needs a reboot.”

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However, Weisman also suggested that he would be open to making a continuation of the show, albeit much closer in tone to the first two seasons than the largely ignored third season, subtitled The Goliath Chronicles. Rather than reboot the franchise, he “would like to make more. And in a world with a streaming service, where you’ve got 65 episodes, I’d just view it as Gargoyles season 3. But those are never decisions I get to make.”

Gargoyles followed a medieval Scottish clan of gargoyles that exist as stone statues during the daytime but come to life at night. After being frozen in stone by a spell, the six survivors are reawakened a millennium later in New York City. The clan, especially its leader Goliath (Keith David) find an ally in NYPD detective Eliza Maza (Salli Richardson), and must contend with a manipulative billionaire named Xanatos (Jonathon Frakes).

Since its cancellation, Gargoyles has gained a cult following for its memorable characters, Shakespearean elements, and long storytelling arcs, as well as a cast that included multiple Star Trek actors. All three seasons of the show are currently available to watch on Disney+.

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Greg Weisman, co-creator of Disney's Gargoyles, would be interested in continuing where the storyline left off, rather than rebooting the franchise.

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