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Doctor Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of our dimension. A brilliant surgeon whose hands were broken in a car accident, Strange was trained by the Ancient One in the hopes that sorcery could heal his hands. Instead, he became a master of the mystic arts and one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

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Johnny Blaze was a stunt motorcyclist whose father came down with a terminal illness. Johnny was willing to do anything to save his dad–including selling his soul to the devil himself. He did so, and the devil turned him into the Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance. It became Johnny’s task to hunt down the guilty and drag their souls to Hell.

Now, who wins when these two paranormal superheroes clash?

10 GHOST RIDER: Master Of Hellfire

While Doctor Strange needs to perform incantations and spells to summon the supernatural forces at his disposal, the Ghost Rider is a being largely made up of hellfire. It surrounds his head, and he can launch it at his enemies through his hands and his mouth. It surrounds his Hell Hog and his famous chain. Strange may need to time, however small, to conjure the Flames of the Falteen, but Johnny can rain hellfire upon his enemies right out the gate.

9 DOCTOR STRANGE: Master Of The Mystic Arts

On the other hand, Stephen Strange is the greatest magic practitioner on the planet. He trained under the Ancient One, the prior Sorcerer Supreme. He has studied countless books of magic to gain his knowledge and abilities. He has studied the Book of the Vishanti, the greatest collection of spells available to those who wish to use magic for good. He was chosen to wear the Eye of Agamatto and wields the Cloak of Levitation. Doctor Strange is a force to be reckoned with.

8 GHOST RIDER: Virtually Indestructible

The form of the Ghost Rider is resistant to all physical and earthly damage. During World War Hulk, Johnny Blaze forced the Spirit of Vengeance within him to confront the Hulk in New York. The Hulk, in turn, beat the Ghost Rider to the point of his skull cracking.

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This didn’t stop the Ghost Rider, and the Spirit of Vengeance took over for Johnny. The fight only ceased because the Spirit deemed Hulk pure in his actions. Now, Doctor Strange isn’t known for doling out anything physical or earthly, but it’s up for debate whether he could even destroy the Ghost Rider if he tried.

7 DOCTOR STRANGE: Archenemy Of Dormammu

Doctor Strange is no novice when it comes to fighting demons. Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Nightmare, and Mephisto are among the most frequent foes of Stephen Strange, and he has survived them all so far. Dormammu, in particular, loathes Stephen Strange, and Dormammu reigns over the Dark Dimension. He is functionally the god of that realm, and Doctor Strange has beaten him countless times. Strange has even taken on Satannish, who is a Satan-like entity created by Dormammu.

6 GHOST RIDER: Fought The Devil Himself

Of course, the Ghost Rider has taken on the devil many times. Mephisto is his archnemesis, and he has tormented Johnny ever since they formed their pact. Despite this, Johnny Blaze still stands. During Damnation, Johnny even stole the throne of Hell away from Mephisto (though he did it with the help of Doctor Strange and the Midnight Sons). The Ghost Rider has fought one of the greatest mystical beings in existence on the regular in Mephisto.

5 DOCTOR STRANGE: The Eye Of Agamotto

Doctor Strange, as the Sorcerer Supreme, wields the Eye of Agamotto, one of the most powerful magical artifacts in existence. It allows him to see through any ruse or lie, grants a form of telepathy, can transport beings across time and space, can control others, and that’s just a few of its capabilities.

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Like the Cosmic Cube, the upper-limits of the Eye are unclear, and it could easily be the thing that stops the Ghost Rider in his tire tracks.

4 GHOST RIDER: The Penance Stare

Arguably the greatest of the Ghost Rider‘s abilities is the Penance Stare. It allows him to confront a soul with all of its past sins, and those sins can burn the individual up from the inside. Doctor Strange has committed more than his fair share of sins over the years, and it seems likely that, should the Ghost Rider catch Strange with the Penance Stare, it would be all over for the Sorcerer Supreme.

3 DOCTOR STRANGE: Avenger And Defender

Doctor Strange has been a member of two of the Earth’s most powerful superhero teams: the Avengers and the Defenders. Through this, he has faced countless world-shaking threats and potential extinction events. He has faced just about every variety of villain, monster, and god out there, and he has come back from those experiences wiser for it. He was pivotal in stopping Thanos when he first wielded the Infinity Gauntlet. Strange has been an indispensable resource to both the Avengers and the Defenders, and that speaks a lot to his mystical prowess and power.

2 GHOST RIDER: Blazing Brawler

For many reasons, Doctor Strange is not your garden-variety fighter. His combat advantage comes from the spells he can cast and the plans he can formulate. Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze is a bar-brawler with a history as a carnie. While it is unlikely, should Johnny Blaze close the gap on Doctor Strange and engage him in a physical fight, the Ghost Rider would win with ease. In addition to Johnny’s experience in fistfights, he has his flaming chain and the super-strength of the Ghost Rider.

1 DOCTOR STRANGE: The Sorcerer Supreme

Despite all of this, Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. As previously stated, he is the greatest living magic practitioner on Earth, he has been trained by the Ancient One, and he wields the Eye of Agamotto. In short, he could likely just banish the Ghost Rider to another dimension if things get dicey, or he could exorcise the demon Zarathos from the Ghost Rider. Despite the Ghost Rider’s power and Johnny’s dedication, Doctor Strange would win the day.

However, there is one stipulation to this. Doctor Strange couldn’t beat Johnny Blaze as he currently is. The Ghost Rider is the King of Hell right now, and he has access to a far deeper well of power as a consequence. He can also summon demonic hordes from the very depths of Hell to join him in this fight. So, Doctor Strange could beat Johnny Blaze as just the Ghost Rider, but he couldn’t beat King of Hell Johnny Blaze.

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Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange are two very powerful comic book characters, but who would win if they were pitted against each other?

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