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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Ghost-Spider #9, by Seanan McGuire, Ig Guara, Ian Herring and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Ghost-Spider, aka Spider-Gwen, aka Gwen Stacy, comes from a parallel reality. On Earth-65, she is her world’s answer to Spider-Man, and she is far from the only difference between her reality and the prime Marvel Universe of Earth-616. For example, on her world, it was Peter Parker who was the villainous Lizard and Matt Murdock’s Daredevil is not a vigilante but a dangerous supervillain. In Ghost-Spider #9, two more familiar Marvel superheroes make their triumphant return to Earth-65: Johnny and Susan Storm, one half of the famed Fantastic Four.

On their Earth, Johnny and Susan were missing for years, until they finally returned in the final pages of Ghost-Spider #8, seeking a team-up with the one and only Ghost-Spider. In issue #9, the brother and sister duo get exactly what they want — but it turns out they’re not looking to make a new friend at all.

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When Earth-65’s Johnny and Susan Storm are properly introduced at the end of Ghost-Spider #8, the pair are presented as social media influencers. They discuss their years-long absence in a video posted to their social media channels and invite Gwen Stacy to join them in a good, old-fashioned superhero team-up.

On the outside, they appeared to be the same as their Earth-616 counterparts — but something also appears to be off. In Ghost-Spider #9, the reason why is revealed: The Storm siblings aren’t superheroes. In fact, they might be outright villains.

After Gwen receives their invitation, she answers by making a social media post of her own to accept. Soon after, the Storm siblings get in contact with her to set up a time and place to meet for their superhero team-up. While Johnny and Susan are filming themselves to talk to Gwen, the setting in their apartment paints a dark picture. It soon becomes apparent they killed their mother, and they are actively working to get rid of the body. They are dark and twisted and they are planning something against Gwen Stacy. Earth-65’s version of the Storms is therefore much different than the one readers know.

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Once the meeting is set, Ghost-Spider finally unites with Susan and Johnny, who show up with their own costumes, demonstrating that they have the respective superpowers fans are familiar with: Sue generates force fields and Johnny is covered in flames. Ghost-Spider #8 explained Susan and Johnny were trapped in Latveria the entire time they were missing and now, the brief exchange between all three characters reveals something bad happened between the siblings and Earth-65’s Doctor Doom. Their time away may explain how they got their superpowers and why they are now villains.

As Ghost-Spider #9 comes to a close, the three superheroes are successful in stopping a drug trafficking ring. However, while Gwen sees Johnny and Susan as potential friends and allies, readers know they are actually planning something sinister for her. This effectively means the Ghost-Spider has two new enemies. Worse still, the Storm siblings could prove to be Earth-65’s latest supervillains.

Gwen will eventually find out their true intentions sooner or later and when that happens, she will most assuredly find herself in a fight she simply may not be able to win. After all, her powers now come from a synthetic symbiote suit — a suit whose weakness is fire. Johnny Storm is a literal Human Torch. What chance does Gwen have against these two, really?

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In Ghost Spider #9, Gwen Stacy teams up with the Fantastic Four's Johnny and Susan Storm, who may only be masquerading as superheroes.

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