Ghoulies Creators Launch Petition to Convince Sony to Reboot Franchise

The creators of the horror-comedy film Ghoulies launched a petition to convince Sony to let them reboot the classic franchise.

Director and co-writer of the first film Luca Bercovici, along with producer and co-writer Jefery Levy, put together the petition (which stands at 305 signatures as of this writing) to rally fans to support the #ghouliesreboot campaign. Once their goal is reached, Bercovici and Levy plan on forwarding the petition to Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra.

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“The Ghoulies themselves were fun, accessible, largely without guile, unabashedly they were what they were; primal little creatures, not inherently evil, but absorbed the characteristics of their ‘master.’ The Ghoulies were like children; disgusting, green, and slimy, but weirdly cute, children with their own warped sense of humor,” Bercovici wrote. “Part of the fun of the movie was waiting to see what kind of ridiculously grotesque shenanigans they would get into next. Ghoulies transcended its original generation and was embrace by the following generation who loved the weirdly strange and goofy world of the Ghoulies. The cult of Ghoulies has grown legion of the decades; this legion of old fans and a whole generation of new fans crave for a new Ghoulies for the new millennium.”

The original film centered on a man named Jonathan who moves into his father’s old home with his girlfriend Rebecca. After discovering his father’s book of black magic, he jokingly performs a ceremony, unleashing the small, demonic creatures known as the Ghoulies.

The 1985 film spawned three sequels: 1988’s Ghoulies II, 1991’s Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College and 1994’s Ghoulies IV. 

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The Ghoulies creators are petitioning for a reboot of the horror-comedy franchise from the 1980s.

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