Goldberg Vs. Hardy: WrestleMania Fan Art Shows the Main Event We Deserved

It’s the WrestleMania main event that the WWE Universe deserves, and definitely the one it needs right now.

With Roman Reigns officially pulling out of WrestleMania 36, fans are now wondering who could replace him and many have come up with some great ideas none greater than having Goldberg face off against “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy.

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Fan art was spreading like wildfire this week, showing the two men squared up against one another for the Universal Championship. Social media users praised the idea and called on WWE to make it happen.

The bout may sound appealing, but thrusting Hardy into the main-event title scene just weeks after his return from injury and a rehab stint probably isn’t the best of ideas. But it is WrestleMania season, and weirder things have happened.

Reports currently have Braun Strowman replacing the Big Dog at the Show of Shows, but does the WWE Universe really want to see that? If Matt Hardy’s success in AEW after exiting WWE last month has proven one thing, it’s that there’s still money to be made from featuring the Hardys. Neither man is close to being done with the wrestling business. They may have more days behind them than in front, but there’s still a lot left for them to do.

For Jeff, capturing a heavyweight title again in WWE would be the cherry on top of a long and tumultuous career. It would mean his redemption, both in the fans’ eyes and WWE’s. Plus, putting a major title on Jeff Hardy would be the ultimate jab to his brother Matt for leaving the company over creative differences.

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Putting Hardy into the match with Goldberg would not only freshen up the title scene, but also give the Universal Champ a chance to shine in the ring against a smaller opponent, who he tends to do better with. Pitting the WCW legend against other big men like the Undertaker and Bray Wyatt has proven costly for both him and the other wrestlers in the recent past. In his last few matches he’s been unable to pull off some of his moves on account of his opponent’s larger size and has botched several times, even knocking himself out during his Super ShowDown match with Taker last year.

If WWE wants to put Goldberg over at the Showcase of the Immortals and make him look as beastly as possible, it should have put Hardy in there against him instead of Strowman. Brock Lesnar has shown in the past that the in-ring chemistry between behemoths  like him and Goldberg — and smaller guys, such as AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, makes for great matches. While WWE may have chosen to go in another direction, Goldberg would be best of giving us another David vs. Goliath showing at WrestleMania 36.

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The WWE Universe has spoken: Goldberg vs. Jeff Hardy is the WrestleMania main event that they want and deserve.

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