Good Girls: Annie Finally Reaches the Point of No Return in Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of NBC’s Good Girls.

As much as the ladies in Good Girls let their criminal lives spiral out of control, Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Ruby (Retta) do at least maintain some small grip on reality. They barely keep their family lives together but they’re at least capable of trying. And while their relationships end up on rocky ground, at least these relationships exist and the women are attempting to make things work for all parties involved.

However, when it comes to Beth’s sister, Annie (Mae Whitman), the same cannot be said. She can’t keep her personal life in order, and while Season 3 should have focused on her achieving stable ground through therapy, Annie has reached the point of no return because of consistently ignoring simple rules and making bad decisions.

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Annie’s pretty much been terrible to herself and her son, Ben. In fact, Ben’s the parent in the relationship, constantly lecturing her on her flings with strangers, which even included a homeless person. Her constant need for validation and men as crutches in her life actually drew the ire of fans online who expected growth from someone whose maturity and responsibility keeps getting called out. Annie takes it to a whole new level when she tries to jump her therapist, Josh, and later on, spends a portion of the season manipulating his fiancee into breaking up with him.

It’s a new low for her, and while Josh has feelings for her, the fact Annie’s entertaining it and admitting she just wants men who are unavailable is a toxic trait. It’s what she was working on all season long after she slept with her ex-husband, Gregg. This led her to therapy as Gregg was having problems of his own with his pregnant wife, and to make it worse, when Josh rejects Annie she once more tries to jump Gregg for old time’s sake. This time, he’s wiser as he has a newborn at home, and is honestly disgusted the therapy isn’t working out.

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This tears Annie apart emotionally as her bedrocks are now looking at her as a hopeless case, and for some reason, Good Girls doesn’t let her walk a progressive or redemptive path. Beth’s infidelities were ironed out, as well as her husband’s, and Ruby’s family finally understood why she was embarking on criminal ventures. However, in Annie’s case, apart from wanting to take care of Boomer’s grandma, she hasn’t evolved as a character at all. And it’s because she’s so co-dependent on men who aren’t right for her. The arc with Josh sums it up as she doesn’t respect his boundaries or that of his relationship, and as Beth tells her, she really has to think about what she wants from this life.

Annie’s not even taking her studies seriously and is trying to fake getting a degree, so clearly it’s not that she lacks ambition — she’s just lazy. Beth and Ruby have recognized this and soon, they’ll have to call her out on it. She doesn’t have the best tactics mentally, and while she acts as the muscle in the crew, she’s becoming a liability because she’s always so distracted with her drama at home. With Phoebe, the FBI agent, bearing down, a psychotic hitman being a botched hire, as well as Rio placing pressure on them to counterfeit and wash money for him, Annie’s definitely the weakest link in the group and could bring the empire crashing down. And unfortunately, after a slew of awful choices and the fact she’s a repeat offender, everyone seems to have given up hope on her.

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Season 3 of NBC's Good Girls has confirmed Annie's gone past the point of no return and she could bring the ladies' criminal empire crashing down.

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