Good Girls: Beth's Sadistic Hitman Could Be More Dangerous Than Rio

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of NBC’s Good Girls.

Season 3 of Good Girls has found Beth (Christina Hendricks) at her lowest point, desperate to find a way to take Rio (Manny Montana) off the table. The villain is now killing people to scare her and the other ladies, Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman), into making counterfeit cash for his empire, inspiring Beth to find a hitman.

However, while the venture leads to her hiring the right man for the job in Fitzpatrick (Andrew McCarthy), it turns out he could be more dangerous than Rio and a bigger threat to the women than they thought.

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As “Opportunity” commences, the ladies are angry they’ve thrown down $60,000 so far and Rio’s not dead yet. They harangue Beth for wasting their money and are worried now because Rio’s pockmarking his business with corpses to intimidate them. Beth and Co. try to investigate Fitzpatrick at the photocopy center he runs but they’re met with more invoices for his recon work. Angry that he’s ducking them and thinking they’re being played, they follow him around Michigan, only to land outside his daughter’s school. They thought the cello case he was rocking contained assassin’s weaponry but it’s for the girl’s music classes.

However, he’s not a fraud because he knew they were tailing him and approaches them, taking out a pistol. He berates the ladies for putting him in danger as he reveals the hit’s a crime of passion — something he doesn’t usually do because he can’t deal with emotions. He’s all about business and when they argue about money spent, he shows them some of his kills on his phone and warns them they’ll be next if they keep harassing him. Fitzpatrick says he’s an expensive professional but he thinks the women are sloppy, detailing every intimate piece of info on them. That’s right, he digs up dirt on his clients too and admits he knows someone was sleeping with Rio. Beth admits she had a fling with him and this convinces Fitzpatrick to cut ties as he knows they’re liabilities, and if they threaten him or his family with their presence, he’ll murder them all.

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Eventually, though, Beth lands the extra cash to sweeten the pot for Fitzpatrick and he takes her on the hit so she can feel the deadly atmosphere he’s steeped in. It’s downtown and he picks a busy afternoon so the chaos will make it tough to decipher who pulled the hit off and from where. But when he leaves responsibility up to Beth to let him know when to pull the trigger, it’s all fake. He hits a car with a paintball and taunts Beth that he just wanted to make sure she was ready. Now, the real fun begins and as he presses her for why a nice housewife would link with Rio, she admits she’s not a good person and she was bored. Fitzpatrick then confesses that’s the same reason he kills.

And at this point, Beth starts to regret their alliance. She feels like she’s made a mistake because, under his friendly demeanor, Fitzpatrick is a sadist and someone she can’t trust. Beth can’t read him anymore and it’s clear she bought a beast she can’t control. He can turn on them anytime and there’s a chance even if he kills Rio and gets paid, he could wrap loose ends up by killing the women. Then again, he could blackmail them. The point is he has a lot of leverage now and if he ever goes down, all this documented stuff could see them going down with him.

Good Girls stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, Retta, Matthew Lillard, Reno Wilson and Manny Montana. Season 3 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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Season 3 of Good Girls revealed Beth's ideal hitman could turn out to be a bigger danger to the ladies than the man he was hired to kill.

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